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My husband and chastity, the real world, not fantasy...

Discussion in 'Chastity journals and blogs' started by JuneChas, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. First, I want to preface this thread that this is not one of those fantasy posts, this is an honest way that I perform chastity with my husband. When he first approached me with this, I was a bit skeptical, it seemed beyond my experience, but after three months of doing this, it is a major turn on for me knowing that my husband cannot touch himself without me unlocking him.

    Because I worry if I am doing something wrong attaching the chastity devices (yes, we use multiple for different reasons) what I do is tell my husband which one I want him to wear. We have a plain chastity device, a birdlocked pico that we use for punishment, and a spiked cock ring for what I like to consider his “porn sensitivity trainer.” We also have a heavy ball stretcher and a remote shocker that I have him wear in public under his clothes and alternate between ball stretching or shocking and chastity when he goes out in public. The shocker can be fun, it is remote, push the button for a surprise or when he gets out of line. If he jerks and anyone asks just say it was back spasms.. haha

    I want to reiterate what a turn on this has become for me as his wife knowing I control his cock. I am a busy person and what took away from this at first was attaching the devices and locking them in to place. Now, I have him put the device on and lock it and have him get things ready for the scenarios I want to play which I will go in to detail below.

    Porn sensitivity training;

    I am going to start with the porn sensitivity training. What I mean by this is that I use the spiked cock ring and lock it so it cannot be removed. I tell him to go to the bedroom, strip down, and attach the ring. So he cannot touch himself, I have HIM get the handcuffs and put them on, he sits in the chair with his locked cock ring and his cuffs; I come in a few minutes later and tie his hands behind a chair. To spice things up, I will use all or a combination of nipple clamps and a ball gag, sometimes both, sometimes one, and sometimes none. You have to switch it up to keep it exciting, of course you could use any toy you want, I recently purchased an electro shock device that I will attach on occasion. This is where the fun begins.

    Every man watches porn, if they say they do not, they are lying. I am ok with him watching porn but I want him to watch on my terms, locked to a chair with randomly used toys and his spiked ring. I will put a porn on for him, something that turns him on such as lesbians or lesbian bondage videos and on occasion a good old Male/Female porn. Sometimes it is in the closet with a laptop and others right in the bedroom, once I start it, he cannot stop it. His goal is not to become erect; if he does then the spikes from the cock ring will push on his manhood causing discomfort but no damage, I leave him alone for as long as I want, usually no shorter than 30 minutes with the longest being 2 hours. To spice this activity up, like to go in to the room and tease him a bit. Do this in a few ways. 1, I will get naked and dance a little for him, 2. I will lick the head of his dick and / or sensually lick him, 3. I will fondle him, 4. I will tease him with my vibrator; (I am sure there are other ways you can be createive, this is just what I do. Do not forget to put him back in chastity after.


    I wanted to do this for my husband because he wanted to try it, and now, I wouldn’t want to stop. I always have him locked in one of the two chastity devices, either the plain one or the birdlocked pico which I use for a punishment. With either of these, he is unable to achieve a full erection because of the size of the devices, that is their intent as well as him not being able to touch himself. I do not use the “porn sensitivity” as a punishment, that is a separate activity that is done at least 2 times a week. Some weeks it has been every day, it just depends on what I want to do with him. I would say the average is 3 times a week.

    As I had said before, I feel like I am not doing it right so I tell him to put the devices on when I want him to. If he pisses me off, then I tell him to go put on the birdlocked pico which has soft silicone spikes in the tip of the head that do cause discomfort. He is a totally different person when wearing that because wants it removed after a few hours. There have been times when I made him wear it all night.

    To reduce the complexity and to minimize losing keys, I purchased a few of the small padlocks that have the number rollers on them in different colors. I keep the combinations on my phone so I have to unlock him if I want him to put on the punishment device. So no one is looking around for a lock, I always leave few in the bedroom unlocked so all he has to do is put the device on and lock it. This can be done with his trust to put the device on an then come out, I do not find the need to go watch him while he does this, but I do on occasion so he knows I am watching.

