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My wife has asked me to wear a chastity cage

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Submissive_Michelle, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. I am relaxing Michelles ability for self release. As such I have decided that because I keep here in her cage now all the time and that free access to erections and masturbation are no longer possible or allowed I feel its a small act of mercy to allow her to self milk herself anally when she likes as long as she asks my permission to insert her anal dildo into her rear and that she only performs this while on all fours in my presence to show submission.
    I know its not what you would call giving her back a degree of free private access to herself but its a way for her to at least drain herself if she feels very horny and frustrated albeit in a submissive degrading position.
    She has thanked me for allowing her this small return of self stimulation even though it is only anally as she knows that her penis is not available to her anymore for stimulation or self gratification it is locked in a cage with a tube inside her urethra a constant reminder who is in control.

  2. Have there been any issues with the urethra style cage?
  3. please Mistress i think that is very very nice of You to do.
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  4. No, not with the metal inserts non at all. Which is why I have invested and bought Mitch a Looker 1 for Xmas.
    However be very very careful with the plastic tube types as we had problems almost instantly he used one of these abrading the inside of his urethra and caused a slight infection which cleared up fast. It went straight into the trash.
    The steel inserts are very safe and as I said he has been wearing one now for over a year (stainless from China) but soon a Steelworx with medical grade titanium alloy.
    Poor thing deserves the best having to wear a tube inside his little penis every day for me :)

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  5. Thank you Jemima I am kind to him.

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  6. The best thing we have discovered about the urethral style is that they are very secure once you make sure they cannot get back in. His rear little plastic shield works a treat.
    His Looker1 will insert a little further than his base ring than the Chinese types which just about extend 2mm but the Looker will insert a little deeper 10mm making it a lot more difficult to pull out and get back into. We chose the Looker1 because the design is easy to keep clean as the design he wears now (PepperPot end) covers the glands stopping efficient cleaning meaning he has to be allowed out to clean well. The Looker1 is an open design so much cleaner and he can keep it on indefinitely we hope.

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  7. Thank u for the advice... those cages look good.. i like the tubes style...
  8. Is there
    Is there A lube u use for insertion?
  9. Mistress says I can reply.
    The best lube is spital then when you pee it washes out. Just by peeing keeps the system relatively clean. Its amazing that you cannot feel the tube after a few hours especially if your penis has shrunk to accommodate its new environment.
    I notice that my penis usually shrinks to around 7cm during the day now I am a little past 40 ;-) and that a small cage is really comfortable so long as you try to not get too excited as there is no room for any expansion so the penis ends up inside you which is a little uncomfortable and if you squeeze you can then feel your insert inside. So when this happens its best to not exaggerate by squeezing or trying to further expand your penis just relax and let its reduce as after all wearing a cage you cannot get off so best just stay comfortable and compliant.
    The best size urethral we find is the 6mm tube with 8mm rounded end. Any larger say 8mm with 10mm end I just cannot insert more than 5mm so we had to throw that cage in the trash. The Looker1 and the one I wear are the types I feel are most suitable for me to wear more than a week. However always start off with say 6 hours then check all is ok and gradually increase until you are happy everything is ok.
    Also make sure you thoroughly clean any device internally and externally before inserting it into the penis just make sure there is no machining debris inside the cage and tube.
    One last thing is that ALL the Chinese cages we bought were a little rough especially where the tube is welded to the end of the cage internally and although initially I did not feel anything untowards, after trying to erect in the cage the cage pieced the tip of the penis very slightly and caused a little bleed. This took a little while to determine what was happening as initially you think its the urethral insert but it wasn't.
    To solve this we used 'SuperGlue' and pooled it around the weld inside the cage to smooth the interface with the penis head.
    Better still I am getting a custom made device by Steelworx so this poor quality control should be a thing of the past. However you need to test over a period of time the best fit before spending a lot of cash on a custom device imo.
    Good luck and I am sure you will find it practical.

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  10. Thank u
  11. Hello Michelle. Very early on you stated that you were going to be chained to restrict your movements. I am quite aroused by being chained and wondered how that part of your submission is going? Are you regularly chained now, and chained hands and feet or just feet?