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Need some help from the experts!

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Submissedtoher, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Hello all, so I have a bit of an issue. Both my girlfriend and I are really trying to find a cage that can be worn long term (1-3 months at this point), we have a dominant/ submissive relationship heavily involved in BDSM/ Bondage and the natural next step is of course for me to be under lock and key.

    I have tried many devices, none custom yet but all so far share a common issue, when an erection happens my tesiticles turn a dark blue/ purple,since it generally takes a long time to subside especially if I am giving her oral ect, which is always a massive turn off and requires removing the device immediately.

    While now looking to move toward a custom cage what are some things I could look for to reduce the chances of this happening? A larger gap? I'm a larger guy being 3.5" flacid and 7.75" erect. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. The best advice I could give is go small so you give your penis no room to grow, you say you are 3.5 inches flacid so I would change that to 3 inches and what ever the diameter of your penis is I would reduce that a bit as well, the base ring is a bit harder but I would reduce the size of this as well, I have went from 47mm to 42mm, does not sound much but I found it difficult to get accustom to the smaller size but over a few weeks I now feel fine with the smaller size.
    When you go small and your penis has no where to grow (try as it might) you tend to swell and get hard behind the base ring and you know it is hard there but you get no feeling of your balls getting ripped of and no pain, I am not saying it is a comfortable feeling you feel the pressure but no pain.
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  3. I agree with Steph: Make your cage length as close as possible to your actual flaccid size - then reduce a little bit more. (Some of your shaft will be retained inside your body.) I wore a cage far to big for me for a while and even though it stayed on the end result was pain...

    Also with regard to ring size try and make sure you can get one finger in up to the joint when wearing it. Two is too much and as a rule of thumb you should be okay. Personally I'd go with the largest ring you can get away with (and still be secure) if there is a choice. If your guys do get stimulated down there you might not find it as roomy as it once was.

    The first time I locked up for any length of time I felt I would be able to just pull it off if I wanted in the first few days. Then overnight my testicles grew and the device was forced back onto my body. I didn't try to escape but the device I wear has a little extra lip which pushes into the body above the Penis. I'm not sure I could have got past it to pullout if I wanted - and even then my balls would probably be stuck.......

    Sorry getting off topic, what I mean is you want to give your boys a little room to move and grow if possible, but anything more than a little will probably mean the device falling off. With penises it's the other may around and you end to look after him in his smallest state or risk a fun trip to casualty. I appreciate your personal size is varied and your 'personal' struggle could, how shall I say this, be a little intense at time. But if you want chastity and to please your keyholder well as they say around here: Becareful what you wish for.

    Hope that helps.
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  4. Thank you for your replies, I left out a bit of info that every device I have gotten so far has been the absoloute exact size of my flacid length, with zero room to grow, as both I and my keyholder find this much more attractive looking. I believe what I need is an anatomical A ring, or to look closer at what ring size I choose (I've been using 2").

    In the event that I am unable to wear a ring, My keyholder and I have decided to get a prince albert piercing which is now healing, but If I can use the PA security combined with a ring, then all the better since my keyholder wants zero chance of removal/ unauthorized releases which might happen if I get really desperate (never been locked longer than 2 weeks yet, so who knows!)
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  5. I have worn a custom Jailbird 24/7 for 4 years. To get what you want you need to go custom as I learned after wasting a few hundred dollars on off the shelf cages. I was ablel to get the cage to fit my penis exactly in circumference and in length. It barely touches my cage on all sides. I needed a larger gap so I got it. I needed a ring that was in-between the normal sizes sold and in an oval, not round. It made a world of difference and I wear it every day and hardly know it is there. I am as used to wearing it as I am my wedding band. I notice it only if I think of it.

    I spent more on my off the shelf devices than I did my Jailbird has I bought it upfront. It does make a significant difference in comfort for long term wear.
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  6. If you are getting the PA regardless of what device you get, you could always get a PA Tube. The piercing shouldn't migrate as long as you wear supportive underwear... (probably) and they are cheap on eBay.
  7. I did notice some of those new PA tubes on ebay that look decently made. We're going to try for a full device first before we resort to that, as the lady really finds a fully caged cock much hotter, as do I.
  8. Hi this is just my take on this, I have been wearing some sort of device for nearly 15 years on and off and have tried lots. You don't say how long you have worn any one device for constantly regardless of the issues you mention. If the fit is good when flaccid and you only seem to get problems when trying to arouse you probably need to give your body more time to adjust and it will it needs time to learn. changing devices only gives your body another set of rules to learn the most important thing is making sure the fit is good flaccid the rest should follow given time .
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  9. Hi Vinny,

    I hope you can help.

    I am struggling with the size of my Jailbird chastity device - I have shared some pictures with Mistress MM and she thinks the main problem is that I ordered to large a device; which allows me to grow partially in the night which then creates a painful ball-aching tension....

    She has made a couple of suggestions re sizing but I am keen to get as good a view on the best size before ordering another one - as the current one cannot be modified.

    The following were the original dimensions:
    cage ID 1 1/2"
    >>>> Ring  ID 1 3/4"
    >>>> Cage length 2 3/4"
    >>>> "A" ring oval with 3/8" gap

    Re the cage ID - I am thinking of going down to 1.25" which is the diameter of my shaft - the widest diameter of my glans is 1.5 but I am thinking a snug fit is best - would value your thoughts on this dimension - the challenge of course is cocks vary in dimensions!

    The Ring diameter (I have the oval ring) allows one finger up to the first knuckle and a second finger partially into the ring to be inserted when worn - Mistress MM recommended 1 5/8 as the next size down - I wonder whether a full size down is best as my current size feels relatively snug?

    Mistress MM also recommended a significant shortening of the cage length to 1 3/4 or 2; I was thinking of 2 as my length is generally not less than 3 which is why I originally ordered the 2 3/4 length BUT in use the device hangs away from the base of my cock so I dont reach the end of the cage but I think a 3/4 inch shortening should resolve this BUT would you recommend going for a tight rather than snug fit?

    Would appreciate your thoughts - will try and upload some pictures.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  10. Pictures are in Album My Device/ Simon' Device

    Cheers, s
  11. I am curious to try my first device for short term durations (a few days to a week or so). I am in a similar situation where I do not fit in the cheap knock offs (specifically the shaft diameter and length). I bought a cheap one and that was the issue... it was way too small. It seems all the cheap ones have the same inner diameter (from what I've seen).

    I am willing to purchase a high quality device (like the Jailbird), but I do NOT want screw up the measurements.

    I'm torn on how to proceed.
  12. How it happens with me is I look at that tiny cage, I imagine myself helpless inside it, locked in steel, and I get a terrific errection that just WILL NOT go away. Funds for a custom device have been delayed due to us buying me a new full leather body harness + another straightjacket (I think I have an addiction lol) but a chastity cage/ belt to work with my PA is next!
  13. Hello everyone! I'm new here and came across this website because I'm looking for the right chastity cage size of the CB series. I never wore a chastity cage before. My flaccid penis length is about 6.2 cm (2.44 inches).
    Should I go with the
    - CB 6000s (cage size 2 1/2 inches = 6,4 cm) or
    - CB3000 (cage size 3 inches = 7,4 cm°

    Thanks for your help!!
  14. heloo @Ronn@Ronn well if i was you i wudnt have a cb one really cos they split and they are very very smelly. They am ok to know what size you wants cos they comes with lots of difrent bits and they do last for a bit before they splits but they am smelly and Ladys don't like that.
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