    The important thing is that I do not leave him without a device on other than time after we make love, I give him that since his dick is in my total control, he can only get hard when I want him to. Once in a while, I unlock him and let him masturbate but that is not very often. The anticipation he has and the look in his eyes make me fall madly in love with him all over again, it is the love and lust I felt when we first met, he is so attentive to my needs and can care about nothing else. The sex that is had after being removed from chastity is mind-blowing because he never knows when the moment will come that I am going to remove the devices so we can make love.

    For all of you uncertain or “worried to try this” wives out there, trust me, you need to try this, it will bring you closer than you have been before. The hardest part is the first 2-3 weeks getting used to it and getting the routine down with the locks. The good thing about unlocking is that you can duck in to the bathroom, put in the code and let him do the rest for getting the other device on whether it is just regular chastity, punishment chastity, or porn sensitivity training. You will find yourself being more creative in your sexual endeavors and will want to do more things with him like bed bondage, spanking, and any other activity you want to try, with him being in chastity, he has been more open to trying new things than he ever has before.


    1. Keep him in at least regular chastity all of the time

    2. Use the punishment device as needed, do not be scared, if he needs to be punished, do it. I used to be the type that would get turned off if I am upset, but now, I find myself aroused knowing he is going to do something that will cause him discomfort, trust me, even if he likes pain, this WILL be a punishment, he cannot unlock it or take it off, it is locked to his body.

    3. Porn sensitivity training is an important part of the overall chastity experience, it is the trifecta of experiences, porn, bondage, and psychological thoughts that it will be uncomfortable if he gets an erection, do not forget to occasionally pop in and arouse him!

    I also recommend the locking spiked cock ring being put on when you leave the house and he is alone. With the regular chastity device, he can still fondle himself without direct contact. Put the ring on (well, tell him to do it) before you leave him alone at home, the likelihood of him touching himself is higher when you are not there, so put that ring on until you get home, he will be uncomfortable if he gets aroused and will have to consciously make the decision not to fondle himself and resist the temptation

    Please, if you do try this, post a reply, let me know how it goes and if you have other suggestions on how to be creative, do not be scared or apprehensive of your ability. If you are unsure on what to do, ask him, you do not need to know everything, like anything else, it is a learning process! Enjoy, make it a lifestyle and do this consistently, even in public, you will wonder why you did not start this sooner, trust me!

  2. Superb post! So precise, great!
    You have beautifully mastered the technique to control your husband!
    Hats off to you!
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  3. Welcome and enjoy here!

    You've got some great techniques:):):)

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  4. Well done Ms. There's only one boss in your house
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  5. maid_carrie

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    That must be one of the best ever first posts on Chastity Mansion @JuneChas@JuneChas ! :)

    Welcome to our little corner of the Internet, and I am sure many will look forward to further posts from you :)
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  7. Hello and welcome June.
    Excellent introduction and first post.
    I also have a couple chastity devices for my husband. CB6000s for everday use, and also use the Pico for punishment. Hope to see you online sometime.
  8. Welcome to CM Miss June

    Your husband is lucky to have a Queen who take the time to lay down the rules so clearly!

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  9. Hello again!

    I added a new dimension to the sensitivity training I mentioned above. I purchased a headset that attaches to a laptop. What did I do with it?

    I put the headset on, loaded a porn for him and then put his noise canceling headphones on. That way when I randomly pop in to tease him, he has no idea, he cannot see outside of the headset or hear me coming in with the headphones (you do have to be quiet though)

    So what is going through my mind for things to do is to tie him to the chair as I have done but not put the ball gag or nipple clamps if I choose to for that session until he has been watching so he cannot see me approaching him with the toy, it will be a complete surprise! I may even break out the pin wheel to tease him as well. I am so excited to be able to tease him with toys or my hands and mouth without him knowing it is coming.

