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My husband and chastity, the real world, not fantasy...

Discussion in 'Chastity journals and blogs' started by JuneChas, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Wow! You have a wonderful relationship. You have taken charge and now are the permanent leader in your marriage. I only wish that I could be as lucky as your husband. It is fun to read your posts and dream that the submissive could be me.
  2. Hello everyone, thank you for all of the comments! I love how I am becoming creative, so time to share another one.

    Punishment for my stress release:

    Sometimes it isn't all about him. Sometimes I want to give him 10, 20, 30 swats with the cane because I am frustrated and want a release. I think of this as more psychological control. If he asks what that was for then I put him in his spikes around balls, cock, or cock and balls or use the pico until I tell him to take it off. Leave him wondering what it was for. He will go nuts trying to figure out what he did wrong when it was not him. In addition, you can have him roll the dice if he asks for a future punishment as well.

    I'm also interested in your adventures too :) Anyone have a good one?
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  3. It has been a while since I have posted, but my husband and I have been going through a lot of trial and error and we finally have our agreement of how we do what we do ::wink::. Chastity, not so much anymore, but sometimes.

    We have been using the spiked rings more often than everything else, we have a 2 inch with long spikes (1.25” spike diameter) and a 2.25” with short spikes (1.75” spike diameter). In the near future I am going to order a 2” with short spike (1.5” diameter) for the “middle ground” and I like to punish him by putting the 2” ring on him (locking it with a ring) and forcing him to take an ED pill. With the smaller ring, I have seen it dig in to the skin a little too much and the large one not enough.

    How we use them:

    The larger ring fits nicely around the cock and balls, depending on my mood, I have him wear it outside of the house and always when he is home and I am not (as well as at home for punishment). I have become a bit more comfortable putting the rings on him but I enjoy him locking himself up and handing me the key. In this set up I do not play with the ED medication because of the right fit. I do enjoy taking them off though :). The larger ring can be used by itself around the cock with ED medication for a lighter punishment, and attaching this to a hinged ring so it does not fall off.

    For the smaller 2” (1.25”) ring, I enjoy making him wear it around his balls, again, locking him up or having him do it and him giving me the key. I do that with the same method above substituting the cock and ball ring with the balls only ring. It turns me on when he wears it outside of the house and I know that every step tugs the spikes on his balls. I use this for punishment too and the longest I have left it on is 24 hours for the prior and the next. When not playing with ED medication, it is nice to attach this one to the cock ring and put the spikes around his penis so if he starts to get hard, he will know it but ED medication is unforgiving at times and they dig in a bit too much.

    I am going to get the 2” spike with the smaller spikes for his ED medication treatment which would he a heavy punishment (cock only) and I think this one will be more effective for the scenarios we do below.

    In addition, there have been times we used both at once, the cock and ball ring connected to the smaller ring which I put around his penis, I use this one more often when he is home by himself and typically not when we go out because of the bulge it causes.

    The birdlocked pico is also sometimes fun with the ED medication but we do this less often, the silicone spikes dig in more than you think, sometimes I just have him wear the pico for punishment too, the longest I have had him in that is 48 hours. This one he has worn many times out of the house because of the minimal bulge

    For all of those, I enjoy rubbing him to get him hard or even partially hard to increase the sensation of the spikes, especially the SxySadist

    We also have some plain metal ball weights that I attach to him on occasion, I use multiple rings to stretch the balls out, the more the stretch, it begins to be a punishment.

    When reviewing what I have posted, this is what we actively do:


    I tell him to go to the bedroom, strip down, and attach the ring. So he cannot touch himself, I have HIM get the handcuffs and put them on, he sits in the chair with his locked cock ring and his cuffs; I come in a few minutes later and tie his hands behind a chair. To spice things up, I will use all or a combination of nipple clamps (or genital clamps) and a ball gag, sometimes both, sometimes one, and sometimes none. You have to switch it up to keep it exciting, of course you could use any toy you want, I recently purchased an electro shock device that I will attach on occasion, it is one with a timer, we also have a PES unit without a timer which I enjoy using too.

