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My wife has asked me to wear a chastity cage

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Submissive_Michelle, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. My loving wife has locked me in a steel chastity device to help me stop masturbating by not being allowed to orgasm without consent, however to make the experience real we have developed a security anti pull-out device moulded from thermal plastic available on eBay / Amazon that pushes down on the back of the penis to stop removal from the rear of the cage as is possible on almost all these devices without this modification and has a small flap that drops down if the penis is removed exposing beneath some sharp needles so there is no way to get back into the device without serious injury if I do find a way to get my penis out of the back when small. As such once the lock shuts your locked in and the deterrent is enough to stop you trying to sneak out.

    We have also purchased the 'Kitchen Safe' from Amazon which time locks for up to 10 days so there is no temptation to unlock you. It’s also good for locking you down while she is out or at work or just locking you in until 11.30pm each day so you can sleep uncaged but locked during the working day. Once the timer is set you have to wait or break the device to get to the keys. These little additions make the experience very real. No pull out and no release until the timer expires.
    Originally we tried the CB3000/6000 and Jailhouse with the smallest ring to deter pull-out however none of these devices unmodified were secure however using the slightly larger ring with these modifications makes it comfortable and impossible to pull out / get back in. So the experience can continue without the usual chastity burning and skin damage around your sac. The experience is now very real and sensual knowing that you cannot remove the device without being caught. Plus there is a £100 forfeit if you remove or try to remove the device if the mods were not enough.

    I have been living this routine now since the 30th August 2014 with maybe another 15 days before my chastity contract is completed. After which my new Mistress says she will allow me to orgasm and then lock me back for 5 days 24/7 as she says she has read that once a man orgasms they do not want to be relocked back in chastity so to cover off this problem I have been asked to forfeit a £500 deposit refundable once I am relocked after orgasm and to start the next chastity period. We use the dice lockup game playing 4 games per contract with a maximum of 12 days lockup per game.

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    Polymorph is great stuff. I do hope that thin looking plastic flap doesn't ever break off while you're wearing it! That might be....er.....fun?

