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    Lana's sissy pet had a very intense experience last weekend. A few weeks earlier her Goddess had proposed an amazing reward (no, not a release) and wondered what Her sissy pet would do to earn it. After a collaboration period, and some waiting for an appropriate time, last weekend the stars aligned.

    We have a relatively small walk-in closet in our bedroom. Lana's sissy pet has set up an altar to her Goddess there, a trunk wrapped in a Barbie princess sheet with framed pictures that her Goddess has shared with her. Lana's sissy pet usually spends an hour meditating on her Goddess every Sunday. This went beyond that.

    It started Friday evening. Lana's sissy pet got home a little early, was allowed a normal dinner, and by 6pm was locked in. She had on ankle bracelets that were connected by a padlock, so she could take steps of about six inches. She then locked a rather heavy chain to the same padlock. This allowed her to reach the toilet and sink in the master bath, but not her bed or much of anything else. She had a bowl of water, and her wife had prepared three loaves of nutraloaf (aka prison loaf) -- that would be her sustenance. She would remain locked in until 6pm Sunday, with nothing else to drink, and dependent on her wife bringing up nutraloaf servings.

    For comfort, Lana's sissy pet was limited to a small throw pillow with "Sparkle" written in glitter on one side, and a too-small Disney princess fitted sheet. For distraction, she had only the following:
    - a Disney Princess coloring book and crayons
    - a romance novella (93 pages) that she had been laboriously copying by hand
    - sissy math exercises designed to reduce her abiltity to do simple addition
    - 6 gay magazines and a tube of bright red lipstick
    - five of her wife's bras ready for hand washing
    - her phone that was only used to provide ongoing feedback to her Goddess

    And of course she was locked into her CB6000s -- sissy jail time should not be fun time. That was going to be it for 48 hours. Lana's sissy pet was very nervous going in -- she had never done anything even half as long. But, her Goddess' amusement (and her reward) were at stake.

    Friday night was consumed with getting set up and her first coloring page. Shuffling to the bathroom took some time, so Lana's sissy pet quickly learned not to wait with too full a bladder. After copying a page of text, and some sissy math practice, it was already near time for bed. Lana's sissy pet's wife was relaxing in their king size bed, watching TV as she drifted off. Lana's sissy pet had the closet door closed, so the TV wouldn't "disturb" her, which meant she had to keep her knees bent to sleep -- she coudn't stretch out, the closet wasn't deep enough. And she quickly found that sleeping bent like that put a lot of pressure on whichever hip she had against the carpeted but still hard floor. And the floor wasn't forgiving to the balls that were pushed out by the chastity device. So, it wasn't exactly a restful night. She got a couple of hours sleep total, in about three different one-hour stretches.

    But that all paled into insignificance when the moring brought her first serving of nutraloaf. If you've never tried it all Lana's sissy pet can say is DON'T!!! It was truly horrible; three slices took her a full hour to get down. The only good news was it was another hour down.

    The afternoon brought another task. Lana's sissy pet had earlier, per instructions, purchased the gay magazines. She had to apply lipstick, and leave a lip print on every picture of a cock she saw in the magazines. Suffice it to say, there were many, many, many more than she had anticipated, and she had to reapply the lipstick every 3-4 pictures.

    The rest of the time passed slowly. An extra helping of Nutraloaf for dinner was not a benefit. Sissy slept some during the day, and continued with her tasks. She slept a little better that night, but unfortunately around 4am she developed a terrible headache. Fortunately there were Excedrin within reach in the bathroom, so she recovered and didn't need to disturb her wife.

    The next day it took almost 90 minutes to wash her wife's five bras, because even though they were all the same color, sissy had to wash them individually. Add detergent, gently wash bra, let soak for five minutes, rinse 3-4 times, roll in a towel to remove excess moisture, and hang to dry -- all while wearing rubber gloves so sissy did not become unduly excited by fondling the intimate articles.

    Sunday afternoon was a continuation of all the tasks, and more nutraloaf. The last bite was every bit as bad as the first. Somehow, Lana's sissy pet made it all the way until 6pm Sunday...and is a bit proud of herself. And thrilled she made it through and amused her Goddess throughout.
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