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My Life - Locked by n2toys

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by CZSteve, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. I should have created previous threads here in the vault but figured there's not time like the present...

    My Life now as I know it under @n2toys@n2toys Lock & Key :)

    We started with some various cheap / off-the-shelf cages ~ 6 months ago to see how this Chastity concept would develop. My Wife and I have been getting deeper and deeper into BDSM over the last several years; I'm submissive at heart but we switched time-to-time - I had been a lurker here and in general regarding chastity and orgasm denial, just afraid to bring up the concept. August last year I finally bit the bullet and during a 'sexting' moment I hinted to my wife having me locked and under her Key control; She responded "I've been wondering if you would do that for Me" - the feeling that washed over me was INCREDIBLE upon receiving Her reply.

    After some time figuring out if this was for us and sizing we ordered a Mature Metal Jail Bird.
    Two weeks after ordering the MM JB my Wife had given me an incredible orgasm and post-O torture while tied to the bed. I was later informed I would not have any release until my JB arrived which was to be in ~ 4 weeks! Longest previous lock-up to date had been 20 days.

    The JB arrived last Tuesday at my Wife's office (She kept the arrival date a secret). Upon arriving home that evening I was greeted with a gift bag and immediately knew it was my new cage. I was then informed I can try out my new cage but would not cum until the weekend...actually informed I'd be released but my fate was to be unknown to me - either Full-O, Teased and Denied, or Milked/Ruined-O.
    The last few days prior to last night had me feeling like a Love Struck teenager going on a first date, I was Anxious, Nervous, and had Butterflies in my stomach not knowing what to expect.

    I absolutely Love bondage, CBT, Torment, etc...
    Last night after some worship time my Wife put me into an incredible Predicament/Stress position - She placed nipple clamps on me, ankle/wrist cuffs and a posture collar; I was then placed doggy position on the bed with arms and legs stretched slightly beyond comfort with rope. My Wife then inserted an anal hook and tied it off to the head board with ratchet rope along with another rope to the posture collar - result was one rope forced me up off my forearms on my hands/wrist, the other caused any head movement to cause the hook to dig in, still caged my Wife proceeded to torment me until I was begging for Her to remove my cage so I can feel her hands on me. I finally reached my physical stress and pain limit; my wife removed the nipple clamps causing an intense flash of pain as the blood rushed back in and released some of the hook tension allowing me relax back on my forearms.

    She finally removed the cage and continued to stroke and tease me. Ultimately removed the hook and inserted an expandable/vibrating butt plug we had yet to play with. After some more torment She released me, flipped me over on my back, re-attached my arms/legs to the ratchet ropes, and then did Her magic with clothes-line rope tying up my balls and once again continued Her relentless teasing.

    Before the evening started She had informed me She decided I was not to cum which shocked me as She loves to watch/make me cum and it had been a full 4 weeks. She was expressing Her quandary of wanting to make me cum but also avoiding my post-orgasm depression and keeping the sexual high (She's been enjoying my affection lately...) - even though I was desperate to cum the thought of continued denial was very exciting.

    As She continued to stroke and tease me I was desperate and begging to cum - my /wife finally told me I could cum, but upon the start of my contractions She stopped and Ruined me - I just laid there watching a slow dribble of cum come out without any orgasmic pleasure. We had been close to accomplishing a ruined orgasm in the past, this was pretty much a perfect Ruined-O... :):eek:

    Upon being released I was locked back in my cage and allowed to pleasure my Wife.
    What an INCREDIBLE night!! This has been an incredible journey so far...
  2. Just realized I forgot to mention a very important and very appreciated part of the evening... :confused:

    After being flipped back over on my back I was blessed with some face-sitting followed by being ridden by @n2toys@n2toys - absolutely incredible to taste and feel Her warmth, especially as She road me.
    I don't know if I've ever been harder in my life and the Satisfied Dominant look on my Wife's face while She was riding me and telling me I'm not allowed to cum was so Incredibly Beautiful! :D
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  3. My wife has become very proficient at giving ruined orgasms and has gotten pretty good at edging, although she has been getting away from that more and more. She knows now she gets better results when the ring is just a bit uncomfortable throughout the day because my scrotum is real full and tight, even leaves me dripping and leaking a bit. Then she knows she has me right where she wants me. She has begun to use ruined orgasms and edging more for rewards now that I am trying to have as few orgasms as possible. In place of real orgasms I will be pegged and milked. That simultaneous feeling of wanting to cum so so badly while at the same time a powerful urge to stay denied is present. That is a feeling like no other. Really puts you to the test.
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  4. Wow! Your wife is awesome.
    Lucky you!
    My wife pegs/milks me too. I'm becoming an anal slut.
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  5. Both my Wife and I are looking forward to a successful prostate milking, either by pegging or massage - so far we have not been successful, have a feeling extended denial time will be part of what get's there.
    Your statement above both excites and scared me...:):confused:

    Going into last Saturday night I was thinking I'd be happy with either an orgasm, denial, or ruined - during the actual teasing that night I was desperate to cum; my Wife even mentioned at some point "You're saying that now but will think otherwise in the morning..."