    Welcome to Chastity Mansion by the way, join in, enjoy.
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  3. Now that is a anti pull out device...ouch.
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  4. Sounds like you are having fun. I just do not try to pull out and it seems real to me. :) Enjoy.
  5. One good property of polymorph is that its like nylon and not subject to brittle snapping off. Its easily fixed with some hot poly if it needs maintenance. Very comfortable to wear no sac burning and secure which is the name of the game.
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  6. As long as you be a good little sissy there's nothing to fear from the needles just securtity for mistress and peace of mind for me as its no mean feat pulling out of this device. As long as you don't mess its very comfortable meaning I can be locked down longer than before when small rings caused burning and skin damage, after all this is about longevity not a quick tease for me now.
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  7. Mistress has purchased another time locking 'Kitchen Safe' to use for addition confinement options. I was informed today to present myself caged as normal in the morning and told to close my eyes. I did and felt mistress touching my cage which I thought was going to be another tease and denial session, however to my surprise I felt a padlock being attached to the front of my cage and something heavy dragging my cage and private parts downwards. Mistress then said that I could now open my eyes to observe my new temporary position. To my amazement mistress had attached a long heavy linked chain and padlock to my chastity cage which allows me to move only 20ft (The length of the chain) and holding the chain to relieve the pressure pulling my genitals downwards. She says I need to also get accustomed to being restrained for parts of the day while she is out or when she wants me restricted to only a part of the house. She says her other options include having me constrained to only move around on all fours something she says will help with my submissive and attitude training. I later learned that this position was to be my new forced milking position which I am to undergo every 7 days she informs me. I must admit mistress has an amazing imagination to help control me and change me. I must admit having your chastity cage locked to something is quite humbling.
  8. One element of our chastity contract is that I must wear women’s nail polish on my toes and a steel toe ring mistress says this will re-enforce my status and the steel ring is to remind me of my steel chastity condition however I must keep these readjustments to my appearance private which means no sandals without socks which is not cool ! However I suppose being forced to wear a chastity device and have no access to my private parts is also not that cool either. Anyway mistress is taking me shopping today for some sports socks to keep me private while looking sort of ok. I can see a slight feminizing pattern here no male erections, small insignificant penis most of the time, no male Org***s anymore without 'permission' wearing nail polish on my feet and being periodically prostrate milked to keep me 'dry' and forced to sit or squat while urinating I must admit I am beginning to feel less like a man and more like her Bi**Ch. However I have no homosexual feeling so I am a straight guy who loves his wife so much I will comply with her needs and this situation if it turns her on too. The upside is this is kinky I know and yes it turns me on as well. So we both win.
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  9. Today after 40 days caged I was made to touch up my toenail paint and then assume the position for Milking. Previous Milking 7 days ago. Today Mistress extracted the most fluid so far using the vibrating RudeBoy on me, extracting for the first time yellow/cream slightly globulus semen as well as the usual prostrate fliuid. Almost as soon as the dildo was placed in me I started dripping quite large amounts. Strange change in mindset, prior to being placed in a chastity cage I would look forward to masturbating now I look forward to being anally milked I suppose you look forward to releif fitting to your position and as I am caged that means masturbating is now out of the question, but that said I am not craving masturbation anymore so maybe being kept in chastity is changing me. Mistress then requested the obligatory licking up my mess as a further treat.
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  10. Been asked to take 25mg Viagra to enhance my frustration after Milking.. Must admit my previous Milking good as it was does nothing to reduce the sexual frustration and my submissive state of mind. Now I have to look forward to a frustrating couple of hours expanded in my cage during T&D.
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  11. Mistress says I was not fully drained of poisonous males fluids today so I had to undergo another 30mins of Milking to fully drain me, which resulted on more semen but not a lot as I am sure I have non left now.
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  12. Having been locked in a steel chastity cage now for over 48 days waking until 11.30pm, Mistress has asked how it feels after this 'break in period' ? I replied that I cannot now feel it most of the time and have adjusted well to my new addition. She said that’s good news as our next contract will introduce you to being locked 24/7 more often instead of the current waking until 11.30pm, as you seem to be broken in almost to the wearing of a penis cage and ring. I intend to have you locked 24/7 Monday - Thursday each week with you returning to your waking until 11.30pm regime Thursday evening thru Monday morning. We will then together reappraise your confinement regime after your next contract period with a view of having you in full time chastity by Xmas if this is what you request. She says that her method was devised months ago prior to my initial contract where she has read that males need to be gradually a customised into chastity over a fairly lengthy period so that mentally and physically they accept their new submissive chaste condition without objection and that this then becomes their new normal position a gradual transition that ensures compliance and ultimatley submission . She advised that Milking would be something I would be looking forward to for arousal and satisfaction as ultimately anal stimulation would become my 'normal' male release mechanism and orgasm via a male erection she would allow maybe 4 times a year. However her end game as she has said before is to condition me to be unable to orgasm without Viagra and be effectively her impotent neutered male who cannot masturbate to erection anymore without her direct support. You will be more comfortable if I can get you to a stage where you don't even attempt to erect anymore. Her idea of controlling a 'neutered' man excites her knowing that her man is now totally reliant upon her for any form of sexual satisfaction or release even via his milking. Once I am convinced you are truly transformed mentally and cannot erect anymore I may allow you release from your penis cage more often, however this may take some time so be prepared to be wearing a cage from now on until further notice, its for your own good. If we cannot attain your neutered state via these methods I would like to have you hypnotised by a colleague so that sexual excitement / erection is impossible unless commanded by Mistress a condition where you will be aroused and erected by a single command and orgasm'd by another command. Both commands will be subtle and a delayed reation will be inbuilt so that you are not aware after this conditioning that you are now controlled subconsciously and kept neutered via a subconscious process meaning that you may be released from your penis cage more often. This is not a process to rush if I want to achieve our end goals, however you are doing well so far I will get you there in the end.
  13. To that end Mistress has Milked me again today getting more semen each time she performs the act so she is definatley getting better. I am to be kept dry she says so that even if I was allowed out there would be little point as you have no male fluids on any significance anymore and thats how you will now stay, chaste limp and dry. Now make sure your pretty toes look good reapply you girly nail polish.
  14. I am enjoying reading your story. My husband, who became my sissy after an affair ten years ago this month, has gone through a rather long series of treatments over the years, and I can offer this. If you are financially able to do so, the use of female hormones cause many changes in the male body. dickie has been through several rounds of treatment with the use of estrogen and androgens, that will, over time, in the proper doses, greatly reduce sexual drive or libido, as well as the physical amount of semen and prostate fluids produced. This makes chastity more easy to enforce and gets to the point that where chastity is no longer needed to prevent constant masturbation, lt alone the chance of being aroused in an extramarital encounter.But this is a big step, and can be expensive to follow up on.
    Best of success,
    Mistress Suzan
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  15. Wow this sounds exciting however I feel this route would really take me down the gender transformation path which at present may be a little too soon. Mistress at the moment likes the controlling aspects of having me chaste but having the overall say on when I can erect which ultimatley she wants under her total control and for her dedicated pleasure. I must admit I like the idea that ultimatley I won't be able to self stimulate anymore by either being asked to wear a permenant chastity device or by mental reprogramming however upon Mistresses command be able to fullfill her desires both orally and with what is left functioning of my penis.
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  16. Mistress has informed me that my new shorter cage has arrived and that she has already started modelling the new antipullout based on the design we have been using already however experience has now shown that with a little more pressure on the penis root pullout can be made impossible without the flap and needles. Today also I have completed my chastity contract being locked since 30th August and I must admit even now I am free of my cage I have little desire to masturbate anymore so the 50+ days of abstention have started to work regards reducing the need to masturbate. Mistress will allow me to orgasm soon and then we will discuss a new contract which will include the 6.5cm cage and maybe a 24/7 regime. I will post updates and a picture of my new cage as soon as its ready.
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  17. 6493-1413898333-43bef3008305c594279103ee6ce6ab08.jpg

