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My Evolving Story of Chastity and Depravity, or, Why I love my Wife.

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by CaptainLance, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. I thought that I would explain my history with chastity and its off-shoots. Many years ago, before I was married, I had a wonderful, sexy, fetish loving girlfriend. Her love of latex and boots was only surmounted by her need for golden showers, bondage, and eventually chastity. We saw an ad for a chastity belt, made by a local company, ‘Access Denied.’ She called them, got the address, and an appointment to go to their shop in Lindenhurst, to view that collars and belts they made.

    She told me about it, and being of similar kink, we went to see them. She immediately fell in love with the locking collars with a pick-proof ‘Ace’ circular- key lock, so we got one for her that was just a bit tight on her neck, she said it reminded her of her position is life, to be submissive.

    They allowed her to try on a sample belt, Wow, it was like the 4th of July, her libido shot into overdrive, she had to have it. Being quite thin and tall of stature, we had to special order it to fit. A few weeks later, we went back to get it. They showed her how to put it on, and for the next week, it never came off.

    Needless to say, my own sex drive was in high gear seeing her his way, experiencing her total sexual frustration. After several days of sexual insanity, she demanded that I too experience sexual depravation, if she was to continue her journey. We hurriedly ordered a stainless steel cock tube for me. When it arrived, we fitted it to my cock and balls. It locked quite securely, and was impossible for me to masturbate, or obtain any sexual pleasure.

    This suited her sensibilities to a “T”. Especially when she took the key away from me., But then, it was fair, I had her belt’s key.

    Now, many years later, and married to an equally kinky and sexual woman, what comes around, goes around. We were both active swingers, enjoying other singles and couples on a routine and regular basis, for our erotic pleasures. A few years ago, it dawned on me, that I was receiving the most pleasure, seeing my wife being sexually involved with her dates, and not by my own conquests. Many evenings, I just sat there chatting politely with my date, engaging in minimal sexual activities, while watching my wife, with all consuming interest and excitement.

    We had a very open and honest conversation about my feelings. It was decided that we would proceed slowly to end my own sexual activities. The first thing she suggested was that if I was to become her Cuckold, my male- centric identity needed to be changed. She suggested that all of my male underwear needed to go. I should get used to being submissive and wear only girl’s panties. As a concession, I would be allowed only 1 pair of male briefs, should I need to go to a doctor and be undressed. Ah, the kindness!

    A week later, when I returned from my office, she ushered me up to the bedroom and opened my dresser drawer that held my underwear. There, was an assortment of Victoria’s Secret, satin bikini panties in all colors, and many pairs of ruffled, petti- pants from an online maker/seller, Malco-Modes. The game was on!

    My male undies were gone!

    She had dug out the old cock tube that I had gotten years earlier and told me to slip it on, which I did with great difficulty. When your cock is rock hard, this is nearly impossible, so she “fixed” my problem, and it slipped right on.

    Wearing the tube on a long term basis proved not to be possible, sitting, walking up stairs, etc is not only painful but irritating. We needed something that could be worn 24/7 with both comfort and security. Research found that “Glans Rings” could provide this function if worn correctly. We ordered a pair at once.

    When they arrived, I was shocked at the weight and style. They looked really cool. Each ring was polished stainless steel, and weighed about 2 ounces, the second ring was also polished stainless, but had what looked like pointed- edge, gear teeth, on the outside circumference. Instructions said to put the plain one on first, then the “gear” one. A bit of silicon to allow them to slip over my cock head and I was set. They felt great, no pain, and a nice pulling sensation from the 4 ounces of rock hard steel. They were small enough that they would not slip down the shaft of my cock, they would stay right there, under the cock head.

    I tried to masturbate to see how it would feel. Ouch! I discovered why the ring had sharp teeth like a gear, to hurt if masturbation was attempted. Also, no woman would allow intercourse seeing the sharp teeth on the ring; it would surely cause severe damage to her body.

    I found out that wearing the rings does not hurt nor impinge on any activity. Actually, after a few weeks, I had no physical feelings that I was in fact wearing it.

    Chastity was assured!

    Now, 3 years later, we are both amazingly happy, she has her bevy of male friends, I have total chastity and love every second of it. The weight and pressure of the 2 rings does causer my cock to become semi-erect quite frequently, which feels great, albeit frustrating. Sexual climax is not possible, believe me, I’ve tried m any ways. The rings pressing up against my Glans and cock- head do not allow sufficient sensation to cause ejaculation. If I am very good, I am allowed to cum once or twice a year, should she desire my climax.

    As added insult, I am encouraged to cross-dress for her pleasure, or when she has a boyfriend come to the house for sex, as an added way to prove my chastity and subservience. She even does my makeup, hair and chooses my wardrobe, to assure that I am pleasing to her dates.

    I provide maid and “clean-up” services for both her date and her, as directed..

    Life is Good!
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  2. cock rings 006.JPG I was asked for a photo of my Glans rings, here it is. One of the solid rings is fitted first, then the "Gear" closest to the cock head.
  3. That is the first time I have ever heard of the glans rings. I would be really interested in trying them out as they sound a lot better than my sweaty Holy Trainer. It wouldn't work for my Wife though as it wouldn't hide my glans from view which is why I started wearing a device in the first place. In a previous fetish obsession involving genital modification I split my glans in two. It was with her permission but she wasn't prepared for how much she hated the result.

    Anyway, that is also the most realistic description of a journey into being a cuckold I have read so far. It took time and had a logical arc to it. Thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks for the note, it's easy to write when you are recalling true events, and not making them up!
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  5. i enjoy the part where u serve her and her boyfriends, with out the ability for self gratification.