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New and curious about chastity

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jimwilly123, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Hi! I am 18 from the UK, chastity seems to be the ULTIMATE form of domination, such small giggles and tiny bit of a laugh for a women but a life changinf experiance for a man... its great. I kinda want to know about the mental side of chastity and would love to try it one day as difficult as it sounds. I am also a COMPLETE virgin and very introverted
  2. it best that you asks a lot of folks cos really its difrent for some and its really what the Mistress wants. some folks just has it a bit and some folks has chastity all the time see. if you just starting to do it its best to just do it a bit first till you get use to it.
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  3. Welcome to the mansion!

    I think you'll be right at home here. =)
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  4. Mistress Jules

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    Welcome to the Mansion, you have certainly come to the right place to begin your chastity education.
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  5. Hey Jim, glad you are pursuing your interests. It's great to get educated and explore the realm of sexuality and chastity. Always open to chat about my views on chastity, send me a message sometime.
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  6. Thanks all! :D
  7. Welcome to the Mansion, You will find every flavor of chastity here. Don't be shy, we have probably heard just about all there is to hear. If you have a question,
    I am sure will get a quick response from many different views. Have fun.:cool:
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