    I know I still want to have a Full Orgasm from time-to-time, especially when some Post-O Torture can be employed...:eek::D

    I also believe a comment my Wife @n2toys@n2toys made of "The journey is better than the destination"
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  6. I can be milked easily with pegging. It works best for me in the doggie position.
  7. That sounds intense! Keep us updated.
  8. I agree with that.
  9. To this end (pun intended...) - I'm building a Torture Horse to use for pegging.
    It's a folding metal miter saw stand I'm modifying with a padded top along w/ arm & leg supports to be strapped down Doggy Style to where my Wife can have Her way - we've opted to call it our Torture Horse as opposed to Fucking Bench.
    I figured Doggy is the best position and then add the Bondage dynamic that I Love and we should have a lot fun... :eek::D

    I'll post pics once it's complete if interested.
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  10. That sounds fantastic. I'd like to see it.
  11. Here's the basic as of today - second pic shows the extension bar that I still need to adapt for a dildo so I can be 'impaled'; added a tack-welded nut and thumb screw to the extension can be locked into place. Still need to touch up some paint from where I did some grinding.
    Four screws to remove the arm/leg supports and then the rest folds up - much cheaper than made-for-use online BDSM stuff.

    Overall height was set to for an ideal alignment of myself for my Wife if you follow... We're apparently going to break it in tonight :eek::D


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  12. OK - Last night I was put onto our new Torture Horse and strapped down tight to it via Vet Wrap around my arms, legs, and torso; prior to being bound to the horse I had was allowed worship time of my Wife/KH while locked and then She took the cage portion off before being bound to the horse.

    @n2toys@n2toys then proceeded to put on Her Strap-On Harness & Dildo and proceeded to Peg me - my position on the Horse was perfect, I felt very vulnerable and was nice and open to be used. At one point my Wife spread my checks a bit which felt great and would alternate between a fast pace and a slow long stroke along with stroking my (Her) cock with Her hand.
    Even though I had been drained pretty good on Saturday night by a perfectly Ruined Orgasm I was incredibly desperate for an orgasm and was begging harder than I ever have to be allowed to cum - my Wife decided to allow me a real orgasm as a result of my begging and the fact it had been ~ 4-1/2 weeks since a real O and figured it would be a Christening of our new Torture Horse - She told me She was going to catch my cum in Her hand which was exciting for some reason and made me a bit nervous by wondering if She was going to make me eat it afterwards - we're not into cum eating.

    The proceeding orgasm was intense as hell and then my Wife proceeded to keep stimulating the head of my cock for some intense Post-O Torture that had me literally pounding my head against the horse's padded top until She finally quit.
    The volume of my ejaculate was not as much as the ruined orgasm but it had only been 3 days since drained by the Ruined-O.

    Time to reset the clock... ;) :eek: :D
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  14. Sounds Awesome!!
  15. Wowee!

    I'm not clear on how that extension bar is used?
  16. Below are pics again with 3rd added showing how the impalement bar/dildo works; hopefully you can make out the details in the 3rd pic, it was taken just after play when much of the lighting was via Black-Light.

    This past Saturday was also a first for @n2toys@n2toys and myself - first time to try figging.
    My KH/Wife came home from the grocery w/ a surprise purchase of a ginger finger root; I had previously sent a link about figging... :eek:

    After being strapped down via several leather belts and still caged my Wife slowly inserted the peeled ginger root 'plug' - I began to feel the burning sensation after a minute or two; my Wife had to hold it in to prevent me from pushing it out while clenching.
    I few swats on my ass and then She clamped my cheeks together which increased the sensation. It was unique/fun sensation but I did bail out after maybe 5 minutes; the burning dissipated almost immediately upon removal with the exception of if I clenched I could feel some residual burning - we'll need to try again another time...

