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Discussion in 'Book and movie reviews' started by Constance, Jan 9, 2009.

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    I finally finished the manuscript for my latest book, an anthology of Female Domination short stories. There's LOTS of fun themes: chastity, cuckolding, mini men, milking, slave contests, vicious stepmothers and stepsisters, and female domination (all with a generous helping of cross-dressed, chastised sissies). I let esteemed fetish artist Sardax have a peek at the manuscript and here is what he said:

    "I love the atmospheres of veiled viciousness you've created here. You also do something that Titian Beresford used to do-little things like descriptions of girls flicking their hair back or filing fingernails that brings it more alive. I...mourn the demise of erotic femdom physical books like Masquerade's. It's good to see you continuing the tradition with such excellent fantasies."

    Of course I'm flattered by that! There is no release date yet, we are still awaiting various artwork/illustrations, but I'll let everyone know when it is released. It will be available at,, and other on-line retailers in the US and UK. My current books (Mistress Karin and The Breaking Cage) are available at the same outlets.

    Constance Pennington Smythe
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    Excellent news Mistress. I read your previous book - the Breaking Cage - from cover to cover several times. It was a thrilling story.

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