    My new home when we start our next contract. Its 6.5cm cage length and fitted with our anti extraction system that works by reducing the aperture at the rear of the penis shaft such that extraction is all but impossible. More photos are available in my gallery.
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  18. Mistress likes me in my new small cage as she says its nice to see that my testicles are larger than my penis and thats how she wants me to look. I must admit having my sac hang lower than my penis is something new but I agree a penis smaller than ones sac is nice I suppose well as I now don't have a choice I would say that :)
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  19. Cage updated today to a smaller lenght as Mistress wants my penis smaller than my sac. Mistress gets what Mistress wants. 6494-1413898335-15e705efe19e54921c56ca8337e8940c.jpg 6493-1413898333-43bef3008305c594279103ee6ce6ab08.jpg
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  20. Mistress has re appraised the new cage length and determined 6.5cm is too long for her sissy so I have had to compress it to 5cm which is quite a reduction however my new 5cm penis pleases Mistress as she says it looks much more comfortable and discrete and has the proper effect that NO erection however small will now be possible and that it extenuates the fact my testicles are now almost twice the size of my penis, how nice . My normal penis size is around 6” when erect and now confined to a permanent 1.9”
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  21. DSC02387.JPG
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  22. My first paragraph stated that I was to be locked in a non removable chastity device to help stop my masturbation all I can say is that after 50 days in the device it certainly works and any women out there that want to control their partners access to self stimulation put them in a chastity device for a minimum of 30 days with a view to having them in the device permanently which is happening to me. It started as our chasity play but then developed into our new lifestyle now Mistress has seen the benefits for her any myself. Having not been able to self masturbate now for so long I must admit it changes your attitude to this selfish act and I now crave to be locked and controlled rather than selfish self stimulation. I am more content being constantly on edge but having no way to release myself and subjected to periodic prostrate milking as a reward for accepting my new condition. I am so lucky to have a wife who will be my mistress. 50 days ago I was a free man to do what I wanted now I am her chastity controlled bitch and happy to be kept this way to serve her anyway she pleases.
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  23. My Mistress wants me to post an update today regards the new shortened cage and it meaning new possibilities for me. In the post below I described how Mistress requested the new 6.5cm cage be shortened further by compressing it slightly to 5cm. This has been achieved and now fitted onto me. I would like to update on a new chapter in my chastity regime which looks more likely due to the shortened cage and larger (38mm) –(45mm) base ring (with anti pullout of course as its slightly larger than I would normally use for security).This new chapter is being able to sleep while wearing a cage WITHOUT SAC BURNING and consequential damage over a period of days resulting in the removal while healing takes place. Last night we tried it for the first time and I did have many nocturnal erections but no burning or waking pain in fact the erections were so constricted I could not feel them as an erection whereas when using a cage that allowed a larger erection my penis swelled to apply significant pressure.It appears that due to a slightly larger base ring which makes daytime wear almost invisible and so comfortable you can’t feel it anymore however you must use some sort of anti pullout device else the larger ring means you could extract yourself from the rear ;-) anyway we use the anti extraction method where pressure is placed on the rear base / top of the penis shaft to apply enough pressure to reduce the ability to gain traction and slip under the ring / device, for us this works 100% now and has allowed the use of the larger ring. So step 2 is fixing the sac damage / burning due to nocturnal erections which looks as it to has now also been fixed. I believe this is in part due to the fact that a significantly shortened cage to only 5cm does not allow the penis to swell enough to apply enough pressure to pull forwards the base ring in an attempt to pull over the testicles anymore. We have noticed that an erection now no matter how hard cannot grow now to any meaningful force meaning it addresses two of Mistresses demands of me. 1) I am kept very small while caged 2) Almost no possibility of an erection feeling what so ever. These two adaptions means I have now entered into the possibility of 24/7 lock up from the previous 8am – 11.30pm which we used to ensure no damage and an overnight recovery period helping us use the cage 365 days if required. Going slowly as is best we will now have me locked in 48 hour periods extending to 5 days which excites me and pleases Mistress that I am becoming more permanently able to be caged. I can see what’s happening here and I expect within 6 months to be in 24/7/365 chastity. It shows that many of the negative aspects of enforced chastity can be overcome with the right cage length and base ring / security. I am happy we have made this significant progress and will update on the longer term effects I experience by being locked in the short device 24/7 from now on.
  25. My cage has now been relocked onto me with the keys now in the chastity safe for 48 hours.Mistress wants to further investigate 24/7 lockups and to re examine me after 48 hours to see if any further modifications are required then she advises a 96 Hours relock gradually building to permanent with release at her discretion.
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