Need a new cage

Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews and discussions' started by filltee, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Well we gave upon looking for someone in the uk to make us a cage of an elaborate design we'd come up with which proved too elaborate unfortunately so now we are looking for a much more simple affair to be made or one we've bought to be customised.

    Wire or round bar cage type construction rather than a tube with the gaps sufficiently tight enough to prevent touching and enough space to use a brush to clean through whilst its being worn/. An integral lock of some type. A waterproof integral lock that is.

    We also wish to be able to utilise my PA to prevent pull out.

    We are looking for someone that can work in 316 surgical grade stainless. I have a nickel allergy.
    We definitely want someone in the UK

    Preferably as near to S. Yorkshire NE Derbyshire as we can get but that's just a preference.... in the UK would be near enough.

    Britain is traditionally a home of kink and and crafts people so you'd think finding someone that was a combination of the two would be easy.
  2. JosieLynn Jewell

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    Good luck to you on your search! I'm not in the UK, and my work is all 3D printed, which gets expensive when printed in metal.
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