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My wife has asked me to wear a chastity cage

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Submissive_Michelle, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. I tried that but it was uncomfortable for me and now it's no longer an issue. Besides my K/H likes to see me bulging out and needy, she thinks it's "cute"....lol
  2. Yes I am a grower too, small most of the time which can be a problem for security which is why we have paid so much attention to me not getting out. I agree some sort of harness would aid the growing pushing the cage however with this tiny cage I now can't even grow :oops: anymore to cause the pressure so its the balls swelling with the excess blood trying to grow I guess.
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  3. You have a wonderful Mistress who keeps you ready for her to use. Does your plug open up and lock inside you? I love being locked and plugged, but I am not regularly kept this way yet.
  4. We did investigate lockable butt plugs however they looked a little dangerous so we decided not to use them. Unless advised to the contrary though.
    My rear hole is not that large yet so we have to take it slowly to widen me. I can accommodate something with a typical penis girth however many butt plugs are quite wide then narrow to hold them in place. I can use a RUDEBOY quite easily but any larger is a problem just now.
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  5. The vibrating RUDEBOY is very efficient at draining you especially when in high heels as somehow you seem to be forced to squeeze on it when you walk in them on tip toes. If I am drained this way it usually only takes 5-10 mins to get me drained. I look forwards now to my draining as I have no other avenue open to me to release any fluids without permission.
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  6. Just published Ebook today on Smashwords - The Pet (By Mistress Zara)
    A fictional story based on bdsm, hucow slavery, erotica.

  7. Oh no mistress Sara has dressed me as a male today :( saying that the stimulation I experience being dressed as a woman was not as intense in her opinion and I was getting too used to being dressed as a woman so the effect she desired originally of me getting excited and unable to release the added sexual tension caused by seeing myself as a woman was reducing. I am therefore going to regulate your Xdressing from now on limiting you to a few random days a week until you regain the intense frustration of being dresses as a woman again. She says she loves keeping me on edge and my situation unpredictable.
    Only fear I have now is that Sara is planning to dress me as a woman on a day I don't expect and expect me to function as normal but as a woman this is fear and excitement all in one and the mind games Sara plays.
    She says I can almost now pass off as a woman and as the darker nights roll in expect to be taken out as a woman more often.
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  8. I would like to share an update on mistresses milking technique which she some how fine tuned today resulting in the most precum and seamen we have seen before.
    Previously as soon as I was inserted with the RudeBoy I would drip a few drops of precum after about 30 seconds. I was instructed to stand with my heels together in high heels of course until I was milked. Well this usually resulting a about 4-5 drips of precum and we thought that was it. I was plugged with my butt plug and told to go on my way after a shower it felt good but nothing special.
    Well today mistress decided to use a new technique and partially extract the dildo and waggle it about with emphasis on it pressing forwards inside me more. This resulted in an almost constant dribble of precum and for the first time what looked like globular seamen mistress estimates she managed to extract about a 1/4 egg cup of male fluids too over about 20 mins. Once the flow subsided I was left standing with the vibrating rudeboy for another 10 mins to finsh me off before being told to consume it and have a shower.
    Wow a new experience I am so excited to now finally have some relief however even though she extracted more fluids than I would normally ejaculate I don't feel any sexual satisfaction like a did when I was allowed to masturbate or orgasm like a man :oops: I mean after an orgasm I would loose sexual drive I now feel almost as horny and frustrated as before she emptied me.
    Suppose we should be thankful for small mercies as masturbation and penetrative release is a thing of the past for me now.

    Anyone know why the forced release of so much fluid had no effect on my sexual satisfaction?

    Its lovely but a little frustrating having your fluids forcibly removed by someone else but I am not complaining?

    Michelle :):):)
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  9. i wish more wud come out of me.
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  10. @Submissive_Michelle@Submissive_Michelle and @jemima@jemima

    How have you both managed to accept the squirty orgasms and the like are the thing of the past....and the future is prostate milking only?
  11. Orgasm normally release a large rush of prolactin and other neurotransmitters which has an immediate effect on libido. Without the prolactin release, you are still horny. There is actually a drug that is sometimes used recreationaly called "Cabergoline" which stops the prolactin release which means a man keeps his erection and can orgasm multiple times which sounds wonderful yet horrible because you wouldn't ever get that satisfied feeling. That would be a hell of a way to get your occasional release.
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  12. I am allowed squirty but only about twice a year.
  13. Mistress removed my cage today and asked how I feel uncaged do I still get the urge to masturbate? Funnily enough I don't and I was limp most of the day too. Just managing a slight increase in length every now and then. She says its working isn't it your becoming impotent of sorts. Lets see if you can be allowed out all day without trying to erect.
    Its 9pm and mistress says come on back in your cage and inserted it into me and click its back on again until she decides to let me out.
    What was so strange is that once allowed out I did not want to masturbate its as though not being able to erect or masturbate for so long that my body no longer thinks it is allowed too.
    Re painting my toe nails now as they need a touch up.

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  14. Funny thing is that while allowed out of my cage I longed for it to be re attached :oops: felt undressed without it inside me.
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  15. Mistress gave me reassurance that I would be wearing a tube inside my penis from now on. :) Makes me so happy to be kept so small and wearing the tube inside my penis for her pleasure and my chastity submission. She said I look such a sissy now and there's no point in allowing me to erect anymore its just wrong even attempting to erect in a skirt and heels she says. I agree
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  16. An interesting read but for me, being locked is all about the lockup and the regular T & D, although so so frustrating it keeps me on the edge and at her command. I dont see the appeal or the continued interest in been taken to the point where you can no longer get an erection!!, in fact im not sure its possible...at least not for me
  17. You need the Holy Trainer V2. Can't pull out of that.
  18. I have just looked at the Holytrainer 2016 looks a good design but a little large for me. I am also not convinced that its as secure as the urethral tube I wear with the rear security shield as without the tube I have been able to get in and out of all chastity devices but not the one I wear now :)
    My mistress wants an end to male stimulation from the penis and enforcing anal only stimulation.
    I am allowed to prostrate milk myself as a form of sexual release or use anything anally but my penis is to remain dysfunctional. Also I am now usually dressed in skirts and dresses so I am now beginning to view myself no longer as a male so don't miss my penis anymore as I have had no access to it for pleasure for over a year while alone.
    I now get my stimulation by wearing womens clothes and shoes and anally as allowed as part of my male submission to mistress.
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  19. Thats so HOT :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  20. OHHH my !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. win win
  22. yes i has.
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  23. Big hugs for you.. so brave to embrace this...much more than many of us could contemplate or consider possible. xxx
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  24. good girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Your mistress sounds amazing.......................