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My Journey

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by silent_Denied, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. When I first began exploring my fetishes over a decade ago now. Chastity was one of the first to catch my eye. It seemed like the ultimate sacrifice to give over my sexual behavior to another. I immediately bought a cage and began my learning journey.

    I consumed all the info I could find on chastity, fantasies, experiences, teases, videos. What ever I could find. I practiced self chastity for a while til I found the courage to reach out to others online and find a real keyholder.

    I have been through my fair share of pro Mistress’s online. Enough to figure out what I like and what I don’t like. Ones that were bad for my bank account and ones that were bad for my self esteem,

    I played with real life friends who were curious about my fetish. But did not have enough passion to put the time in.

    By the beginning of this year I had all but given up on finding someone that I was completely compatible with. So I just decided to take my fantasies into my own hand, and set the some tasks for the year and found some woman online that I could pay to help make them happen without submitting to them.

    As I was doing this I ran across Miss Lucy’s twitter, As many other guys, I thought wow she is beautiful so I followed her. As the days and weeks went by, her photos and captions would always catch my eye and I found myself checking her posts more often and thinking about her more each day.

    I explored her other profiles, read all her writings, and my desire to know more of her grew. She was kind and caring, at the same time strong and self assured. She praised her boys for doing well, and holds back no punches to those that she finds no interest in.

    After a couple months of studying her profiles, I knew that I want to know more about her. So I composed a polite message and waited to see if she would reply to me. To my surprise, my message caught her attention and she replied quickly. We began to talk everyday, and with each interaction I grew closer to her. She has never let me down always being kind and respectful, her charm and wit made me grow to be closer to her.

    She is different then any one I have ever served, she is not interested in just playing sexual games or catering to men’s fantasies. She is truly looking for true connections, and so I began serving her.

    The task she assigns are practical and always suited to something I would enjoy. I have baked cookies to honor her, helped her come up with captions for photos, one of her and my favorite tasks is to build Lego sets to amuse and honor her. To date I have built, 4 sets for her, the latest being the Disney Castle. It is something I enjoy doing, and makes me happy that she enjoys watching me build them in her honor.

    A couple months ago I asked her if she would like to have me locked up in chastity for her. To my surprise she did not say yes right away, as I am used to in the past, woman just saying yes and giving me a price. We had a serious long discussion on why I wanted it, how serious I was about it, what it meant. Once she was fully satisfied, she agreed to let me serve in chastity.

    I knew from what I had read, that she has had boys that have been locked up for her for a long time. I wanted to be able to do that for her, but knew that my current chastity cages would not allow it. I talked to her about my idea of getting a custom made cage that I felt would be able to allow me to stay locked for as long as she desired. It would take months for it to be made and arrived. She was fine with this. So I ordered my cage, waited, it finally showed up, I tested it for a few days and found it was painful and would not work. So I sent it back for adjustments, (another week of waiting). All the while keeping her informed, and she was perfectly fine waiting patiently til I had a cage that I was comfortable with.

    Finally, after 2.5 months, some modifications, I had a cage I felt I could wear for how ever long she wanted me to. I messaged her and told her I was ready. Her response was, Are you sure this is what you want, Are you sure the cage is ready. Giving me every opportunity to back out, she does not want me to be unhappy, she takes immense care to make sure I am okay. I said yes I am ready, and the response from her was simple. Lock it Now! :) I happily locked myself for her. As of the day of posting this, I have been locked for 12 days straight, the timer on chronovault is set to open in 3 years :)

    I could not be happier to have found Miss Lucy. Everyday, we talk and share ideas. She is an intelligent, creative, beautiful woman, who is kind, caring, and respectful. I love her and am thankful everyday of finally finding someone to serve that fulfills me.
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  2. Miss Lucy seems like a wonderful and very knowledgeable lady. You're very lucky.
    I Hope to see more posts on your journey
  3. Welcome @silent_Denied@silent_Denied

    Looking forward to your posts about your journey.

    I have no experience with on line mistresses but with @Mistress Lucy you probably hit the best online experience that is out there.

    I wish you much success in achieving your goals.

  4. Good luck with wherever this takes you both. I imagine there is many a single guy envious of you having our Miss Lucy as your KH. Meeting and coming to some arrangement, relationship .. that suits you both is a great thing good luck with that.
    Chronovaults I am going to look up. Three years is an awesome initial undertaking so good luck with that. I think I am in for my longest session ever at the moment, my KH knows I'm thinking about asking her if we can try permanent denial and sh e might be testing me now.

    But in reference to the above quote would you please give some more details about your custom cage, the design, who built it, where are they based etc etc a ballpark figure for the cost would also be appreciated.
  5. Hello filltee,

    Just a little background for you, I own 6 cages. CB 3000, CB Curve, CB 6000, Birdlocked, Jailbird, some cheap ($25) metal cage.

    I mostly wore CB devices, as I did not enjoy the silicon or cheap metal cage at all.

    For me the two most important things to conquer long term chastity was comfort and be able to keep it clean easily.

    I went with the Jailbird from MatureMetal.com. I liked the open design for easy access to clean. The costs are on their website and they are an amazing company to work with.
    When I got it the base ring for me did not work (comfort wise). I had a lot of pain just wearing it for a few hours. I think my base ring is just to tight. I did send it back for adjustments once. They were quick to respond to emails, and had my cage back to me in a week. An adjustment to the base ring was reasonable around $40 shipping included.

    Once I got it back I realized the base ring was still painful, and I did not want to keep Miss Lucy waiting any longer. So I took my plastic base ring from my CB 6000 (which I know I can wear comfortably) and sanded down the plastic pin a little to make it fit into the metal cage of the Jailbird. As of right now I have been locked up 13 days, I am in complete comfort all day long. It is very easy to clean, I even forget that I have it on, to the point I have reached down and shocked myself feeling the cage lol

    I plan sometime in the future to get a new base ring from MatureMetal. I will just go with the size I wear from my CB 6000 and go with a double ring. As I think the single ring I have now was digging in to much. But that will be a while from now when I get unlocked in 3 years and can take the week to send the cage back in. lol

    The Chronovault is awesome also, I believe it is great for anyone doing long distance chastity. It seems a little expensive at $500, but if you are serious about staying in chastity for years it is a small price to pay to let your keyholder have piece of mind that you are securely locked at all times.

    Thank you for the good wishes and the excellent question.

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  6. Thank you very much for the reply.

    Comfort/fit and Keeping clean are priorities of mine too. Much rather keep unocking to a minimum.
    I find the design you chose too open for me. Though I will look again at what mature metal have to offer I am still looking for an ideally UK based maker for a much more enclosing device maybe even going to see them to talk it through or even measurements and fittings ..embarassing but it'd be worth that.

    No rush I' still comparing cages. I have just tried out a plastic HT knock off which I was told was a small and seemed to work well ...ish
    New thing for me .. the smaller cage size than I'm used too prevents rather than contains erection attempts. Not even getting to try to get hard beyond a little filling up is taking a little getting used to. My friend and KH thinks its great, she says if I want to try longer terms why would I even want to get hard. She has a point.
    I bought a steel copy of the HT based on the experience of the plastic one. It is smaller still in length the diameter is the same .. too early to see how that is working out.
  7. Just a short update on my journey!

    I am now at day 29 of being locked up. Everything is going good. No major problems, the cage is very comfortable and easy to keep clean. Just what I wanted so I could be locked for as long as Miss Lucy desires. I will keep you updated on progress and with any major events in the future. Thank you all :)

    Stay Strong and Stay Chaste :)