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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by servant1966, Mar 23, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone
    I am just after some advise I feel that i can not remain out of chastity.Allthough I am not currently serving any one at presant i am trying to find someone it seems to be incredibly hard to achieve for some reason this time round I did not have this much trouble last time around.Mistress Andrea introduced me to chastity and I am finding day to day life with out chastity very hard.I did meet a male dom who was interesed in me serving him and he did make the point of ordering me not to masterbate while i was trying to decide weather i could bring my self to serve a male dom.I have not gone ahead with serving him yet but it did make me think that i should keep myself in chastity until I do find someone.
    This brings me to my question as to weather I should go ahead and get a PA piercing and get a lori tube.I feel that this is one of the best ways to keep myself in chastity with out a keyholder where it is pretty close to 100 percent escape proof unless you have the key with out doing serios damage to one self.
    I have tried the cb range which mistress used on me but I found without serving mistress if the urge was big enough I could cut the plastic part around the lock and get it off which if i did try this while serving mistress she would have known as mistress had engraved signed the parts so if I ever attempted this she would have known.I never did attempt this in that time but now its only myself and allthough I am not serving anyone I dont want to fail myself.
    My plan is to wear the tube and make sure there are no issues chaffing rashes etc once this is all okay I want to send the keys to a freind of mine and get him to keep them for safe keeping he allready has copies of documents and photos which he has for insurance purposes incase my house burnt down etc.He does not know anything about my lifestyle at all i keep all this private and out of my social circle.This way I have no quick way of release as he lives interstate and he also works 2weeks on 2weeks off in the mining industry so it would take quite some effort to get a key back.
    Sorry again everyone for going on a bit my questions are as follows.
    Should I go ahead and get a PA piercing before I meet my new dome or should I wait to see if they approve?
    Are there any issues with wearing the lori tube (I am looking at the straight one with out the ball ring with an 8 or6 gauge PA piercing)long term 24/7 without removing?I plan to leave it on until I find a new mistress.
    Is there anything else around set up as a keyholder?I would like to give the keys to someone and the only way to get them back would be for my new dome to request them where i would have no way at all of getting them back myself that would be perfact.
    Lastly I just wondered if even using my freind as a keyholder is this a bit risky in the event of a medical emergency where the chastity might need to be removed I would not have access to the keys as it would take up to 3 weeks to get the keys back if my freind happened to be at work.I feel like i have no option as I am having extreme difficulties coping with not having someone control me and i feel and hope that this will at least take care of that part of my life anyway.I suppose i will have to deal with an emergency if and when it happens.
    Your advise and opinion would be appreciated Thanks Servant.
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