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My wife is wanting to hear from real ppl

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by cb1984, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. So my wife is amazing, everything I need and want. She and I started dabbling in chastity play a few years ago but I have always wanted to be submissive to her since I met her. She just brings it out in me. I have become more interested in chastity as they years progress and am willing to surrender myself permanently. She seems to like the play but is overall very shy and wants to know that this lifestyle is "ok". Anyone have advice? She tells me that she would like to talk to ppl that are also into this lifestyle. She tells me she enjoys me being "locked up" I don't know if she feels "bad" about it or if she just wants validation that her desires are ok.
    Thanks for anyone's help
  2. It's very possible that she's experiencing all the usual mixture emotions that go hand in hand with this.
    Guilt will likely be the first thing she needs to deal with.
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  3. Is she willing to read posts from this site? If so, have her read through some of the "vault" posts where people share their long term accounts of living this lifestyle.

    Or have her join so she can talk to members.
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  4. There's lots of information and experience available to you here on this site. I'm contemplating a Prince Albert piercing and want to be caged too at some point. I already wear panties 24/7 and am regularly plugged.
  5. Exactly what a shy potential keyholder needs to hear in order to convince her that this lifestyle is "ok"
  6. Is this site for people with real-life interest and experience or for tire kickers that don't know what they want?

    "Ok" compared to what?

    Like anything else, this form of play is what you agree to and what you make of it. This is also about communicating with your partner so you know what their desires and limits are and they know the same about you.

    LMAO@ changing my story so plebes aren't offended by my life experience.

    "Everybody back into the closet, some unknown person on the interwebs might get offended or put off chastity play and FLR if they hear true accounts."
  7. No real people here, sorry.
  8. This site is for everybody.
    However we need to take extra care to ensure that "tire kickers and plebs" are considered and included.
    In particular "unknown persons from the interwebs". After all this site (when performing correctly) should act as a bridge between here and vanilla.

  9. This would be nice but imho many people here prefer here to read and write about their fantasies.
  10. While my blog has a lot of fantasy too in terms of captions that I put there to tease hubby, the stuff I actually write about is very real and I hope would help her. She's more than welcome to get in touch with me on Tumblr, or here, or just by email at keephimcaged@gmail.com - it's always lovely to chat to other wives and help them discover the joys of this for themselves.
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  11. I would tell her this....
    The more you explore the more comfortable you will become. The more you learn about your partner the more you will learn to let go of feeling of guilt and unsureness. If something doesn't make you feel comfortable don't do it. Don't put yourself out of your comfort zone just to fulfill someone's fantasies if it doesn't make you happy as well.

    Let her take the lead.... don't try to make her feel bad for not giving you enough attention, or if you had something visioned out in your head and it doenst turn out just the way you wanted.
    That will kill a woman's confidence and make for a emotionally confusing time.
    Learning to take in all the new feeling and emotions can be hard some days.
    And I suggest just taking it one day at a time.
  12. Thank you all for your time. I will have her read your responses. I appreciate hearing from some of the dominate women as you all know much more what she is going through than I.
  13. There are plenty of real people here that can talk to her, she may not get the response you want or fantasize about, but it will bill genuine.

    It can be as low key or hardcore as she likes. Guilt is normal, so is confusion between her own desire for you to finish, and your desire to remain denied. Believe it or not some women actually feel pride and desired by knowing you climaxed.

    Ask her if she would like to nteract with some women here on her own. I'm sure there are a few here willing to share their experiences, and many even if they aren't dominant, enjoy this once it became part of their lives.

    Good luck and hope she finds the reassurance she's looking for
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  14. Most on here would say it's OK. I've read all sorts of posts, and come to the conclusion that couples find the level that suits them. I am definitely on the softer side of the lifestyle, to us chastity is an important but not the sole sexual activity we enjoy. I follow the try anything once mantra, and there have been very occasional once was enough experiments. Find the level that you love and enjoy it.
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  15. We are adults, my kink not your kink, If you can enjoy whatever, it's ok!,,,
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  16. In a very short time your questions have been answered. " knock and the door will be opened to you. Seek and you will find " you've received great advice from some very fantastic and experienced people in the world of chastity. Remember their is no rule book you have to follow its you relationship develop it how you want. If you Love ,Honour and Respect your wife/KH it will work out for you. I'm looking forward to hearing how your journey unfolds. Take Care
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  17. Simply to the Point :)
  18. Open and honest communication by both partners is critical for success! My wife's initial reaction in the beginning was "I will not tell you when you can cum." Through honest communication by both of us she is now (only a year later) controlling exactly if and when and how I cum. She even has said how much she enjoys the control! I never would have expected this from my very shy wife but honest communication has worked beyond my wildest dreams! Good luck to you and your wife!
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