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My Life - Locked by n2toys

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by CZSteve, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Wow!
    I'm am so grateful to my beautiful Wife/KH and what She is doing to me emotionally and mentally; especially about keeping me locked and staying strong.
    I'm incredibly horny at this stage and during teasing sessions where I'm not allowed to cum my Wife puts me into such an incredibly deep sub-space that is so beautifully frustrating it's hard to explain.

    Yesterday during the day my Wife let me know I would be allowed time to Worship Her and earn my keep that night; this always puts a smile on my face.
    On top of last night's worshiping my Wife had probably the best O's I've ever been a part of - She usually has some very intense O's but last night's seemed to be something special; I know it was for me to witness and then hold Her afterwards.

    In the past my Wife has always Loved to make and watch me cum; appears She's now flipped to where She enjoys keeping me frustrated more than making me cum.
    The other night She mentioned how She prefers this version of me and just may keep me this way, as in I may only get ruined O's or milkings from now on.
    In the heat of the moment during teasing or torture sessions I'm begging/crying to cum but later thankful my Wife is strong and resolute in keeping my denied.
    Next month will be our one year chastity anniversary and obviously that long since I've masturbated.

    I Love You my Goddess @n2toys@n2toys :)
  2. Love you, too, my handsome slave!
  3. Wow!!!
    @n2toys@n2toys has me so wound up and horny as hell at this stage... I'm currently at my longest stint of just over 7 weeks without an orgasm, at least since hitting puberty...
    On top of the 7 weeks of orgasm denial I have not been out of my cage during play nights and allowed to have a full erection for just over four weeks!!

    My Goddess knows just the right spot(s) to rub me while caged that has me BEGGING for release; I'm at the point where I feel like I'm on a hair trigger and and ready to explode with the teasing - tomorrow we leave for Vegas and @n2toys@n2toys has informed me She plans on being relentless with the teasing and torture but I'm not allowed to cum; we're on a target of 9-1/2 weeks of denial - during teasing I'm SO desperate to cum but also so very thankful my Wife/Goddess/KH is staying strong in denying me.

    I just hope if I'm uncaged as planned in Vegas I don't shoot because of the intensity at this stage!
    Last night Goddess mentioned She just might keep me caged - I'm craving to grow but also afraid of cumming... I'm loving this ride we've been on since starting chastity and denial - should have jumped in sooner...;)
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  4. Just to add more thoughts...
    This level of frustration and hornyness puts me in such a deep sub-space during intense edging it's hard to explain.
    I'm in my own world where I'll I can think of is being able to cum but also praying at that same time that my Goddess sadistically denies me - I never knew that being denied would have such a profound impact. :D
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  5. For some reason I can't see the bhotobucket pics on my time line..is there a setting on my account I need to change? Anyone?
  6. Nope - that's on my end. I had been using Photobucket and recently rec'd the upgrade message which requires a monthly or annual fee that I've not committed to.
    Anyone have any other image hosting sites asides from Photobucket that they'd recommend? Looking for best value and security.

  7. Amazing blog CZSteve. I'd love to see the pics too. Keep posting as you are living my dream. Hats off to @n2toys@n2toys
  8. Well [​IMG]@n2toys and I had a great time getting away to Vegas; only a short visit but had a great time with a bit of gambling, some pool time, Hoover dam visit, dining, and people watching...
    Upon arriving to our hotel suite one of the first things we did was to figure out attachment points on the bed for the ratchet ropes and general feel for options in the room - easy spots for the bed ropes, sturdy dining chairs and a great overhead bar on the bed headboard :D
    We went ahead and got extra towels and toiletries so we could keep the Do Not Disturb sign on the door - very nice of being able to just leave all the paraphernalia out in the open and ready for play.
    I was also instructed that I was to remain naked while in the room; except for my cage obviously.

    I was just shy of 8 weeks of no release and horny as hell and with all the sensuality of Vegas it just amplified all my feelings.

    First night was just simple worship time by me of my Wife as it had been a long travel day.

    Day two: After running around during the day we came back to the hotel to rest some; while relaxing on the bed my Wife/KH came into the room and informed me I was to service and worship Her while she got caught up on some emails - very erotic and reinforced my submissive role.
    Prior to going out for the evening for a romantic dinner I was securely tied to one of the dining chairs while my Wife got ready for our date night - sitting their watching Her meticulous apply Her make-up was surprisingly erotic.
    Upon returning to the hotel I worshiped my Wife more, finally released from my cage and then tied back to the same chair where I was teased and teased and tortured with rope around my cock and balls; released only to be strapped sown to the bed for more teasing and even more intense torture which included nipple clamps, clothes pegs on my balls, rope around and stretching my balls, and a failed pegging attempt (I had some very intense pain and didn't bring the proper warm-up toys as I thought I was OK without); and then after enough torture my Wife used the Stud100 spray desensitizing and three condoms where I was COMPLETELY numb and then ridden by my Wife for Her pleasure - a complete mind fuck...
    After that I was locked back up and it was time for my Wife to have Her orgasm and them off to sleep.