    2: (some of this is redundant from above but with different application)

    I had him go to his doctor to get an ED medication. The reason is that when I want to punish him I do not want him to enjoy it. I put his Sxysadist on from dungeon delights and either tie him to the chair, bed, or hogtied him with a 4 point strap and leave him on the floor. I then force him to swallow an ED pill (it doesn't matter which one). In about 30 minutes the pill starts working and his cock will grow right in to the spikes; don't worry, the spikes will not puncture the skin. I also use a blindfold for this. I like using toys too for this, gags, clamps or whatever you like, sometimes I put them on right away, sometimes I do not. I like to get these myself to surprise him.

    After 30 minutes I go check on his erection status and help it along a bit either fondling, licking, or sucking. He thinks I am forgiving him but I am just helping his erection along. Once it is fully up I will squeeze the shafts since it makes the penis swell and I count to ten, give him a short rest and do again. The duration of the entire punishment is up to you, I punished him for 4 hours yesterday and 1 hour on Wednesday.

    I highly recommend a ball gag for this and make the duration dependent if he yelps when you squeeze him. If he does, leave him in punishment longer. I also insert a penis plug (siliconenozzles.com has a great selection) in case he has to pee since I leave him alone except for erection status checks.

    His feedback has been that it is intense and he took it as a real punishment and not play time. He said the pain will make him try harder not to piss me off, that is how intense it was.

    Also remember, you can tell him to do all of the prep work locking the spike ring, getting the restraint ready and any other toys you want to use like clamps or a timer electro stim unit which is fun to use after an erection check / squeeze time.

    I also recommend the locking spiked cock ring being put on when you leave the house and he is alone. With the regular chastity device, he can still fondle himself without direct contact. Put the ring on (well, tell him to do it) before you leave him alone at home, the likelihood of him touching himself is higher when you are not there, so put that ring on until you get home, he will be uncomfortable if he gets aroused and will have to consciously make the decision not to fondle himself and resist the temptation


    We also started doing something else. We started using spanking as a punishment and not just for playtime. He enjoys spanking, but if you tie him up so he cannot move, you can truly punish him with a nice cane or tailed whip to leave some nice marks on his bottom. it turns me on so much when I see him in pain when receiving his punishment knowing with each hard stroke he enjoys it less, that is when it becomes a punishment. There has been times were he falls into my arms after because the punishment was so harsh. Because on the spot spanking is not always available due to kids, visitors, etc., what I do when he misbehaves is have him roll a single die for each “offense” and record the number (1-6) and add them up at the first opportunity I have to administer his lashings. Whether it is 5 or 50, he gets the same hard beating, I do not go easy because he has a large number, it is his fault and I make him understand I am not joking around when he misbehaves....

    You can still punish for fun when in the mood, don't confuse this with punishment.

    Punishment is when it is not expected and he is told to drop his pants and receive his strokes. No foreplay, no arousal, pure punishment. Trust me, he will learn the difference real quick. Just ask him to go to a room, don't tell him why. Don't let him see the cane when he walks in the room. The first point to him knowing he is being punished is when you tell him to drop his pants.


    I have finally learned not to ask him if he is OK because he deserves what he gets whether it is the spiked ring, electro shock or his punishment spanking /caning. I am finding myself to be more assertive and telling him after a session to get dressed and ordering him around. I do not look at his marks with a tisk or ask him later how he is feeling. I do tell him that he deserved it and he should be lucky that he has me to punish him. Sometimes I’ll throw in a “how did you like that you whore” or some other degrading comment. I have learned that it is better for him not to hear me ask if he is hurting or anything, it takes the meaning out of the punishment.

    Also, for the punishment sessions, we also bought a foot bench for the end of the bed. That way whatever I am restraining him with is not out in the open.


