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Name Change Request

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by TheMistressAmanda, May 12, 2017.

  1. I would like to change my username please. I would like to change it to TheMistressAmanda. Thank you very much for the help admins. I appreciate it.
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  2. please, curtsy. if You want to change name then you has to write a pm to the Admin man and he does it.
  3. Thank you Jemima. I chatted with one of the admins and they told me to start a thread here stating I wanted to change my name and then report it and put the information in there again so the guy admin that does that will see it first thing when he logs in every few months. So we will see. I am officially a Mistress now not a wannabe anymore. :)
  4. Like the new name much better. Just sayin.:p Once you contact @Administrator@Administrator they will eventually change it.
  5. They did a name change not to long ago for me, but it did take a few weeks before Admin. was able to get to it. Be patient and they will do it though. Wish you all the best Mistress Amanda.
  6. I can be very patient! Thank you JiL. I like the new name better also. Can't wait until it is changed.
  7. @wannabemistressAmanda It has been my experience that a mistress is not very patient - she gets what she wants when she wants it. I trust you're not going 'easy' on your husband.... As for the Admins, we certainly appreciate their support and they should focus their attentions on the Mistresses before addressing us mere mortals....
    Have a kinky weekend!
  8. I still have much to learn but I am dedicated and will be an excellent Mistress for my toy and he will learn to please me like I want. We just started last night but I am looking forward to the journey.
  9. The Mistress Amanda you will be great. It is my honor and privilege to service and worship you and our needs
  10. Maybe just a new account all togehrer? To mark your evolution from "wannabe" to mistress?
  11. It never stops amazing me, the journey, the changes in attitude, the general demeanor. I wouldn't have it any other way anymore.

    Best wishes
  12. Same for me too ,
    I've been around the general BDSM scene for a few years now and it's so lovely watching people grow and evolve , seeing them grow in confidence and seeing relationships grow and evolve .
    It's so lovely to see .
  13. You and your mistress have come a long way in a short space of time , and you both seem to be enjoying your new found roles , I hope you both continue to evolve and enjoy what you do , the very best of luck to both of you ,
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    Name change will be great but as posted before it needs done by Admin who is away just now. I am therefore reporting the post so when he looks in at the Staff Reports he can pick it up.
  15. Her cleavage is VERY nice and VERY fun also
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  16. Amanda'sToy....you are so privileged to see the cleavage for real whilst we can only admire from afar......such a cleavage demands instant obedience......!
  17. Thank you Happy.
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