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My journey to FLR marriage with husband locked in chastity

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by MeanBitch, May 20, 2016.

  1. Pleasure from it for us is not felt in little primitive male-like orgasmic twitches... It's more meaningful, we make it last much longer and it goes much deeper (pun intended :)) than that.
  2. Check out the Neotrogia: this Brazilian insect has the female mount the male. Average sessions go from 40 hours to 70 hours.
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  3. i think thats a problem with sex - not enough dommes! Usually only the male is into it
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  4. Great avatar! Also find it arousing that you have more than one "sub". I'm new to this and find it super-hot. A male harem! Wow
  5. The belt was only part of it, but mainly my husband accepted the traditionally female role in our relationship. Instead of taking initiative he learned to follow my lead and to look for me to give him instructions and to set his limits. He adopted a mindset of thinking about pleasing me (and avoiding ever displeasing me) in order to receive his rewards. He learned to adapt to my moods and to modify his behavior to my whims. The best way to out it is to say that the belt wiped away any typical male arrogance and pride that he had left.
  6. I have never had him service me after one of my dates, I don't that is necessary and would be counter productive.

    As you said he has to serve my pussy knowing that he will never penetrate a woman again. It's humbling for a man to only use his tongue instead of his penis. Being on his knees with his face buried between my legs is a daily reminder of his position in our relationship, and it's still difficult for him to accept, but over time he continues to adjust and accept.
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  7. I would allow it. It would reinforce the fact that his pleasure comes from submitting to my power.
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  8. Correct. He is completely dependent on me in every sense, so my control over him is strong.
  9. Well done, @MeanBitch@MeanBitch! You seem to have done a great job with your husband so far in progressively reducing his male ego, and hopefully in completely de-sexualizing regular intercourse, eliminating that option in favor of regular service to you. He may still resist, but your consistency is key! In my experience, fully achieving that allows the male's fantasies and energy to be redirected away from himself and towards pleasing us. More importantly, along that training process, I've noticed my males continue responding with increased submission when I make an effort to give them positive reinforcement as they perform certain tasks that I demand in order to eliminate that "male pride" or stereotypical male attitudes and behaviors. That firms up their commitment over time, and makes it clear to them that his submission is praiseworthy and is something for him to be very proud of!

    And speaking about service commitment, by the way, you may want to look into having him undergo a lingual frenectomy... It can be very simple/harmless by laser; it's common, and as it can lengthen the tongue, when it comes to his regular cunnilingus duties it could definitely improve his performance and make it quite interesting, and exciting, for you. Keep us posted!
  10. Could progressively increasing his chastity periods make your husband more eager and enthusiastic, and perhaps help, with your reinforcement, for this to be less difficult for him?
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  12. Mmmm
  13. @RexVa@RexVa my tonge is very long anyways so i don't has to have that.
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  14. What a devious mind
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  15. MB

    Wow.....I just can't imagine being that close to pussy daily but never getting to use your penis again never to feel the warmth and tightness of a great pussy
    I can't imagine he can totally accept that. How does he resist ? Does he ever look to get out of his cage when your gone?
    It seems if he is never going to get to use his penis ever again it would be more humane and simpler to just have it removed? Ever considered if you view it so worthless ?
  16. I don't consider you a mean bitch at all. Women need to be assertive and dominant to properly guide their men. My wife does so in a loving and understanding but firm way and I am grateful.
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  17. Just because you can't imagine it doesn't mean he can't. And the denial aspect, the control and power aspect would be utterly lost with a penectomy. I have seen a video of a guy who was both castrated and had half of his penis removed by a master and for some that is a huge turn on, but for most it would remove the need for control.
  18. I've seen it online. A guy does not need to leave the cage to have an orgasm.
  19. Steamy just thinking about it.
  20. If you need an energy boost. The cage is where its at.
  21. Just remembered that porn is the first thing a sub has to surrender! No offense intended!
  22. I have seen it for real...
    e have
  23. I think you have missed the point of my posts. I'm not a sadist and I don't keep my husband locked up to punish him, but rather to motivate him and help him overcome his innate laziness.

    He is released on a weekly basis (unless he misbehaves, which is now rare) so his penis gets plenty of use, just not inside a woman.

    He is in a full belt so there is not chance if him getting out while I am not home, if he were in a less secure device (as he was initially) he would definitely try to escape. But at this point he doesn't resist and accepts the situation. There are difficult parts that he has to endure but enough good parts that make it worthwhile for him to live under my control.
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  24. MB

    Not accusing of being a sadist and I get that fact of motivation and curbing inherit lazy behavior

    What I can't imagine is never being able to feel the warmth wet tightness of a pussy ever again. Don't care how good a handjob you give. Really can't compare to a great pussy sex Him servicing your pussy daily with his tongue . Getting to penetrate it with various dildos etc yet never getting into ever himself nor getting any other for that matter WOW. Just can't imagine That full belt almost eliminates his penis entirely has to be torture to not see feel etc it too

    I could get off on the tease of it for a while but indefinitely. WOW

    How do you think he feels?

    How much of a power rush must you have

  25. I'm sure @MeanBitch@MeanBitch would agree it's part of the exchange, often a necessary one...
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