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My journey to FLR marriage with husband locked in chastity

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by MeanBitch, May 20, 2016.

  1. So making her wear boy jeans, no makeup, t shirt, breast binders, tennis shoes, and short hair wouldn't take away her femininity any sense of power associated with it? There is an art of manipulation even the most submissive female can achieve through that, but that never seems to be taken away...like "having him by the balls".
  2. I suppose we should start a thread about it to continue, I really wasn't talking about her relationship, just a general question and observation. I certainly do not wish to overtake her thread.
  3. Nice response . I'm happy that you added the second part about willingness. No matter what or how people live if their not hurting anyone else and both parties are willing than it doesn't matter what other people think. People are always worried about what society thinks. Society isn't that perfect in almost everything

    I also applaud MeanBitch for expressing her views and lifestyle. Good for her.
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  4. @MeanBitch@MeanBitch, what "carrot" do you use to ensure his "endurance" of your required peggings?

    Or perhaps he's now enjoying them more and you may not need as much coercing...

    I quickly found that after having introduced my chaste male to pegging, he went from reluctantly enduring it, to actually asking me for it... I typically had him warm up to it by getting him on his knees and sucking my large dildo enthusiastically, while improving his technique, until I thought he was doing it with enjoyment. At which point I moved to satisfy his newfound desire for peggings --which, by the way, are also quite physically arousing to me as well. Now, I often have to tell him to stop suggesting that I peg him, as I feel he's getting too much pleasure out of it, and I'd almost rather have him service me and pamper me in more elaborate ways instead.

    Is your husband at that stage as well, or are you implementing other activities as a show of your strengthening power in your relationship?

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  5. Wonderful
  6. She most certainly has and if they are both as happy with the arrangement then good luck to them both.

    Would anybody want it to.

    Though if it did much of western society would probably be label the guyout of date and either a neanderthal or mysogynist ..or both.
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    Getting him to ask for whatever, including sexual or other control, especially if in writing (e.g. on the back of some explicit pix of him well locked up) makes an excellent handle. No contract (unenforceable anyway) needed. Just nice juicy begging letter(s).