    After the ginger root figging my wife proceeded to impale me on the horse w/ the dildo; She pushed the dildo in tight and tightened down the set screw locking it in place - now I'm strapped by my arms, legs, and body to the horse and impaled causing a very venerable mind 'F' - initially my Wife just stretched out on our bed next to me staring with a smug smile on Her face... :D

    After some begging She removed my cage and proceeded edge me over and over with instructions I was not allowed to cum!
    At one point after being so close to going over the edge my Wife abruptly stopped which she'll do as part of Her edging technique - I felt a slight 'throbbing' in my shaft and then a feeling that something had come out.
    All night I had been leaking like crazy but at the moment My Wife had turned around and did not witness what had happened; on our mat below me a very thick blob of cum, it was much thicker/stringier/spongier than normal ejaculate and I had zero feeling of cumming or a climax and not the normal 'flow' when experiencing a ruined-O.

    She has ruined me before and my semen is normal, just no climax for me.
    My Wife LOVES to watch me cum and is very in tune to my 'output' if you will - She was very fascinated by the unique consistency.
    Anyone else ever have such a result??

    Horse pics:


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  17. Update on our play night from last Saturday Night.
    I had expressed to my Goddess Wife that I was craving to be pushed and tortured... well, @n2toys@n2toys definitely stepped up and granted my wish - careful what you wish for... ;)

    First - My everyday wear is a Mature Metal Jail Bird but we recently bought a CB Curve for play time and/or if going to a pro sports game where there are metal detectors. If I'm wearing the MM-JB when we start playing and I'm excited it's a job to remove the base ring by myself and pretty much impossible for my Wife to remove if I'm immobilized - so now if it's a case where my Wife wants complete control I'll swap into the CB-Curve during the evening before we start playing and She can then easily remove.

    So Saturday Night I was instructed to set up the Torture Horse - ratchet ropes attached to the bed corners are always a given.

    Upon entering our bedroom I stripped (wearing the Curve) and told to put on the wrist & ankle cuffs and wait on the bed in position - @n2toys@n2toys proceeded to pull the ratchet ropes tighter than She ever has in the past, I was stretched unbelievable tight and couldn't move a single bit - we were pushing the limit but still playing safe; luckily we've both been working out and flexibility is not bad for a 50.. year old...

    My Goddess removed my cage and ring and just laid next to me rubbing all over my body and stroking in a seductive and erotic tease.
    Normally I'd try to raise my hips trying to sync to Her rhythm but given how taught I was stretched I was completely unable.

    She then got up for the blindfold to remove my sight...
    The next thing I hear is that She is removing the top shelf of our headboard and screwing in an eye-bolt...
    I had a nervous (but excited...) feeling about this - next my Wife is taking the nipple noose we have made of twine and tightly trapping both nipples, She then attaches a chain to the nipple noose twine and attaches the other end to the eve-bolt above me - the tension was INTENSE!!

    Now I'm intensely stretched by my arms, legs, AND nipples - Next She put about a dozen clothes pegs on my shaft, sack, and then on that the area just under my glans - once again... INTENSE!!
    She also added clothes pegs to the buds if my nipples trapped in the twine noose!!

    I want to say I lasted a good five minutes but who knows... All I know is I was damn near hyper-ventilating and almost delirious from Sub-Space. Pegs removed and blood flow returned - HOLY F'n SH!T!!
    Ropes loosened and allowed to rest for a moment...

    Next I was told to get on the horse and then strapped down with 10-12 leather belts we have for this purpose.
    My Wife then warmed up my back-side with some internal massage using Her finger(s) - felt incredible.
    She had Her harness on and our new slightly larger dildo and proceeded to peg me - after getting over the initial burn the feeling was awesome.
    Ended up having problems with the dildo slipping past the rubber o-ring as the base of this dildo is oblong (since fixed w/ a metal ring) - She ended up slowly fucking me by hand with the dildo along with some external massage on my perinium - I'm very much a 'dripper' when I'm turned on but ended up actually having some real flow this time; I had the feeling of needing to pee and tried my best to just relax and then it flow - apparently it appears we finally succeeded in at least the beginnings of a successful milking:D

    And either at some point before or after the pegging/milking my Wife was edging me very intensely with strict instructions that I was not allowed to cum - honestly at this point everything was a blur and not sure what happened in what order...

