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Need help with numbing creme

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Bobby, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Hello folks,

    I've heard about some keyholders who have used numbing cremes on their husbands to be able to have penetrative sex without him being able to cum.

    Does anyone know what type of creme that is (brand/type)? I suspect its something you'd get in the muscle pain aisle of a drug store but I don't want Ben-gay or something that causes a burning sensation. Preferably just something that numbs the skin/nerves effectively.

    Thanks for any help. :eek:)
  2. I definitely wouldn't use muscle rub!

    You can get delay sprays / creams from most 'adult' outlets.

    You might wish to also consider getting a hollow dildo sleeve or cock splint so that you can give her a really good prolonged fucking with a bigger cock while you only feel minimum stimulation, if any at all.

    Immensely frustrating :p
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  3. hi,

    check out my photos for what my Wife/Goddess did to me once!

  4. Hi there,
    I should point out that my purposes for this are a little different than most people--I'm hoping to use it as a supplement to chastity (albeit short term) for my CB 6000s. I'm hoping it will be able to prevent ruined orgasms (I.e., none at all).

    Sissyjazmine; can you tell me the difference between Mandelay and Lanocane? Is one better than the other? Does combining them make them cumulatively more effective?


  5. hi,

    the difference is not much. combining them did seem to make it more effective. check out the pics too. my Wife/Goddess applies both during different intervals just to be on the numb side. VERY FRUSTRATINGLY HOT.

    does this help?

  6. Okay. Today I went out and bought some numbing spray called Stud 100 but so far as I can tell, my skin is impervious to it. I couldn't tell any difference, even after I drenched myself with it.

    Dunno...maybe Lanocaine will work for me....

  7. use oral gel it works well numbs you up good an you will not cum n can have penetrative sex
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  8. the best dick numbing gels & creams use benzocaine a nice 1-2 hour topical numbing agent. but male delay creams & sprays only have between 7-- 10 % . for better results try 1. maximum strenght ORAGEL 2. no more scream cream ( pre hair waxing skin numbing creams.. both use 20% benzocaine highest allowed w/o prescription
    or go to BME shop & buy EMLA cream as this super strong numbing creams. loaded with surgical grade llydocaine. this will make a puberty oversexed teen ''give up' trying to shoot a load. it is expensive but great. do google for no more scream cream
  9. We have used tooth ache gel (Anbesol, etc) along with a rubber in the past. Actually with one rubber, when I've been denied for a while (a couple of weeks), I can still get to the promised land, but with 2 or more condoms, I do not feel a thing. It is almost like using a strap-on with her, but I'm using the real thing, and I cannot orgasm.
  10. wifey tried 'freeze gel' on my cock and balls, made my balls shrivel up and my cock shrink to about 1", no chance of penetration here, a little tingling but wifey thought it well worth it.
  11. Also tried 'Bongela' lasted for about 30mins, nice cool tingling sensation on your balls, couldnt get an erection, so couldnt orgasm and ballsack shrunk.
    Good for wifey to tease too, it's a pleasant taste for her to suck on, and you wont get hard and cant feel anything, very frustrating...LOL
  12. Starflyer,

    Can you tell me where to get Bongela and the Freeze gel? Also, which one is longer lasting?

    My ultimate goal is to find something I could apply to my penis before it goes into a CB, that would last as long as possible, and would prevent even a ruined orgasm.
  13. My God! I don't have a lot of feeling down there anyway, due to diabetes complications, but I tried a large dollup of "Burn Jel Plus" (2.5% Lidocaine) inside a condom, and "There's no there there". Condom slips off due to slippery cream, so need hold it on somehow--maybe a rubber band or chastity device. I want to try the jel and condom in a chastity device, but don't yet have one. Then I want to try using th condom and jel after being injected with "Tri Mix" (or "Caverject" or something similar) used to treat ED those for whom Viagra, etc. don't work. I think it might be interesting to have a long-lasting hard-on, but with little or no feeling.
  14. In the UK you can buy EMLA cream fromm Boots and other high street chemists. However it has the potential to prevent your getting hard. It should be applied about 15 mins maybe 20 before you have sex. The effects will numb you cock for about an hour. But it needs to be used sparingly.
  15. Benzocaine, lidocaine, xylocaine all work. Tooth pain remedies (Anbasol) are probably the best available with prescription. You need to put it on at least 20 minutes before you need it to give it time to work. Putting a condom over it will further decrease sensation, and prevent possibly numbing the woman's vagina. Use a lot, give it time to work.
  16. If you get laser hair-removal, they give you a cream beforehand to numb the skin about 15 minutes before zapping.
    That stuff is what you want! I didn't ask what it was; white and thin, with undissolved powder in it...?
    You wear a glove to put it on or you won't have feeling in your fingers for several hours.

    I'd think the tooth creams are pretty safe and effective, but they come in such small packages. Maybe it's enough for some people...? ;)

  17. that is called " no more scream cream " 20% benzocaine google it . works great to numb cocks
  18. From personal experience I can say that Dr Numb works great:

    I am able to stay hard as long as she wants. No issues with losing erection. But, it is impossible for me to orgasm while using it. She thinks its actually rather funny to watch my try to get off... Sometimes she will tell me "go ahead and cum if you can".. Then, lay there and just smile at me and enjoy the entertainment of me trying and failing.....

    Also, a condom guarantees no "numbing" gets on her. So, we use these:
    Which also help out.
  19. You can also buy condoms treated with the cream. We play with them once in a while. Embarasing to buy, the cream works well on me, my wife does not get numb, and the condom helps prevent more feelings. Very frustrating for me. I like to play with them but I end up begging for release but, of course, there is nothing that can be done.

  20. Yea, that was the link I posted:
    Durex has them also:

    By themselves, they may help last longer. But, the cream is not nearly as strong as the other options discussed. So, to prevent orgasm completely, I would use a cream as well.
  21. my wife used oral gel on me put it on head an cock wait 5 mins an fuck you dont cum an not much feeling either
  22. We've used two options with much success. The Trojan Extend condoms previously mentioned, put on and tease for about 15-20 minutes before use. Also we use the Stud 100 spray with a Black Mamba Sheath over my cock, again about 15-20 minutes while putting the sheath on. Either way she gets about an hour to an hour and a half of using my cock with no feeling or possibility of cumming for me. She's begun to enjoy teasing me with her pleasure and my lack of feeling. :)
  23. Could always make him use a strap on...
  24. My ex and I rather enjoyed the physical and mental satisfaction we got from penatrative love making all day on and off whilst exercising self control for me and wild abondonment for her.

    We had the odd accident, and many a near one now and then especially if I was feeling really close whilst she was having an orgasm.

    When I had not cum the feeling after was great too, we'd both be feeling satisfied and I would still be feeling horny and ready to go again too. No flat feeling for me either.

    Gotta love those mixed feeling head-fucks.
  25. Condoms with the desensitizing lube inside them are better than creams IMO - just wipe down the outside so she doesn't get tingly/numb.

    You have to use a condom anyway if you use creams ~

    A wee dollop of Capzasin also made me last longer - we need to test that out more thoroughly.

    Oh and we have tried a plain condom over the numbing condom and then cutting off the tips, so i could still cum inside her and clean up afterward ~ not perfect but hey it works

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