Neoprene ball stretchers / Mr. S Leather review

Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by Burger_01, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm very excited this evening!! I got a package from Mr. S Leather with 2 buttplugs here and here, a neoprene ball stretcher and two neoprene rings which I will use to get me up to the stretcher.

    At the moment I'm playing with the rings. They're very comfy to wear.. I put one on and it was too boring so I put the second one on.. it's very nice. I'm not hugely experienced in the ball stretching department (this is my first foray) and I guess the aim is to get them a bit longer/lower so that my Mistress can beat up on them more easily :confused0068:

    The plugs are awesome. For the price, they are better than awesome. They are very smooth, one piece, no moulding imperfections. The smaller one is inbetween the smallest plug I own (which, quite frankly, is getting a bit boring and old and needs to be retired) and the larger plug I have which is about my limit at the moment. The larger of the two plugs I ordered is around the same size as the largest I had, but it has a very different shape, looks like it will be easier to get in as it's not so "shapely" as my current one. These I'm sure will get a lot of use: as per this thread

    Mr S Leathers' service was excellent, and the postage time to the middle of nowhere where I live was pretty quick too. If anyone has any questions about the stuff, or the site, let me know.. Until then,
    Adios amigos, and keep smiling!
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