    Punishment for my stress release:

    Sometimes it isn't all about him. Sometimes I want to give him 30, 50, 100 swats with the cane, single tail, tawse, etc because I am frustrated and want a release. I think of this as more psychological control. If he asks what that was for then I put him in his spikes around balls, cock, or cock and balls or use the pico until I tell him to take it off. Leave him wondering what it was for. He will go nuts trying to figure out what he did wrong when it was not him. In addition, you can have him roll the dice if he asks for a future punishment as well. It will take him a while to realize that if he asks he gets punished with the spikes or other device, it’s intriguing seeing how long that realization takes. Sometimes I pick the device, others I have him roll a die and the number corresponds to an instrument J

    Happy husband training everyone!

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  4. I could not have written it better. Never met a woman who used the terminology and described things, like you do. My wife could not even tell you who made my chastity cage. At first I forgot that you were a woman until I saw your name.
  5. Brilliant!!!:):):):):)
  6. I realized I forgot two things

    For his "punishment alone time" I will sometimes use a plug, a large one so he is uncomfortable and has to really think which punishment is worse, the spikes or stretching his bottom, sometimes I do this without even telling him just like punishment for my stress release too. There have been times that I have had him wear it around the house to since it is so discrete. Remember, the bigger it is, the lower the risk of it falling out, wink...


    Deep throat training. I want to learn how to deep throat down to the balls and I know this takes practice. My husband knows I want to learn how to do this and I figured out how to make it a game. We bought a dildo that is the size of him and I told him I will learn to deep-throat as much as he can take himself. This has been a lot of fun plus it gives me time to practice when he does not know that I am which helps me to surprise him. There is one rule though, he is not allowed to practice unless I am there, I either watch him doing this or I take control and keep track of the progress, We use a sharpie to put a small dot on the dildo, one side is his, the other is mine. This way I know how much he can take so I can practice too. This has been a rewarding activity for both of us. If he can learn to take it to the balls then I will too!

    I am learning to control my gag reflex and not to pull out when the throat tightens but to go with it, it subsides in a few seconds, it is not as bad as I thought.
  7. This is a great post, i have "mikes spikes" with adjustable spikes, a great tool
  8. Your remote shocker will be a great training aid to any result you want.:):):)
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  9. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your comments. I have some more to share:

    1. At times, I have him wear the smaller sxysadist on his balls while we make love, especially when he is the one moving, this really reminds him that it is about my pleasure and not his, it is really hot feeling the weight of it hitting up against you because you know the spikes are digging in to him!

    2. We tried something new with 69. He loves to go down on me, but I found a new way to really tease him, instead of letting him go down in 69, I recently purchased a dildo that attaches to his chin so he cannot touch me with his mouth but I ride his face wile pleasuring him. He said that it is erotic because he cannot get what he loves but he gets a close up of me riding his face while I pleasure him.

    3. Lastly, I wanted to play with testicle crushing, nothing is better than knowing that his balls are under your control and there is nothing he can do. There are many off the shelf ones you can buy but you can also make your own which is better in my opinion because you can use thicker plastic that does not bend and having no hinge makes it stronger. I have gotten his testicles as flat as my little finger. It is important to go very slow to not damage his balls but also because every turn of the screw puts him through short agony as his balls adjust to the pressure, especially when they start getting very flat, at first, sometimes one or two turns is needed to "punish" him. As you get really flat, even a 1/4 - 1/2 turn can punish him very well. Be aware of his responses and you will soon learn how to tighten the screws little by little. You will be amazed to how much his "boys' can take. Another thing that I learned is when things start getting really flat or "crushed" it is good to sometimes squeeze the plastic and then tighten the screws to help avoid stripping them.

    More to come as we try new things, I just can't believe how much closer all of the activities we have tried have brought us. Where I was once apprehensive, I now look forward to these activities.

  10. Amazing, true love makes one very creative. Love all.
  11. I'd loved to be owned by such a wonderful woman, she inspires such lust and fear.
  12. i just found Your thread Mz June and i'd like to say You are definitely the most creative owner i've ever read about. Thanks for taking the time to update all of us here. Your sub is a very lucky man to have someone as devoted to his enjoyment as You. Enjoy Your journey.....
  13. Hi Everyone!

