my new chastity life

Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by worthlessworm, Oct 28, 2008.

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    ive been with my wife and mistress for 12 years and have had a d/s sex life from the beggining. I added a cb2000 to our toy collection a few years ago but ive never spent longer than a week locked up before now.
    A month ago i tried to come in my mistress mouth, something ive never been allowed to do.
    The following night i was caned {her favourite toy] and locked in chastity
    i asked the next morning when i was going to be released and she repled "your not"
    A month on and my worthless worm is still locked up and my mistress is loving it .I have been released three times, the first was because my mstress wanted sex but my worm let me down and lasted all of five minutes i shot my sperm on my mistress bottom and had to lick her clean. I now wear a strap on to pleasure my mistress its bigger than worthless worm lasts longer and doesnt make a mess .The last twice mistress has been kind enough to let me out to masturbate, because i have been good [cooking,cleaning and pussy licking]
    She punishes me with her cane and then makes me sit on my hot welted bottom and masturbate while she thrashes my thighs with her crop.
    by the time i do come my thighs are on fire, i am then returned to my cage
    how long for ?
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