    So he is getting sensitivity training every day this week for my enjoyment.

  10. June chas,
    It appears that the two of you are tuned in to each other! There are so many possibilities!
    You might want to enhance his porn time by placing a heating pad under his butt and turning it on high. It acts somewhat like a spanking!
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  11. From your initial description, it sounds like you're attempting to desensitize him to porn exposure; in other words, he may get excited, but his body won't become erect because it's been conditioned to associate porn with pain from the spikes locked on. Am I correct in my understanding here? If so, it's very clever I must say.
  12. Meaningful Punishment

    My husband loves pain but can always make it stop to some degree. I started something new this week. I mentioned in a previous post that I used to get turned off when he pisses me off but now with chastity I am more satisfied and turned on when punishing him with meaning.

    I had him go to his doctor to get an ED medication. The reason is that when I want to punish him I do not want him to enjoy it. I put his Sxysadist on from dungeon delights and either tie him to the chair, bed, or hogtied him with a 4 point strap and leave him on the floor. I then force him to swallow an ED pill (it doesn't matter which one). In about 30 minutes the pill starts working and his cock will grow right in to the spikes; don't worry, the spikes will not puncture the skin. I also use a blindfold for this.

    After 30 minutes I go check on his erection status and help it along a bit either fondling, licking, or sucking. He thinks I am forgiving him but I am just helping his erection along. Once it is fully up I will squeeze the shafts since it makes the penis swell and I count to ten, give him a short rest and do again. The duration of the entire punishment is up to you, I punished him for 4 hours yesterday and 1 hour on Wednesday.

    I highly recommend a ball gag for this and make the duration dependent if he yelps when you squeeze him. If he does, leave him in punishment longer. I also insert a penis plug in case he has to pee since I leave him alone except for erection status checks.

    His feedback has been that it is intense and he took it as a real punishment t ad not play time. He said the pain will make him try harder not to pissue me off, that is how intense it was.

    Also remember, you can tell him to do all of the prep work locking the spike ring, getting the restraint ready and any other toys you want to use lke clamps or a timer electro stim unit which is fun to use after an erection check / squeeze time.

    When I first started chastity with him I was apprehensive, but now it has brought us closer and it is now me coming up with the devious ideas and being creative; it is great having a husband who is willing to try ANYTHING.

  13. Maybe you also need to use a little lubricant on the shaft. Here is what to use, take 3 or 4 small containers, old film canisters work great.
    In each one put a different amount of ben gay then fill them to 3/4 with ky lube and mix them up and put the lids on. when the time comes have him pick one for you to use on him.
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  14. After reading that ma'am, if I were him, I wouldn't want to piss you off either. What kind of chastity device do you keep him locked in?
  15. Birdlocked and Birdlocked pico depending on my mood. I have tried many others but the birdlocked fits better for those who are... ummm... larger.
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  16. I have some more ideas that I wanted to share. I just love how chastity has opened my mind to be more inventive and creative.

    For the heck of it I tried to put his SxySadist around his balls and it fit perfect, it is tight enough that he knows that it is there. I use this when I want to punish him discretely. It punishes lightly however you can amp up the punishment by squeezing between his balls with your fist, it swells his testicles right into the spikes, talk about obedience control ;) And because you can lock it, it is on until you take it off, there is NO WAY that he can squeeze out of it.

    Sometimes I will make him wear it out of the house instead of a chastity device just to torment him where every step puts pressure on my testicles :) Whether it is a device, a spiked ring, or a ball weight as I mentioned above, you are still reminding him that you are in control.

    We also started doing something else. We started using spanking as a punishment and not just for playtime. He enjoys spanking, but if you tie him up so he cannot move, you can truly punish him with a nice cane or tailed whip to leave some nice marks on his bottom. it turns me on so much when I see him in pain when receiving his punishment knowing with each hard stroke he enjoys it less, that is when it becomes a punishment. Because on the spot spanking is not always available due to kids, visitors, etc., what I do when he misbehaves is have him roll a single die and record the number (1-6) and add them up at the first opportunity I have to administer his lashings. Whether it is 5 or 50, he gets the same hard beating, I do not go easy because he has a large number, it is his fault and I make him understand I am not joking around when he misbehaves....
  17. If that, plus the remote control, doesn't keep him in line then I;m not sure what will...............
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  18. Hello everyone!