    So sorry it has been a while.

    A few updates, we continue to try new things and be creative.


    Recently, I started leaving him notes of what I would like him to do, for example, a note or a text message that tells him to:

    Go to the bedroom
    Put on the hood (we recently bought a hood that covers the ears and eyes for sensory deprivation)
    Put in the ball gag
    Put on the nipple clamps
    Put on either one of my night gowns, underwear (mine, or something sexy for him), or be nude and kneel somewhere waiting for me (or lay on bed)

    There are times I would come up a few minutes later, others an hour or two but with the hood, he doesn't know I am coming. Once I go to the bedroom, I will either play with him with things like the pin wheel, whip, and even the ball crusher when I want to and he has no idea what is going to happen next.

    That is just one example, there have been times when I just go the room and be sensual, and other times I am deviant and give him no satisfaction and push him over and hog tie him.

    I try to change up the instructions and mix up telling him to tie his hands up, put in a butt plug (the larger the better), clean himself out so I can use my strap-on, make himself hard and put on one of the spiked cock rings in any of the ways I mentioned above. It can be any combination of toys that I mentioned at the beginning or the latter, or whatever else you want him to do to prepare for you. I have mentioned this many times, it is such a turn on having him prepare himself for me.

    I also took a picture of the toys I like to use on him and put numbers next to them, it is easier to send him a text message with numbers, he knows what to do when he receives them.


    I have found enjoyment in giving him instructions to beat his own balls and then send me the video, it is a turn on when he follows this instruction.

    Based on how happy I am with the video, I will either tell him good job or tell him to go to the bedroom so I can finish the job correctly because I am unhappy with how he punished himself. If I am unhappy, I will tell him to go to the room, I will sometimes tie his legs open so I have access to his thighs and balls and then punish him the correct way telling him that this is how balls are beaten, not the way you did it. In addition, I will cane his thighs, or use a leather strap or tawse on his ass which is a punishment he will never forget.

    Then after, sometimes I will tie him up, leave him on the bed and just go away for however long I want to, sometimes coming back for a few more lashes ;)

    I have found enjoyment in tying him up at night so that way he cannot try to turn me on. I'll tie his hands or legs, or hog tie, or whatever I feel like doing. I also often will attach the spiked ring to him so if he gets an erection, he will be punished. Sometimes I will tease him and make him hard while in the ring and then just roll over and leave him there in pain. I get creative an try new things and combination of methods.

    Sorry for the long time since my last post, but we have been busy trying new things, these are our favorite. I continue to get creative trying things.

  14. Please don't meet my wife! Wicked good! Lol...
  15. For trying to stop your gag reflex take your left thumb and put it in your palm and squeeze it with your fingers like your making a fist but your thumbs tucked in. Not sure why this works but it does.
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  16. One word. "Wow Hot" ok two words
  17. Hi everyone,

    I forgot one thing.

    Walking the dog...

    I have started putting a leash around his cock and balls (sometimes just the balls) and have him walk me to where I need to go. I get turned on seeing his pulled back balls through his legs, especially when I get to pull on them with the leash. Sometimes this is just in the bedroom, but when we do have the house to ourselves, I will have him sit on the floor wherever I am and then play with him when I need to go somewhere else. I also sometimes use a humbler with a leash as well so he cannot stand up (this really turns me on). When using the humbler, sometimes I will paddle his balls, and when not wearing the humbler, give him a kick as he is being walked.

    Sometimes I have him walk somewhere to be punished and leave him on all fours depending on the situation. This is just another thing we do to switch things up and keep them spicy...

  18. I recently came across something that really defines what my husband and I do and our journey. Also, Tumblr is a great resource for ideas, search for things like tumblr leashed male, tumblr CBT, tumblr femdom.

    1. First I locked you up because you asked me to (I take locked you up as the activities we do)

    2. Then I continued because it made you a much better husband

    3. Then because it turned me on

    4. Then because I love teasing you beyond your wildest expectations

    5. Then I learned what it really means to put your husband in his place and for him to understand his place

    6. Now, I could not imagine doing things any other way. You cum only when I say so, I tease you with no release and you pleasure me on demand and feel my wrath if I am not happy.

