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Need to say it out loud

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by LoneMan, May 17, 2017.

  1. Ive been a lurker here for some time and really enjoy the content.

    First of all, since I was very young, I have been aroused at the concept of being exposed to women and used for their pleasure. Even before I understood sex, I had these dreams.

    Fast forward, in my 30's, I discovered that I really liked having my balls played with. Tied, squeezed, pulled on, hit, anything I could come up with. I like my junk played with.... A lot. Then, a few years ago, I came across porn showing chastity. I was enthralled with it. The concept excited my hugely. I have a high stress life. The idea of taking the control of something out of my life thrills me..

    My wife, as much as I love her, is vanilla as they come. She virtually has no sexual imagination. Ive gotten her to go along with some of my kinks once in a while, but its rare and short lived. My best raging hadrons have occurred when she would do these things with me, and she even noticed how hard and big it would make me but apparently that doesn't interest her. Her needs seem to be, a little petting, a little rubbing, then she pulls me on top to mount her and do the deed. If she lets me go down on her, I can make her orgasm almost every time. I want sex to last longer, and I want her to have more orgasms.

    All my life I have masturbated too much. When I was younger, a couple times a day was no problem and I could still perform for my wife if by the off chance she was interested in some sex. Now that I'm older, I still masturbate almost daily but if I have any hope of sex with my wife, I now have to back off ahead of time in hopes she might get in the mood. I at times have difficult time achieving a hardon, (not by choice) and then actually cumming may be imposable.

    I have broached the subject of playing with chastity to her but her response is that I'm just a gadget guy. The closest we have played with the concept so far is one night, she set up for me to show her the porn that got me hot, and didn't allow me to touch myself. I loved that. I'm not sure she even allowed me to cum that night. That was the only time.

    After reading about how to size a chastity device, I discovered that I must be better endowed that I thought because there is no way, a 2" ring is going to fit around the package. I am a grower for sure, but must have huge balls by average. I ordered a cheap CB6000s knowing it probably would not fit but I wanted to try some kind of cage. I have managed to get it squeezed on around my balls with great difficulty but there is no way I can wear it for any period of time without it becoming very uncomfortable. I really enjoy the feel of my tool being encased in the sleeve though. It makes my whole body buzz. I will try ordering the 2.25 ring off of the net in hopes that it will be wearable. If it is, I hope to then introduce it to my wife for play.

    My daydreams and fantasies go much further than I have poorly typed out here but for now, this is my interest to the Chastity Mansion.

    Greetings everyone.
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  2. The motto of this site was "Be careful what you ask for! Take that to heart!
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  3. If you want your wife to participate in your Chastity Journey. Make her the most important person in the world. Do things for her, to her to please her. If her life gets better with you in Chastity than she may become more willing to become your keyholder and do the things to you that give you the greatest pleasure. Show her that chastity is good for her also. Good Luck
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  4. Thanks Mash, we have had some discussions on the subject, just hasn't gone any where. I should also post that the field of work that I am in would prevent any long term wearing. This would strictly be a weekend play event.
  5. If only we could have been born Rich. Just think of all the fun we could have if we didn't have to go to work. I know where your coming from. Your communicating that's the most important step
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  6. Very well said, @Mash2214@Mash2214 ! You boiled it all down very eloquently !
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