    We are learning something as time goes on, full time chastity IS a possibility however there are times when full time is difficult. We still love doing the sensitivity and punishment training with the spiked cock ring. I still love making him wear a heavy cock ring or the spiked ring around his ball when we go out (I am doing this 80% of the time now). The dice roll punishment is hotter than it ever has been, having those welts on his ass reminds him (and me) of who is boss. I must say that this conditioning is working because more time is going by between his punishment sessions which I can tell by the healing of the welts. He really sees this as punishment and gets scared when it is time, he in no way thinks it is playtime anymore, I made sure of that.

    Sometimes when he is bad and we are not doing full time chastity I will put him in the birdlocked pico for 24-48 hours since after about 16 it does become uncomfortable. We did not replace this for the other punishments such as tying him up and leaving him on the floor with the spiked ring on and an ED pill, again, that is REAL punishment as viewed by him. I have finally learned not to ask him if he is OK because he deserves what he gets whether it is the spiked ring, electro shock or his punishment spanking /caning. I am finding myself to be more assertive and telling him after a session to get dressed. I do not look at his marks with a tisk or ask him later how he is feeling. I do tell him that he deserved it and he should be lucky that he has me to punish him. Sometimes I’ll throw in a “how did you like that you whore” or some other degrading comment. I have learned that it is better for him not to hear me ask if he is hurting or anything, it takes the meaning out of the punishment.

    Also, for the punishment sessions, we also bought a foot bench for the end of the bed. That way whatever I am restraining him with is not out in the open.

    It is similar to this.


    I like this because we made some rope loops that can go under the legs to restrain his feet and hands. I put a few pillows under his groin area to keep his ass up in the air. There have been times that I also restrain his knees or thighs so he can barely move, and definitely cannot move away from his punishment. There is no way for him to cover his ass. Sometimes when we are done, I will leave him there and just walk out of the room. I’ll come back every few minutes and give him a few “Encore” swats with the cane, paddle, or whip. He thinks I am done but surprise him with few more. This is effective punishment because when the stinging subsides I make it sting more J
  19. Achievement Unlocked

    SxySadist spiked ring not just around balls or cock. I told I'm not to come downstairs until he stuffed his balls and cock in to the ring and locked it. The spikes punish with no relief until I give him the key. He told me after that he will do anything not to have to do that again. Behavior modification progress is good, he realizes I am in control :)

  20. Wow . Thanks for taking the time and effort to update us with your activities . It's nice to see he is lucky enough to have a fantastic wife who is open minded enough to try new things . He is a lucky man . I must pluck up the courage to approach my wife again ,at the last time of asking she was happy for me to lock myself up but was equally happy for me to have a key and unlock myself . It may be that it's just not for her I guess .
  21. You could use the headser to play some hypnotic conditioning videos. Program his subconscious...
  22. Checked it out \NTW

    Is ths one? LOL!:):):)


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  23. I need to clarify something on this, the following ties in with the dice roll punishment, not when he is told to go and put the toys of my liking on and then I tie him for a period with his punishment spikes.

    You can still punish for fun when in the mood, don't confuse this with punishment.

    Punishment is when it is not expected and he is told to drop his pants and receive his strokes. No foreplay, no arousal, pure punishment. Trust me, he will learn the difference real quick. Just ask him to go to a room, don't tell him why. Don't let him see the cane when he walks in the room. The first point to him knowing he is being punished is when you tell him to drop his pants.
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  24. Especially with some volts to hand as well.....:)
  25. Very nice to hear how much you enjoy this life style. Most KH make you wonder if they do or not.

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