    When the evening started by Wife said "you may be sore tomorrow; scratch that, you WILL be sore tomorrow" - She stayed true to Her word!!
    Awesome night and scared to say I am looking forward to another such evening... :eek:
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  18. Also - At this stage I've always had permission to cum if I can do so while caged and being teased; I get frustratingly close but just can't get over the edge...
    Saturday night @n2toys@n2toys also added I have permission to cum at any time that I do not have any direct stimulation to my cock - i.e. being pegged, nipple play, or whatever... just not allowed if She is stroking me or I'm allowed PIV - unless She states otherwise.
    It would be incredible to cum from just nipple play or being pegged.
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  19. Wow!! Completely forgot that I was allowed PIV while I was strapped spread-eagle to the bed!!
    My Goddess' warmth felt so good!!! Actually two days in a row of PIV - Friday prior the kids were going to be out of the house for an hour or so - She texted 'when they're gone we're going to need The Key...'
    My Wife needed some real PIV and used me strictly as Her sexual slave / toy / play-thing... :)
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  20. Woops, one more aspect from Saturday Night - so much went on and flashed back more as I went to bed last night.
    Just glad I can share here; it's like living a fantasy and desperately want to share at least a little...

    The other thing @n2toys@n2toys did was to use the Horse Twitch on my sack by trapping my balls and tightening down the twitch.
    If I can I sometimes like to know how much more of whatever it is to help me prepare mentally - Response when I asked how much more She had to go: "Until I hear you whimper..."

    This thing is very fun - the sliding bar stops short by about a 1/4" so there is a bit of a built in safety measure.
    Awesome feeling having my balls clamped in this thing and weight/mass of the twitch feels great!!
    You can find the same thing sold by BDSM vendors for more money - obviously much cheaper as shown here and I also love the idea of 'kinkifying' something intended for other uses...

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  21. Last night I was at a four week mark since a real orgasm and three weeks since a night of some CBT with a ruined-O.

    @n2toys@n2toys started out allowing me time to worship for awhile and then tied me tight spread eagle to the bed - my Wife relentlessly teased me with Her nails; finally removed the cage and immediately got on top and rode me for Her pleasure while constantly looking me directly in my eyes with an intense look that I was not allowed to cum, smiling the entire time.

    After a bit I was untied and instructed to get on the torture horse and was strapped tight by many leather belts.
    My Wife then inserted the metal ass hook and attached it the ceiling winch that was a bit forward of me, allowing Her to apply some very nice tension with the clothes line tensioner we have - I was bound very tight and venerable; found myself trying desperately to move as much as possible against the tension of the inserted hook.

    My Wife warmed my backside with our paddle (not wild about) and teased me without mercy (Love!!); finally took me to the very edge and stopped at which point I had a steady flow of cum and ZERO orgasmic pleasure - an absolutely perfect ruined orgasm.
    She was very pleased herself but wanted more, proceeded to edge me again and took me to edge again and right as I was feeling the beginning of an orgasm convulsion She stopped again and ruined me again...
    Tried for a third time but I was unable to produce any more - both previous ruined-O's had resulted in a good amount of cum.

    Went back to bad with more time to worship and serve with the Magic Wand.

    In the heat of the moment I was desperate for an orgasm but thankful afterwards that I was ruined - still horny and longing to serve :D
  22. Ruined orgasms are funny like that, weird watching it run out of you without losing any interest or feel any sense of finality. Still more horny than ever.
  23. Thanks to @n2toys@n2toys had a great Father's Day weekend!
    Last weekend I was at a 5-1/2 week mark since my last real orgasm and 2 weeks since a ruined-O; I had been informed I was going to have a real orgasm on Sunday.
    On the following Monday I was heading out of town for work and gone all week - this all played perfectly into my Wife's plan as this way any Post-O drop and the associated grumpiness would be on the road with me...

    Saturday night I was unlocked and we played...
    After some worship time I was strapped down to our bar stool with the modified seat allowing my ass to be exposed and impaled with a vibrating dildo on a rigid pole.
    My Wife teased and tormented me with clothespins on my nipples to start. Followed by tying my balls with clothes line and then wrapped my balls with the leather parachute. proceeded to add several eight ounce weights to the parachute.
    While blindfolded I felt Her attaching something more or different to my nipples, once done the strain on my nipples proceeded to get progressively stronger; asked if I may see what She had done? - Upon removal of the blindfold I noticed the previously used clothesline around my balls had been tied of in the middle of the rope and now each of the ends where held taught to my nipples with the clothes pins, now as my Wife added more and more weights to the parachute this caused the rope trapped to my nipples with the pins to be pulled down... at some point enough weight had been added to cause me to feel as if I was being forced down further on the dildo impalement shaft - eventually too much pressure was being applied to the pegs on my nipples causing them to be pulled off.
    Next the ends of the rope were wrapped around my shaft and then off to the side of the bar stool causing my dick to be pulled up and then opposing force from the rope to pull on each side - I felt VERY vulnerable and completely at my Wife's mercy - It felt FANTASTIC.

