My journey: From best friend to locked up sub.

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    This will probably be long, but I've been wanting to tell this story for a long time. I hope you enjoy and I appreciate any feedback!

    It all began in 2016. My best friend, now mistress, and I had an on again off again fwb relationship for the past few years. I mentioned one do to her about wanting her to take control of the sexual side of the relationship. She was vaguely interested but agreed to look into it.

    While looking further we came across chastity and I thought it would be something cool to try and she liked the idea of seeing my cock in a cage. Not really knowing anything at all about chastity, the first device i purchased was a metal one and it ended up being way to big for me. (3 inch cage, I'm in an 1.5 inch one now) It was discouraging but luckily my birthday was only a few weeks away and she surprised me with a smaller plastic one. It worked better, but still not perfect. I wasn't a huge fan of it and after the second failure we pretty much abandoned the idea.

    We unfortunately drifted apart for a while. She got a boyfriend and I went back to an ex. The relationship with my ex was totally vanilla and I constantly craved to go back to what my bestfriend and I had. She broke up with her boyfriend sometime in 2017 and we tried actually dating each other. That too didn't work out and she ended up dating a friend of mine. I didn't know what to do with myself and started to question a lot of things.

    She was and still is the one person I can count on to tell anything. One of the biggest things I started to question was my sexuality. We had dabbled in strap on play in the past and it was very enjoyable. So I started watching trans porn cause I was still in partial denial. Eventually I gave in to my inner thoughts and started on a gay porn kick. I loved it, I loved everything about it. I told her one night about and said "I think I might be gay" She was very accepting and told me that I needed to do some serious thinking because I was confused and she wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.

    I still wasn't ready to accept it, so I stopped it all together. But that just made me more miserable and confused. About halfway through 2018 I reached out and mentioned I wanted to go back to what we had, but I wanted to do it right time. I did some research and settled on the 1.5 inch device I'm currently wearing.

    So we tried it again for a while. A day here, weekend there, etc. Worked up to a week straight and I could tell something was up. She wasn't herself. My constant talk of it was taking a toll on her relationship. We drifted apart again and it broke me. We eventually made up, but agreed to stop the fwb for the time being. By now it's early 2019, I was self locking during this time, but something was still not right. I decided to stop completely and do some serious soul searching.

    She encouraged me to put myself out there and try something new. I was still denying to myself that trying out the other team would be the right thing to do. One weekend I was away from town for a bachelor party and something just clicked in my brain. I said fuck it, might as well give it a try. I downloaded grindr, me this real cool dude and ended up giving him a blow job. That one was all it took and I was hooked. It was the highlight of my weekend. I told her the next day and she was ecstatic. I had finally broken through the wall of doubt in my brain and accepted that I was bisexual. I'm still only out to her but I'm proud that I can say to her confidently that I'm bi.

    At this point we had been working on our friendship and I asked if she was ready to take control of me again cause I really needed it. She agreed. Under one condition. I couldn't make it the only conversation topic. She would take my key and it would be known to us, just not said. I think that right now our friendship is the strongest that it's been in a long time. We started with a month locked up and have moved on to the second one this month. She still let's look for other girls and will unlock me if for some crazy reason I find one I want to fool around with. But it's easier to just stay locked and suck dick and get fucked. I think she likes it better that way too, cause she's a master with the strap on. And she loves the thought of me with another man's cock in me. Now I'm just waiting until she let's me join in with her boyfriend ;)

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