    7. This is beyond sexual gratification and role play, this is a lifestyle which I feel closer to you ever than I have in the past, this is about obedience to me
  19. And now he does as he is told because you've got him by the balls, which was what he'd been needing from the start or he'd surely not have asked you in the first place. Unless of course at that stage it had for him just been a fantasy/dream, in which case he has now found out it's come true! Assuming you've done things properly ( which it looks to me you certainly have! :)o_Oo_Oo_O:)) there's now no way back.
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  20. Hi Everyone,

    I have a few more things to share.

    1. Strap-On
    Wow are we having fun with this. I got a strap on that is the same size as his penis and I have been doing some role reversal with him. I like telling him to suck my cock and I have made this very intimate and conditional. I told him that if he is ever to get a blow job from me again then he needs to deep throat my cock so he knows how it feels. I still train on this myself so I can learn to deep throat better. What turns him on is when I degrade him and tell him he is a sissy bitch or my little cock whore while he is sucking it. I also like to grab his head and force him on it. One thing I never do is tell him he is gay or anything for doing this because any activity that we do is not that at all, it is an intimate thing that we share, I feel very strongly about that.

    I also like to peg him doggy or have him ride me while doing the same and also while either putting him in a chastity cage or wear a spiked ring while doing it. many times I do not let him cum on these nights and just leave him locked up and to be my for lack of a better term, fuck toy. I may not let him cum or penetrate me (sometimes I do as a surprise). He is only allowed to orgasm when I tell him he can, no other time, this has improved his behavior and made him more attentive to me. However, I do let him service me orally which will bring me to the next topic

    2. Eating me
    There is almost never a day that goes by where I do not make him eat my pussy (like I have to make him, he loves it). This doesn't just have to be at night, it can be in the morning, or during the day, random times. I often like him to eat me right out of the shower because I feel clean even though he tells me he would do that anytime for me. Instead of just laying there with my legs spread, I sometimes call him to the bedroom and force him on the floor, bed, or wherever and force his head. He gives me an orgasm doing this every time which makes me happy and turns me on more knowing he isn't going t get to cum :). He loves being submissive to me and serving me as I wish.

    3. Punishment and Family

    I received a PM about how to keep things discrete with family in the house. I have a great answer for that because we have children and we keep this 100% private.

    I mentioned above that I sometimes like to tie him up at night. What I did not mention is that many times we do activities in the closet. Earlier, I mentioned that I like to tell him what toys to put on, or how to position himself, we often do this in the closet when an attitude adjustment (real punishment) is needed. One of the many scenarios we have done is I tell him to go to the closet and tie his cock and balls so they can be pulled upward while his is retrained to a chair so they are exposed for punishment. I mentioned before that I like him to get ready for me sometimes, others I like to do the tying up. After he ties his cock and balls, I will have him restrain his legs to the chair legs and put on wrist cuffs that I will restrain behind the chair when I am ready (Sometimes I add clamps or other toy but I always gag him before his punishment. If his attitude was poor or he just plainly pissed me off, I always tell him to put the sensory hood as much as he can (I usually have to tie the final straps) on so he cannot hear or see what is going to happen. With his balls exposed I will paddle, crop, or slap them back and forth until I am contempt, sometimes 50, sometimes 100 or more, it depends on what I feel he needs for an adjustment. Also, do not be afraid to bruise his ball skin, it will happen, but trust me, his balls are just fine, he will use the safeword if he feels damage, I trust him with that. I used to feel bad when I would bruise him or leave him a mark but now it turns me on because I know he deserves it. Even the next day, I never look a him and ask him if it hurts or give a facial expression that shows that I am worried, that keeps the punishment true. There are also times that I will cane his bottom while bent over a chair or hands restrained to the wall (we put two eye-hooks in the wall to do this). Sometimes I do this with chair punishment, or either / or, it depends on my mood and the reason why he is being punished.