    Day Three:
    Some relaxing pool time and running around the strip and then back to our hotel room for a rest. Same erotic routine of being bound to a chair while my Wife got ready.
    Started the evening out by going to the Erotic Heritage Museum (bit of a bust BTW), wondered the sex toy store next door and then an Uber ride up to Fremont Street.
    Had a nice BBQ at a storage container park and then wondered and enjoyed the wonder and bizarre'ness of Fremont - at one point one of the young girls dressed as a dominatrix tried to play around with me as we walked by; I just replied "no thanks, I already have my Mistress" ;)
    Returning back to the hotel more bondage to the chair and then the my cage removed with the ring left on.
    Upon being tied to the bed I had some more torture of torture with our acrylic ball crusher and the most intense edging I have ever endured; my Wife has become very good at reading me and getting me to the point that I'm a blubbering mess and damn near crying to be allowed to cum! It was damn near amazing at how hard I was - my Wife had the most Beautiful smile on Her face while She was edging me and telling me I'm not allowed to cum.
    Once again Her time for an O and off to sleep.

    It was a rather short visit but we had an awesome time and can't wait to go again.
    I'm still without an orgasm and now at a solid eight weeks; plan is I'll be allowed a release in 1 week and 5 days but who's counting...:rolleyes:
    Don't know if I'll receive a real or ruined orgasm and torn on my end - I'm craving a real orgasm but after the fact of a ruined orgasm I'm usually grateful I was ruined... so who knows...
  9. Wow! I am so incredibly horny at this stage!!!
    Last night @n2toys@n2toys allowed me to worship Her; text sent earlier in the day stating She'll need to attention - this always brightens my work day.

    Last night was our primary position where my wife is relaxing on Her back and I'm reverse and prone so She can play with me while I'm caged with my head between Her legs.
    I always LOVE everything about eating and Worshiping my Beautiful Wife but last night I was going absolutely insane while Worshiping - several times my Wife was just laughing at me and commenting about incredibly horny I was :D - I was just going insane bouncing between going crazy eating Her as intensely as She would allow, switching back and forth to slow / Loving caresses with my lips, and trying to desperate move my humps as She was teasing my caged cock and balls trying desperately to get release - the laughter and moans from my Wife just kept upping my hornyness and driving me further and further down the sub-space rabbit hole - it was absolutely incredible!!!

    I'm so incredibly horny and desperate to cum or have an orgasm but also don't want to lose this feeling...

    Just felt like sharing - thanks for this outlet to do so!
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  10. Here's another pic of the horse - trying a different photo hosting site.
    My Wife/KH will strap me down with about a dozen belts and then do whatever the hell She wants with me... ;)

    [​IMG][/url][/IMG] [​IMG]
  11. OK - Last Saturday night I received my release after almost 10 weeks of denial; my longest stint yet - the feelings I have are incredible!

    @n2toys@n2toys had decided my fate but would not tell me - I knew I'd be allowed to cum but did not know if it would be a full or ruined orgasm.

    The evening started with some quality worship time before I was strapped down tight to the Torture Horse where I was edged, tormented with an electrified (TENS) Aneros, milked w/ a Njoy Pure G Wand, and then pegged.

    After the Horse I rec'd a brief rest period and then locked into the ball cuff around my balls, arms attached to the overhead bar, legs in a spreader bar, posture collar, and the electrified Aneros inserted.

    More intense edging by my Goddess/Wife where She had me begging/crying to cum the hardest I ever have up to this point.
    After bringing me so close to edge She finally took me close enough and then stopped all stimulation for a perfectly ruined-O.
    After a very brief moment She started to edge me again and then another intensely ruined-O and then continued stimulation that almost had me safe-wording...
    I was so desperate for a real orgasm in the heat of the moment but then ultimately thankful that my Wife ruined me :D

    Our setup for the ball cuff arrangement; this very strictly locks down my balls preventing me from trying to move in rythym as my Wife is edging me - this way I'm completely at Her mercy, or lack of...:eek:



    And link below for a different pipe clamp I've changed out from the one shown in the pic - the cushioned one is much easier to bolt down and no pinching problems that the original was prone to have.
  12. Yes, yes I will.
  13. Wow! - Another very intense Saturday Night at hands of my Goddess @n2toys@n2toys !!
    I have a difficult time keeping still when being edged and subconsciously end up humping my hips in rhythm and have been digging deeper into ways where I can be bound tighter to prevent moving my hips - yesterday I showed my Wife a Tumblr pic where the sub was standing and being flogged with his hands tied to a hook above him and thin rope/twine tied and separating each ball that was tied off to each side in an opposing matter to hold him still or else suffer the pain.