    Released and then strapped spread eagle to the bed where my Wife proceeded to ride me for Her pleasure - I was instructed I was not allowed to cum!
    After some incredible teasing I was released to worship my Wife again and then used the Magic Wand where She had one of Her best orgasms to date!

    The next morning while cuddling as we normally do She got up and came back with the key and I was informed I was going to fuck Her and I was allowed to cum (in Her!) - I was expecting my orgasm to be that night and probably bound while She stoked me off; instead She surprised me with a traditional opportunity to fuck Her Doggy Style - I definitely love kinky play but this opportunity to pump away furiously with the green light to cum at will felt awesome!

    It's now Monday night and I'm several hundred miles away locked in my cage in a hotel room (driving road trip so no airport / security concerns) - I'll be home Friday and have all week away to get back my submissive 'MoJo'...

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  24. OK, right or wrong - @n2toys@n2toys gave me a real orgasm two weekends in a row.
    On Fathers day with good old school from behind PIV as a treat; it had been 5-1/2 weeks and was going to be on a week long locked up road trip for work - My Wife figured this was perfect timing; fairly long denial for us, Fathers Day, and I'd be away for a week and She won't have my post-O blues to deal with...

    Last weekend for our Saturday play night I had been informed I was not going to be out of my caged while being teased and tormented.
    While being teased and caged my Wife has brought me very close to the edge and with open permission of being allowed to cum if I can; I've never been able to get past the brink while confined on my cage, until last Saturday...

    My Wife had strapped me down to our massage table to tease and torture.
    Ultimately ended up stroking me over the confines of my MM Jail Bird cage with a Tenga Egg that had deep internal nodules while driving me insane with her fingers/nails on my balls - the next thing I know I'm begging to cum and granted permission to do so and did...
    It was definitely a real orgasm, just not quite as satisfying as if I was uncaged and fully aroused.

    This was something my Wife wanted to see if it could be done; now that it's been done I've been informed it won't allowed again - next on our punch list is She want's to get to the point where She can make me cum without penile stimulation and also a true milking of my prostate.
    Thursday I was finally getting back my hornyness and submissiveness - had an awesome Worship session that night and now geared up for another play night tonight.

    Note: I don't think I'd be able to successfully get off by myself in my cage; this event took all the outside stimulation of being with my Wife and dominated with bondage and teasing a large part of the component - and of course being caged adds a mental block to me internally that somehow causes me to not to want to try.
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  25. OK, I'm now just shy of six weeks since a real orgasm; my longest previous stint was 6-1/2 weeks but that also coincided with surgery my Wife/KH had to have and a large portion of the time was a bit less intense as a result of us not being in a sexually playful teasing mode during the recovery process.

    Our normal routine in the past was to be uncaged on Saturday night for play, teasing, or CBT - however, the last three weeks I've only been let out of my cage for about twenty minutes on Saturday morning to shave.
    Over this three week period we've played on Saturday night where I've taken a 1/2 blue pill and then bound while caged and teased to the point that I'm a blubbering straining mess and begging for release!
    My Beautiful & Love of a Wife and Key-Holder @n2toys@n2toys has been very resolute and has not given in to my begging; appears She is turned on by my frustration ;)

    I have another 3-4 weeks to go until I'm allowed a release and even then I don't know if I'm going to receive a real orgasm or ruined.
    All I know is I'm Loving this feeling; In the heat of the moment I'm damn near crying for an orgasm but then grateful that my Wife keeps me denied - at this point I'm not sure if i want a real orgasm or ruined at the end of the month; guess I'm just along for the ride and whatever my Wife decides She wants to do is up to Her.
    When we started this chastity adventure almost a year ago I thought I wanted to know when I'd have a scheduled release; now, not knowing my fate is extremely exciting...

    Right now I so look forward and crave worshiping my Wife and giving Her the incredible orgasms She's capable of having - after She has an O She's very sensitive but does allow me to kiss and very gently suckle on her clit for a moment until She can't take it anymore; I'll them hold and gently rub all over Her body causing goose pumps until we calm down enough and just hold each other - I Love this part almost as much as watching Her in the midst of Her orgasm.

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