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My journey begins ...

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by ldsnet, May 22, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    I found this site after looking for realistic solutions to help with curbing my addiction to the porn, masturbation, orgasm cycle.

    I have it pretty bad; the PIED, loss of sensation when urinating, before chasity, I would rub one out 3 or 4 times a day, just a bad place to be.

    Finally admitted it to myself that something has to change for me and for my relationship with my wife. We have used bondage within our marriage for years (so being locked up or denied in some form or another is nothing new to either of us), though the reality of long-term denial is going to be new.

    So 5 days ago, after the device arrived (thank you Amazon) I locked myself up to start the road to a cure.
    My Chastity Device.jpg
    I am overseas for work, so no way for my wife to be my exclusive key holder, but this is FOR her and FOR ME. If I cheat, I am cheating myself.

    Wish me luck, my chastity journey begins.

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  2. You have the right attitude. I firmly believe that unless you want to be locked and denied, chastity will never last long and that is borne out by many years chatting for guys on chastity sites. I come from a 47 year BDSM, mostly S&M, fetish sex life. For 30 years my wife's girlfriend/lover was my Mistress and really got aroused by causing pain. We moved away from her 7 years ago and I am getting too old to take the punishment I used to. My skin does not heal well at all and a scratch turns into a scar. Chastity appeals to my sexually submissive and masochistic side without the pain.

    I used to travel a lot so here is an easy way to have your wife know you are not cheating. I believe as you do that I am the one who asked for this so I would only be cheating myself. However, it can feel like you are locked up and forgotten about if your wife does not ask about your chastity. Here is an easy way we used. I went on ebay and bought a bag of serially numbered plastic locks. I would put one on at my destination, take a pictures with my phone showing the lock and its number and do the same every night. Sure you can cheat but it was fun to do this every night. It felt like I was showing my obedience to my wife's desire for me to be chaste and it offered her a chance to make small comments like "remember that it is my property so keep it clean" or "it looks like it got smaller but may be do to the jet lag" and other little comments that made me feel that she cared if I was locked or not.

    With the plastic lock she can even give you permission to have an orgasm. Can even watch it on Skype or similar. She can control how you masturbate by telling you to stop when she thinks you are ready to cum and then have you start over again. In other words, she can edge you from the other side of the world. She can let you cum or lock up again so you two can continue to play your chastity game even though you are not together. My wife would also have me listen to her mastrubate over the phone. Sometimes I was allowed to masturbate and sometimes not. If she let me cum I would put on a new lock and photograph the new serial number to send to her so she can see that it is the same for the following nights.

    I love nipple torture so my wife would have me put them on when we skyped or simply tell me to do 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for a few hours at night. Got to get the blood flowing every so often. You can go further with butt plugs and anything else in the BDSM world, without her being with you. Make it fun over the internet.
  3. Sounds like you have a plan. How much participation has your wife agreed to? Her involvement will make this much more bearable. Have you been able to go overnight? Cheap Chinese Metal devices are great to find a good fit without the cost of a custom device. I don't wear mine at night due to nocturnal erections, however I hear if you have the right fit they don't bother you at all.

    Good luck!
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  4. Daily wear the device seems fine. Yes I can wear it all night. Sometimes the erections wakes me up, usually I can just roll over and go right back to sleep. I am still working on what combination of ring and cage will work best for longer term. The next size smaller ring and the next length longer cage are on the way. I found out I am a grower; the base swells and just pushes the base ring along as things swell; this continues until the scrotum is pulled very snug into the device (quite uncomfortable when that happens).

    As to how much participation of the wife, that will have to be ironed out in person when I get back home. The idea as been planted, now all I can do is wait and see where it goes and her comfort level with involvement. She is pleased I am taking steps to break the PMO addiction; chastity will be an extra.
  5. You've stared on an amazing Journey. That Journey has some bumps in the road and some curves and maybe some steep hills to climb. But speaking from experience the path gets straighter and smoother the farther you get down the road. At the end you may find your special place. Good Luck and enjoy your Journey
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  6. Just a quick update. It has now been a month ... A month since my last orgasm. A month of virtually daily wear of my chastity device, and after 3 weeks, I can sleep with it. So now I am completely orgasm and arousal "controlled." A few have asked how much participation my wife will have in this journey; I am very pleased to say she has agreed to be my Key Holder. She is looking forward to exclusive access rights to "Her Treasure."

    I have been really amazed that a $25 Chinese device could actually work. So far, no issues. The journey continues ...
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  7. Congratulations. A month is a big step. Not sleeping for three weeks might be tough LOL I hope you've been showing your Wife the advantages to your chastity. Looking forward to what she does with "Her Treasure"
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