    Last night after I was allowed some Worship time my Wife removed my cage (ring left on), tied me tight by my arms & legs spread-eagle to the bed and then used clothes line with a slip knot to separate and tied off each ball - each clothes line was tied off to each side off the bed and tightened w/ a clothes line tensioner - the result was intense as hell causing my balls to be very sensitive and very much limited any ability to move my hips.

    Now that I was securely bound to the bed my Wife laid next to me and proceeded to edge me and torment me with Her beautiful hand and NAILS!
    At one point I requested permission for a request and asked if She would grace me with Her mouth on my cock; She smiled and took me in Her mouth and drove me absolutely insane - it had been quite awhile since I was in Her mouth.
    After some intense edging my wife carefully moved Her body over me to straddle my chest the look and smile on Her face was indescribably beautiful and I knew She intended to ride me - She slowly guided my shaft into Her and the warmth of Her body along with the tension applied to my strung-up balls was awesome! Strict instructions that I was not allowed to cum while She enjoyed riding me.

    After She rose up off of me I was begging 'Please' and She knew I was desperate to Worship Her again; She spun around 180 degrees ans sat on my face offering Her to me to service while She edged and tortured my cock and balls some more - after She decided I'd had enough in that position I commented on this has to be a Top-5 scene and please let's do this again!

    Upon being release from the bed I was then instructed to get on our modified bar stool I had already setup; hands cuffed behind the back, a dozen leather belts strapping me down tight, and then impaled by the vibrating dildo on an adjustable shaft pushed up deep inside of me.
    Once again edged and tormented VERY intensely. Even though I had been ruined last Saturday my Wife had earlier informed me She intended to ruin me again.
    I lost track of how many times She brought me to brink only to stop and leave me hanging on the edge - I was begging for an orgasm and one point almost crying for one and then finally begging to just let cum out!
    Finally after an intense edging I could feel an impending O and just as I was about to go over the edge and could feel something rising everything came to a bizarre halt - I looked down at the beautiful smile & face of my Wife and asked "Oh my Goddess - Did you block me from cumming??" - She had Her hand clamped tightly around the base of my shaft and just looked up smiling and began to loosen Her grip which caused cum to flow up and out of my shaft and proceeded to milk and incredible amount of cum out of me.
    After She was finished with me She asked if I felt on orgasmic pleasure; I honestly wasn't sure - I didn't think I did but this was a ruined sensation I had not experienced before, the intensity of having everything blocked when She clamped down at the exact moment was wild.
    Normally in the past after I've had a real orgasm I'd be ready to be untied and anything inserted in me taken out - I didn't have that need and was still had an incredible craving to worship Her and was allowed to again for quite awhile.

    We spent some time on the bed worshiping and then quite a bit of time with the Magic Wand where She enjoyed being edged but unfortunately was not able to cum to a completion - some times She has a hard time getting there but honestly appeared to very much working on it - flip side is just a couple night prior She had one of the most intense Orgasms I've ever seen - She described it as 'Violent'... :D

    Since some previous thread pics have become invalid here's a pic of our bar stool setup.
    The tied/separated ball trick with the twine will also work very well with the bar stool - might have to try that next time... ;)

  14. OK - Saturday Nights are definitely my favorite time of the week!!
    Last Saturday my current status was just shy of three months without a real orgasm; some milking and a few ruined o's but no real O in almost 90 days!

    Granted some Worship time before @n2toys@n2toys tied me down on the bed in a six-point restraint; Arms and Legs spread eagle with the last two points being my balls stretched out to each side - incredibly awesome and intense...
    She took an ice cube and let drip on my C&B for awhile and then in Her mouth & a blow job which was very intense.
    Then some time being teased and tortured by Her nails along w/ the short rubber flogger on my cock and balls - side note: I asked my Goddess if She chose the rubber flogger because She knew it was intense and sting - "Yep"

    Blinded by stick-on bandage style eye pads along with VetWrap on top of the patches and the rest of my head.
    After some begging to taste Her again my Goddess She straddled my face - the VetWrap around my neck/jaw did make it difficult to Worship but the blind fold aspect of VetWrap over the pads was perfect.

