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    Been here a little while now so I thought I'd best give you all a little info/history about me and my Ma'am, not that she'll ever post, she likes to read but isn't really into the whole internet thing as such.....:angel:

    We've been a couple for a little over 15 years now, started out as totally vanilla, after we'd been together around 18 months or so we experimented with a little one sided swinging, ie:- she had another man and we all took part in MMF 3'sums, we discussed this at length and went along those lines initially as I had a vast sexual experience whilst Ma'am had very little, this relationship lasted a little over a year (2/3 times a month) and it was a good time in our life, the relationship petered out as the guy moved away with his work.....

    We decided to try a party and as luck would have it found one locally that was half swinging and half BDSM, we went on a regular basis for about a year to 18 months and discovered we loved dressing up in fetish gear (leather in particular) Ma'am discovered that she liked me in skirts (not the ladies style skirts but leather kilts and samuri skirts) it wasn't too long before we started to experiment with the BDSM side of things and found Ma'am to be a natural Domme and me naturally submissive, in amongst all this we continued to have regular MMF's with a guy Ma'am had started an affair with who had a shop opposite the shop we owned at the time.

    Back in the early days we'd messed around with chastity in the form of the leather strap style devices which was pretty much all that was available then.....

    The CB2000 was released and we bought one, mostly we played with it short term, a few hours here and there type of play.

    The guy Ma'am was having an affair with bought a boat, Ma'am bumped into him one day (a day I happened to be in the CB2000) anyway they arranged to meet for a bite to eat later then to go on from there to see his new boat........

    We had moved on from little BDSM play sessions and were playing sometimes for 3 to 5 days at a time where behind closed doors she was Ma'am and I was her submissive slave, high protocol (to us anyway) "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am" no pleases or thank you's plenty of canes and floggers etc etc....

    Anyway this meeting with her lover was looking back a turning point for us and our relationship, Ma'am went off had a bite to eat with her lover then went to his boat where they made love for hours then she came home to me, it was a lot of firsts, the first time she'd met a lover alone, she came home and verbally humiliated me whilst having me use my mouth to give her even more orgasms the humiliation was another first, she also left the device on for a further 4 days with no release for cleaning etc yet another first usually it'd come off for sleeping even when in a 3 to 5 day play session, for the next 4 days she kept up the bitchy comments and demanded much oral from me....

    We have always done lots of talking and once we stopped playing (4 days later) thats what we did, talked and talked and talked, we discovered we'd both really got off on the last 4 days....funny looking back it was my first cuckolding but neither of us had even heard of the word then...

    Over the years our relationship has grown and behind closed doors we are full on 24/7 Ma'am and slave, we do switch out of it if anybody comes into our space or if we go out, I do however have a little pet name I call her in vanilla company so I still show my place in this way.....the MMF's are long gone and Ma'am has lovers and cuckolds me, I'm usually there and join in, the difference being I'm in chastity so whilst I can increase her pleasure using my mouth and my hands I don't get any sexual gratification from it, well thats not strictly true as Ma'am's pleasure is mine so I do thoroughly enjoy it.... chastity, well we've continued to experiment with various devices, spent and wasted small fortunes over the years as we all have I guess, eventually we found the CS500 and I'm in that 24/7 or as 24/7 as anyone can be, I do come out for cleaning etc etc....we've recently ordered a Neosteel so I'll be in that shortly....

    It's no doubt not for everyone but we are both really happy in our roles and our now you all have a brief outline of our lifestyle and how we got to where we are today.......:tongue: Hope your all still awake....LOL:bigsmile:
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