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My wife has asked me to wear a chastity cage

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Submissive_Michelle, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. My squirty is only allowed twice a year its something to look forwards too again and aim for over the 363 days locked in my cage :)
    Even though I can no longer erect freely I still at times wish I could again. Same goes for being locked in my high heels there are days when I would like to just walk out in flat shoes and jeans but that too is restricted now especially if mistress has hobble chained me I am stuck in my skirt or dress.
    In the past I have managed to escape from my cage which I now regret and am fitted with the final version I cannot escape from so it helps me come to terms with my situation and accept it without trying to find ways around it.
    I have accepted this lifestyle and mistress is enforcing it so I have to live with it but as you know at times if you could you would like a little relief and I do miss being in control of my own erections.
    Anyway here I am caged and in a skirt so looking like a man and behaving like one is now in my past. Time to touch up my toes I guess.
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  2. Mistress says that as the weather gets colder I will be able to wear jeans again but they will have to be elastic skinny denim with the front buttons sewed up forcing me to pull them down to pee. Since there's no need for any front access anyway is there. I will also be allowed women's full shoes as long as they are heeled. Mistress says that if I am to be kept dressed as a woman she does need to allow some flexibility in my attire to adapt to the weather. But as soon as I am home its back into dresses and skirts / heeled sandals.To be honest I really like wearing a skirt or dress its very comfortable especially with the steel cage locked on.
    I don't know if you also have an issue with drips after peeing but I do and wearing panty liners really helps keep me dry and odour free.
    Cleanliness is paramount so showering at least twice a day is also enforced.
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  3. Had a very interesting evening last night. Mistress ask one of her dom friends around for dinner and she brought a friend with her another woman I have not seen before. She introduced her as Michelle which I thought strange as that is my name now. However once they had both removed their long winter coats I could see that Michelle had a chain dangling from beneath her skirt and it dangled about a 1/3 down her inside thigh with a larger ring on the end. I thought there is something strange going on here but knowing my place I did not dare ask. Well I did not have to wait for long when her mistress demanded she squat besides her and to pass her chain to her.
    She then attached her to a dog lead which is when I realised she was also a sub and kept in female chastity by her mistress. During the meal Michelle wore her lead over her lap and wrapped around her waist until she was lead away from the table by her mistress.
    After dinner my mistress asked if I would like to see a female in chastity.
    Michelle was presented wearing a really smart full belt which the chain was attached too. The showing off of subs was reciprocated and I was presented locked in my tiny cage and skirt as a sort of trophy.
    Next thing I was attached by a 1m small chain to my base ring to Michelles chain and told to go an sit alongside her while my mistress and hers spoke and drank wine.

    After about an hour we were unlocked from each other and she left.

    It was a real turn on but so frustrating too.
  4. OMG being kept in high heels, crochless fishnets and a skirt and having to keep my toes painted immaculatley while in my tiny chastity cage is so frustrating for a transvestite fetish sissy. I am constantly horny and frustrated. Mistress has hit the sweet spot for frustration and denial. I constantly want to release myself as I used to but that is now a thing of the past.
    I am a chaste sissy as far as mistress is concerned and sissys cannot have male releases. :(
    Don't get me wrong I am so happy to be kept like this but so so frustrated sexually seeing myself as a girl everytime I look down. :oops:
    Mistress has not milked or pegged me for over a month so this is also adding to my frustration.
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  5. if i been bad doing something then sometimes i don't get milked and it is hard then. if i was you id say that you very very sorry and praps you might be milk again.
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  6. Jem I have been a good girl so I hope my mistress empties me soon :)
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  7. Mistress update on Michelle's feminising progress and accpetance.
    She has eventually accepted to wearing skirts as normal as well as having painted toes on display all the time. Its taken a while for here to accept being skirted however she now just puts on a skirt while at home without any nagging from me.
    To get her comforable with wearing a skirt out I have been taking her for long walks at night dressed in her heels and skirt which she seems to like if a little apprehensive at times when walking past strangers however being dark and her wigged she passes off as a girl good enough not to worry too much.
    A daytime outing may take a little longer but this is progress towards her transformation into a girl for my pleasure and ammusement.

  8. Mistress advised that I am to start practising Shivambu (urine therapy) and to help me get started I will be attached to my base ring chain until I have consumed my own urine as I will have no access to the toilet. She has peformed this therapy on me a while back leaving me chained with just a jug and advised I have to recycle myself.
    I thought it was a punishment however she tells me it was originally to break me in and also give me a theraputic boost.
    I have today started and to be honest I don't really mind having to consume my own urine if mistress says its beneficial.
    I think the chain is symbolic that I am under her control ;-)
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  9. Mistress has agreed not to chain me if I drink at least one small glass of urine each day as part of my urine therapy regieme. I am getting used to drinking urine as instructed and want to demonstarte to mistress my subservience and compliance, as I am sure she has my best intentions in mind.
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  10. From the womans perspective having a locked male is so convienient keep them locked to keep them off you and just unlock them to use them every once in a while then back in their cage.
    Now I have mine also feminised and subservient his transformation has been just wonderful for me and a constant turn on for him (or her) :)
    Once they accept their chastity lifestyle without question its worth all the time and effort to train them to accept wearing a cage as normal.