    Ultimately stroked and teased beyond reason - I was once again begging to cum at which point my Wife said go for it if can. I know She had every intent of ruining me which had me in such a mind-fuck!!
    I was at the point of trying to cum but something in my head that was preventing me from going over the edge...
    Finally I felt the urge welling up in me and started to feel the contractions - I felt a slight tinge of a real orgasm and then my Goddess clamped down tight at the base of my shaft and thus ruining me.

    Not sure what is worse - a 100% Ruined-O with no pleasure at all and just frustration or a 20% Real / 80% Ruined where I get a taste and have it yanked out from under my feet.
    Wild part was when my Wife clamped down on my as I was cumming She said She could both hear and feel 'gurgling' from my cock at the moment... o_O

    Looking forward to tonight as it's a Worship night!! :)
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  15. Last Saturday night was a metal and electricity theme...

    Initial plan was to keep the night simple as our teenage son was working a late shift that night which meant he would get home right at the time which is usually the middle of our play time; so no major pieces of furniture setup or using the ceiling winch - simple use of the ratchet rope on the bed where I was tied spread eagle when we knew our son was on the way. Upon arriving home my wife went out to visit a few while I was already 'asleep' in bed...

    After what seemed like an eternity @n2toys@n2toys came in with a beautiful smile on Her face and in the mood to play!
    She removed my cage and proceeded to take me in Her mouth and drive me crazy right our of the gate.
    She then went to our armoire (aka Dungeon), brought out the heavy metal but plug and metal horse twitch (ball clamp) - inserted the plug and clamped/trapped my balls in the twitch and teased my stretched balls and dick.

    Removed the twitch and then separated and tied off each ball to a clothes line rope attached to the each side of the bed - now I'm firmly stretched to the bed via six point - out comes our newly acquired Sensavox estim unit where my Wife attached two pads to my balls and then the other two with one on the underneath my glans and the other on my taint; the intensity of this thing on my balls and my dick was intense. After a bit She swapped out the pads on my balls and removed the metal butt plug so She could insert the Aneros I've modified with copper tape so it can be electrified - once again put through my paces where I was bouncing back and forth of a blubbering mess and begging to cum...
    With the electricity flowing She lubed her hand and began to intensely stroke me; finally to the point when I was ready to explode She released where I laid there for a second or two when all of a sudden I shot a load and felt a tinge of an orgasm - maybe a 10% O and 90% ruined. Like a getting a taste only to have the rug ripped out from below my feet.

    Of course I Worshiped my Wife before and after - She had an intense orgasm that morning and was not in the mood for another on that night.

    The funny part was my commenting that this was a vanilla night for us since we didn't break out any furniture stuff or setup the black lights...
    Tied tight to the bed, butt plug, heavy metal ball clamp, balls stretched out, electro to my cock/balls/ass, and then pretty much a ruined-O - and that's a vanilla nigh for us now!! :)
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  16. Have you any idea how difficult it was to read your last three updates!? It's torture!
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  17. czsteve, how do you feel when she is laughing at you and your frustration.?
  18. Excited - @n2toys@n2toys enjoys my frustration and I enjoy that She enjoys my frustration; it's awesome that we each feed off each others desires.
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  19. Sorry Jasmic, more updates... Best :)

    Another pretty straight forward night of just using the bed where I was spread eagle with the ratchet ropes on arms & legs and both balls trapped in a clothes line noose and pulled to each side to keep me still.
    Early that morning @n2toys@n2toys informed me She was going to use the Plunging Pete / estim in my urethral and push my limits; thinking about this all day long both excited me and caused some nervousness - we've never used this thing yet.

    That evening after I had to really earn the privilege of Worshiping my Wife by spending time adoring Her body I was finally allowed to show my adoration.
    After my time of service my Wife cuffed my arms, inserted the electrified Aneros, cuffed my legs, secured my balls with the clothes line, and then proceeded to prepare me to insert the plunging pete into my shaft - I'm laying strapped tight to the bed and my Wife is resting the estim case against my leg like I'm just some piece of meat / guinea pig to play with... I LOVED this feeling!!

    She started by cranking up the Aneros in my ass first and then moved on to the other channel to light me up in my dick.
    It was intense as hell and definitely had some jolts of pain but I REALLY LOVED IT... My Goddess mentioned She loves watching me strain against the ropes and at one point She thought I was going to use my safe word - I kinda think She was trying to get to the point where I was going to reach for my safe word... :eek::D