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My fate is sealed...

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by bondinchas, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. A couple of days ago my keyholder wife went on a trip abroad to see a cousin for 5 days… which means as she locked me up just before, I’m going to be locked up now for 7 days minimum. What’s significant is that this is the first time she’s gone away and hasn’t left me a key in an envelope or told me where it is. She knows that I could easily break the lock off the cage in an emergency, so no real cause for concern. To me it was a noticeable change in her attitude, she was always worried before about me being locked up if she wasn’t around, in case I had a problem. Now she’s obviously become comfortable with both my new device fitting me better than the previous ones so less likely to have issues, and with just leaving me locked while she’s away from the house.

    I'm determined to achieve the long term confinement that I had planned last year, I really want to get into months of chastity rather than the days and weeks we've been doing, but things conspired against it happening last year and so far this one. I've read recently that having an orgasm effectively 'costs' more than a month in chastity, because to start with it takes 2 or 3 weeks minimum to get back to the hormone balance that makes you submissive, and then you've lost time where you could have been at month 2 or 3 but you've started from zero again.

    Leaving me 'home alone' is never a good idea...
    She doesn't know I've done this, she quite enjoys surprises, she's back on Tuesday so I'll find out soon enough what she thinks!
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  2. Lol nice one!!
  3. Ha Ha Ha. Be careful what you wish for. She's getting more comfortable with having you locked up, but it sounds like this is what you want, months not days, your journey is starting to get interesting. She's starting to take control Enjoy
  4. It takes a little less than two weeks for your hormones to peak. After that you will not physically feel the urge to orgasm any stronger. Of course there is also psychological need which will vary from person to person. It took a few years for me to be able to go months without an orgasm. We slowly built up to it.

    Being apart is no excuse to be unlocked. Your wife can seal a spare key in a small envelope, sign it and leave it in a state that she will know if it was opened in her absences. This preserves the chastity and assures you that in an emergency you can get out. There are also serially numbered plastic locks which you can photograph and send to your wife so she can see that you are still locked up. Many ways to stay locked up and safe when apart.

    It has been my experience that if you look for reasons to be unlocked and free to orgasm, you can easily find them. There came a time with me where I had to commit or give up on chastity. My wife said that it felt like I was still in charge so why should she bother. So I made the commitment and only unlock for doctor or dentist appointments. The doctor checks my prostate due to my age and it is enlarged a little. My dentist does not touch me down there but her chair puts me in different positions and when she has all sorts of things in my mouth working, there is no opportunity to readjust my package or go to the restroom to remove it if a ball pops out. I learned this the hard way. I even went so far to change barbers because the chairs in the old barbershop were not cage friendly while the new ones are.

    If you cannot take the constant feeling of arousal without it interfering with your life, perhaps chastity is not your thing. It was not my thing until I turned 60. Before that the urge to orgasm was too great to even consider especially since there are so many other fetishes that area focused on having orgasm. Good luck and hope it works for you but you will need to want it to work since no matter the cage, you can masturbate in any of them.
  5. In my experience it takes 2-5 days getting back to submissive mode depending on how much my orgasm was satisfying.
  6. Do yourself a big favor and avoid cumming. You will really regret it as soon as it's over and you realize it wasn't worth the few seconds of pleasure for all the time spent in chastity. Take this week of chastity as an opportunity to begin a long term lockup of 30 days or maybe more. If it goes well, maybe you can manage a few months of chastity.
  7. Wife arrived back home from her trip a little after midnight last night. Snuggling down into bed she felt me down below and must have noticed that the lock felt different. She had a quick look at it and asked ''how's it been?''; ''Ok'' I replied.
    Being a lady of deep thoughts and very few words, she says ''Well, until that list of decorating jobs is done it might be a week, a month or even years'', and without another word rolled over to go to sleep.

    Unusually for me, it took me rather longer to get to sleep last night.
    I think we're now at what you might describe as ''the next level'' :)
  8. Have a nice talk with her about extending your time spent in the chastity device, even if you do your chores. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to stay in for a long time now that you already have a week in your cage. Ask for another 3 weeks to make it a month. Then ask her again to consider extending your time even more at the end of that month. Maybe she'll keep you locked indefinitely and make your dream of long term chastity come true.
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  9. not needing to ask her for anything, she's getting what she wants...
    The home decorating is slowly getting done, I've done the first item on the list, and second is started and she was so pleased she 'invited' me upstairs last night for an 'early bedtime'.
    I wasn't sure if she wanted to unlock me but she just had a giggle about me being locked up and then went through the list of jobs and which in order they might best be done, mentioning "it may be some time before you finish all the jobs, the end of the month?".
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  10. @bondinchas@bondinchas that's a good idea that is cos if your cage need a padlock thing doing that to it will stop it going clang when you walk about.