    Mistress Sara
  11. Another observation is that once caged their penis becomes their primary focus most of the time, and must be the frustration now that they have no access to it. Its like they are hoping that the cage will come off somehow or she cannot believe her predicamant is real at times. Michelle spends so much time touching her cage I can't help feel that she is so horny all the time now, but cannot do a thing about it anymore and that is also something that really helps me control her. I mean she is now even drinking her own pee each morning that shows that once they accept their enforced chastity they will accept almost anything you ask of them and that is how I like it.

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  12. From my perspective I started on the chastity journey as a little bit of a kink, however 5 years or more down the path I am now much more transformed than I ever expected and this has been a very gradual process starting with getting me to accept being caged then the first steps into feminisation which started with my toe ring and then painted toes for a few years, and then over the past 12 months developing into my wearing skirts and heels most of the time. So a very gradual tranformation that has allowed me to adjust both physically to my physical chastity cage and mentally accepting wearing womens clothes as my norm when at home. Its got to the stage mentally where I am ready to accept my outing if mistress requests. However as part of my ongoing conditioning she does walk me out under the cover of darkness and I am comfortable with that so far and feel less threatened as its quite difficult to detect I am not a woman with the protection darkness offers.
    It certainly is helping me build my confidence.
    I am sure this Xmas there will be some female items in my Xmas stockings that would not have been there a year ago so mistress has made significant progress over the year I wonder where we will be a year from now.

    Michelle xx
  13. Maybe I should explain my reason for putting my husband in enforced chastity and subsequently feminising him. After the age of 50 his performance satisfying me started to wane but he still insisted on self pleasuring himself and masturbating which did not help with my satisfaction therefore I decided that if I was going to get less sex then so will he. Plus when I do get sex I wanted his best effort and what better practice than having him chaste and his only way to release is through me.
    This worked fine however while he was denied there were times he would still try to escape and not fully at least mentally accepted his new neutered state.
    Therefore I decided to feminise him so that he stopped thinking as a man and focuses more on what a woman would like and no better way for him to understand than to be treated as woman and for me to occasionally as part of his training take him like a woman from the rear. This has helped him adjust to his new permanent chaste feminised condition.
    Needless to say when I allow her out of her cage for sex she is always given Viagra or an equivalent to enhance her performance with very strict instructions not to orgasm until I allow her too, this again her chastity has helped her control her orgasm. Needless to say 5 years on she is where I want her to be neutered and dependant upon me for her sexual release which affords me to control her as I wish as demonstrated here, she does everything I ask without question but its taken a while to break her into the submissive she is now.

    Mistress Sara
  14. Mistress has bought me some new shoes from the Boxing day sales I can't wait to wear these. Plus we are considering a new Looker1 for me.


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  15. Looker 1 is because I am being kept in permanent chastity from 2017 and to be released only for mistresses pleasure with a maximum of 2 orgasms a month and no minimum. Guess this will be an interesting development. However at least I will have pretty feet :)
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  16. Happy new year love you all.

    Michelle DSC03481.JPG

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  17. I have an update on Michelles urinary compliance. She is now regularly drinking her own pee pee as part of her submission training. In fact she no longer considers it disgusting which she did a first however after her first week she says it tastes nice. Just goes to show they will do anything for us won't they once we have them firmly under the thumb and acceptance of being locked in chastity. She is now locked 24/7 with no date for release so she has to be a very good girl.

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  18. The most perfect dimensions for male chastity in my opinion are equal balls and what was her pride and joy at one time now belongs to me and is severly contained. The word erection is no longer part of her vocabulary anymore as there can be no erection is a cage this small. However it is by her own admission her most comfortable cage yet.
    I attribute her perceived comfort to the size being so small she cannot even start to erect anymore she just has a slight swelling of her balls and a little puffy bulge from her cage ring.
    Personally I like to see all her attributes the same size and its quite satisfying knowing this is all being endured by her for my enjoyment. Even if I have now co erced her into a situation she cannot easily get out of having accepted her chastity contract and enforced feminisation.
    Still she enjoys being kept like a woman and she knows I am happy to show her friends just how happy as a woman she is if she ever decides to the contrary.


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  19. a little blackmail never hurt anyone right:D?...awesome job Miss Sara
  20. That is a small cock, but there is too much hair on that body for a female. It needs a good shave. A good shave makes the girl more effeminate.
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  21. Well spotted Rongeo and as such Michelle is now shaved smooth as an egg :) and yes she does look better for it I agree.
    That is one more task she will now have on her list to remain shaved smooth. She has just re done her toes and they look ever so shiny, well done Mich.

    Mistress Sara
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  22. First day on the forum, This thread has me totally fascinated,
    It would be a total dream come true for me to be so lucky to go thru all of this, Well alll except the Pee drinking part.

    Thanks for sharing your story.
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  23. That's great. She does have good looking legs. As Greg Norman once said, men should be allowed to wear shorts on the golf course as men have better looking legs than the women. The shaving is extra work but it is worth the smooth feeling afterwards.
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  24. i thinks Ladys has better legs i do.
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  25. I was contemplating buying Michelle a Looker1 however the cost of an optional oval base ring at 59euro is a little steep taking her new cage to 348euro for a Looker1 out of my price range. As such she will be wearing her Chinese cage somewhat longer than she expected. It works for us both if not as pretty.
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