My unexpected journey into submission chastity and sissydom part one

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    Hi there,

    Sissy Sebastiana here sharing some aspects of my unexpected journey into the pleasures of submission and chasity. Nine months ago, I was a bitter disillusioned 45 year old trapped in a spiral of depression fuelled by drink and the occasional cocaine after the death of my girlfriend of 9 years standing. I thought I'd arrived at the point where I had no more dreams in life left and without dreams, what's the point of it all ?

    Then a chance meeting in my local pub with a beautiiful Spanish woman called Karmen who is now my Mistress and future wife, totally turned my life around. After spending a fantastic weekend together swapping love juices, I decided to come clean with her and tell her everything about my life including the fact I'd been a transvestite since my teens. Karmen really loved the fact I liked dressing up as a woman and also, the fact that I looked after her the whole week, cooking up some great meals as we got to know one another. One night over a bottle of Cava, Karmen whispered to me that I had the makings to become a great " domestica " - domestic. The thought totally tantalised me and we talked for ages about the possibility of me becoming her domestica ; the results of which ended with me agreeing to her trainig me to become her maid and her my Mistress.

    Mistress christened me with a new name - Sebastiana - and the following day we went into town on a shopping expedition, my new Mistress leading me around town to purchase some new clothes and accessories to go with my new role starting at the local workwear shop where she purchased a number of plain Alexander cotton work dreses in black, lilac, candystripe pink, lemon and sky blue together with a few broderie anglaise aprons and pinafores. Then we called in Anne Summers where my Mistress totally blew me away, buying some lingerie, stockings, a couple of vibrators, lubricants and a cat of nine tails. which she made me go to the counter and pay for as she walked out of the shop. Then it was onto Topshop where we purchased two pairs of high heels, finishing the day in a wig shop choosing a predictable blonde bobbed wig, ending up in my local bar with a well earned bottle of wine and me with trying to cope with the biggest erection I'd ever had.

    That night, me full of anticipation at the thought of my Mistress feminising and training me to become her maid and my wardrobe full of my new clothes, I knew that my life was going to change like I never imagined and it continues to change on a daily basis now I am mid way through my years training before we move to Spain in the new year where I wlll become my Mistress Karmens full time sissy maid. Join me next time from that first moment I stood before Mistress dressed in my new uniform, beginning my unexpected journey into submission, chastity and sissydom and the pain and pleasure my wonderful Mistress continues to use on me on a daily basis to transform me into her perfect sissy.


    Sissy Sebastiana x x
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