    If he has been punished, I also do not let him sleep in the bed with me. I leave him in the closet. Sometimes I leave him tied to the chair, other times I let him out of the chair and put him on the floor restrained with hands tied behind his back, a bondage belt, or other restraint that will allow him not to touch himself and I make him sleep there. If you do use a gag during punishment (which you should), make sure you take it out if you are going to make him sleep away from you and also take any clamps off (you can leave those for a while and take them off later too). I will always put the spike ring on him since he cannot take it off. If he gets night wood he will be woken up and be reminded that he was bad and needed adjustment. Sometimes in the morning I will wake him up by sitting on his face and make him give me a morning orgasm or I sit in the chair and make him struggle to get up and service me. Other times after punishment (not in the morning, I am out of sequence), I let him sit in the closet and then I go in and ride him (after taking the spikes off) and then I put them back on and still make him sleep in the closet. To spin things up, sometimes at random, I will have him take an ED pill that we got for forced spike punishment and make him wonder if I am going to come back to make love to him or not. Sometimes I do not, I just let him suffer in his spikes, he never knows if I am going to come back or not. Sometimes I will go to the closet and stroke or suck him or tease him with my tongue just enough to either edge him or make him harder while in the spikes. Don't forget to give him some water before you retire for the night.

    Just a few ideas that can be spun and changed in different ways, we like to change things up with toys, restraint position, etc.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for scenarios after reading what we have and what we do?

    -June, a very satisfied wife....

    All of these activities continue to make us closer :)
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  22. I forgot to add more context on our new shocker / vibrator

    One way I like to use it is when he goes down on me. If he stops or misses the spot, I give him a shock so he can adjust his errors. Then when he makes me cum, I will turn it up and shock him at a higher intensity over and over while I cum, this adds some spice to that for us :)
  23. Hi Everyone!

    I wanted to share a new expansion on our play. This is taboo to some but we have found that humiliation can bring strong emotions to our play.

    We have been playing with diaper play and enemas. This is the part that I said may be taboo for some. We have learned that humiliation is a form of trust that is why we have started this activity. I put him in an adult diaper (make sure it is full-mat) and restrain his legs so they are spread apart, usually to the bottom of the bed and then I bend him over it and restrain his hands so he cannot get away or move his legs together or clench his bottom. Then I will administer a suppository like the magic bullet or a glycerin / mineral oil / saline product while he is in this position, sometimes I do it, I have also had him do it before locking him up.

    This results in him soiling his diaper involuntary which believe it or not is very powerful psychologically because of possibly the embarrassment? I will leave him bent over and restrained for an hour and then release his hands so he can go clean himself up. I plan on trying castor oil since it can take longer to work, two hours from what I have been reading and keep him restrained longer. Is this strange that we both enjoy this? I think he likes it because he is forced to do it and cannot control it, he is submitting control to me.

    I will never put him in a situation where he soils himself in public like that, but what I have made him do is wear the diaper in public when we go out and if we get home and he is dry then I punish him for it, I make him relieve #1 in his diaper. The punishment is usually one of the things I have posted in the past. I suggest testing this at home first to make sure there are no embarrassing leaks, you may have to try different diapers as we did.

    Thoughts everyone on this?

    Also an update on electro-play. When we go out alone, I sometimes have him attach conductive pads, rubber, or other conductor to his privates. I use a PES box that takes a battery and have him pass the wire to plug in to me under the table. I keep it on the side of me and tease or torture depending on how much I turn it up, and he can see that I am turning knobs but does not know what I am doing. This adds an element of surprise, especially when he is in an environment where he cannot make a loud noise, he really has to restrain this which really turns me on knowing he is being shocked and unable to yelp.


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  24. We're not into the other stuff at all but the estim torture while out is intriguing and exciting.
    @n2toys@n2toys and I just upgraded to a Sensavox EM140 from TENS unit - I have an Aneros that's been modified for estim w/ copper tape; that along with strategically placed rubber conductive loops or TENS pads could make a dinner/movie date night very interesting... ;)