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My wife has asked me to wear a chastity cage

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Submissive_Michelle, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. I have also modified Michelle's chastity contract and punishment. Now she is feminised but has not yet informed any of her male and my female friends that at home she is kept as a woman and locked in a chastity cage I have added into the contract that any attempt to remove her cage or non compliance to wear it or drink her pee pee means I Facebook her situation. That has horrified her and she is now a significantly more compliant slave than ever before. No need for any monetary forfeits.
    I personally don't care if her friends know she is kept as a woman and I am sure it would no real surprise to my inner circle either. Especially the way she acts and serves me. I mean I have already shared some pretty pictures of her toes but no one has put 2 and 2 together yet that its not actually me ;-)

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  2. Milking her is also getting on my nerves so this month I decided to masturbate her to get it over with and then get her back in her cage.
    I arrived home from work to be greeted by my skirted heeled sissy and I thought I'll masturbate her immediately.
    Mich I said please get down on your knees while I remove your penis cage then I want you to masturbate yourself to release your built up frustration for the month.
    I stood there fully dressed in my work clothes and said go on get on with it you have 3 mins then you are back in your cage.No sooner had I removed her cage she was erecting as best she can. You see she does not get to erect often and its not as strong as it used to be. I would say she managed a semi erection poor thing.
    After a frantic 2 mins she released her male fluids and I re caged her for another month. She looked a bit pathetic kneeling in her skirt and heels but I thought since you can no longer erect fully to service a woman you might as well be treated as one.
    Once I had inserted her tube and locked her in she looked a little relieved and thanked me.

    I said oh your not finished yet dear. I lifted my skirt and in no uncertain terms I said now service me too like a good girl. No sooner had I finished and she was locked onto my mound now that felt good looking down on my skirted bitch servicing me like she has been trained too.

    Life is hard for us women :)

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  3. Oh I forgot to mention Mitch only ever gets hard when I give her Viagra and that is only when I want a good servicing. Which is only every now and then.
    Her chastity is not to stop her from ever ejaculating just to stop her orgasming without my consent.
    She could orgasm every day if I wanted her too. Its just she does not make that decision anymore she orgasms to order only when I say she can.
    Its a control thing and I am in control. She never knows when she will next orgasm which adds to her frustration and submission.
    When she is not being used as a male she must act and look like a woman for me.

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  4. I think back to the beginning of her journey into chastity when I had to treat it as a game and enforce compliance now she self locks herself and does what I say.
    She has the realisation that she has now gone too far down the feminisation path that she has to comply with her chastity and enforced feminsation else everyone will know what she is. Its a much better situation than having to use physical enforcement and was worth the effort to use chastity play initially as a way to get her feminised to be able to lock her into this lifestyle. It really is amazing how a male becomes significantly less masculine when they cannot erect or orgasm and when you finally get them skirted you have them just where you want them. You have broken them into be your woman. Michelle has accepted the female role soon after I started using her like a girl anally while keeping her caged. It re enforced that she is the submissive and that pleasing me is her role. Skirting and heeling her just re enforces the transition to sissy.

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  5. Another mind trick to keep them skirted and accepting their feminisation willingly is to only allow them to erect and orgasm while in their heels and skirt that way they associate their skirts and heels with pleasure. Mich is quite happy now to be kept this way as she antisipates her next erection while dressed as a woman knowing that she will only be allowed to orgasm if she is dressed as a woman.
    Never allow them to erect without their skirt on once you have them on the path to being your sissy. They must always associate their female image with a possible release and the longer you can extend this the further down the rabbit hole they will go. To the point where they accept being a sissy and dress like a woman without any effort from their mistress.
    I am at the stage now where she buys her own skirts shoes, and unless she is going outside the house always dresses as a woman. Never complains about being locked in her cage and generally is pretty docile.

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  6. We have had some high winds today in the UK and it has brought down a few fence panels. Mistress likes her garden looking nice and has instructed me to fix it for her.
    I said I cannot fix the fence mistress in my skirt and heels please can I wear trousers and flat shoes.
    Mistress is very sensible and has allowed me to wear jeans and flat shoes to repair her fence as long as I wash and put my skirt and heels back on as soon as possible.
    She also said as a reward she would take me to the cinema but dressed as a girl of course. She said it will be dark and not to worry.
    Mich xxx
  7. Michelle has now reached the stage of her chastity where she no longer has a functioning penis having to wear her cage now every hour of her waking hours which I am committed to enforcing for the rest of her time with me. She is no longer allowed any form of male release and is only ever serviced as a sub via prostrate milking or by being taken as a girl. She now also only has 1 pair of jeans and one male suit the rest of her wardrobe is female as she is dressed as a girl now almost full time.
    It has taken over 4 years to get her to accept this as her natural situation however it has been worthwhile training her to accept full time chastity and feminisation.
    Long may it continue.

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  8. As for: "She advised that Milking would be something I would be looking forward to for arousal and satisfaction as ultimately anal stimulation would become my 'normal' male release mechanism"
    She is absolutely right and in some time you will be grateful for this form of satisfaction, its a great way to release and more satisfaying than the most sought after by straight males of erection and ejaculation way.
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  9. As a 'bit' of fun I have bought Michelle a bridle and bit as I want to start her on Pony training. Since walking her out in public is a little difficult at times I have decided to have some fun on my friends farm and have her humiliated further my locking her in a harness and making her sleep over in one of the out buildings chained and bridled.
    Her first impressions are that she dose not like the metal bit in her mouth but it was the same the first time I Iocked a chastity cage on her, its something new for her to get used too. I told her that many sexually active girls play like this and since she is now my girl she is going to learn this skill too.
    Since the farm yard is muddy I have removed her high heels in favour of barefoot while she is trained to pull her buggy.
    Lets see how she adapts.

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  10. I really do hope Michelle will get a new name ehen she is playing as Pony girl.
    Michelle doesn't work.

    If I can be do bold