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My Cuckold History

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by GazDenied, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Having just read (and enjoyed) jj62's history, I thought I'd give a brief summary of my own adventures in Cuckold Land.

    It started with my first wife, K. At first, sex was good and exciting but then it just dropped off. The excitement was gone and we, basically, didn't have sex anymore. While this didn't bother me that much, she was in need of some good, honest fuckng. I didn't know it at the time but she started having an affair with a guy she worked with (Bob).

    She felt very guilty and, eventually, we had a big teary night of her admitting to it and me feeling lousy about having ignored her. Anyway, a long while after the tears and the making up, I told her that it sort of turned me on, knowing she was having sex with another guy.

    To cut a long story short, she ended up continuing the relationship but this time with my knowledge and encouragement. After all, I reasoned, he was a very good lover, he was married and not likely to leave his wife and he satisfied my wife better than I ever could.

    And so started a beautiful relationship between the three of us.

    He would stop off on his way home from work and he and K would retire to the bedroom of our small flat and they'd fuck like crazy while I cooked dinner in the other room. I loved listening to them. That sounds weird but I found it extremely exciting. I even liked the wet spot(s) left afterwards (always on my side of the bed).

    Sometimes Bob would stay for tea and we'd all chat about our days like husband, husband and wife. Other times, when he could get away, we'd spend the day together, out and about. They'd hold hands and I'd be like the old friend alongside them.

    One day, Bob asked me if I'd like to watch them. K said it would be okay with her as long as I didn't expect to take part. I jumped at the chance.

    It was amazing. They acted as though I wasn't there and I could see everything, rather than just listening. Watching Bob give K pleasure was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen. Her orgasms were like the best gifts ever and she'd drown in the pleasures.

    She would greedily suck on his cock, adoring it, loving it. She would happily accept his cum either in her throat or between her legs. They both enjoyed each other more than I'd thought possible. And I enjoyed it all the more for that.

    To be continued...
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  2. Very enjoyable read. look forward to more x
  3. Part 2

    I should give a bit more background here. This all happened about 35 years ago when there wasn't such ready access to information that there is now. Bob, who was ten years older than me and nearly 20 older than K, was instrumental in teaching us many of the things we experienced. And he was an excellent teacher.

    He explained what a cuckold was and told me what I could and couldn't do. One thing was a complete denial of sexual access to K when he wasn't around. He told me it was very important that she be true to him physically. It would make our relationship (the three of us) better and make it more exciting for us all.

    Bob told me that, ideally, I should be denied orgasms (this is where I date my desire for chastity from) and should only be permitted release when either one of them, or both, was present.

    Bob was a strong, alpha male but he was also kind and reassuring. He made it easy for me to obey him and didn't drive a wedge between me and K. This was very important to us. K and I were, emotionally, very close and we didn't want to lose that. And we didn't.

    He was an excellent lover for K. He didn't want any emotional ties (beyond the sexual) and he managed to keep it that way. All he wanted to be was the sex in our relationship. And he was.

    Possibly my favourite lesson with Bob was one night during a vigorous session. I was naked and watching them, as usual, from the foot of the bed. They'd finished in a doggie position and he'd just finished pumping his cum into her. He looked around at me and told me to take his position and slide my erection into her. I was not to thrust or pump, just enter her slowly and remain still.

    He pulled out and moved away and I did as he said. The feeling was incredible. K was so hot, his semen providing an added dimension to her warmth. I just left my cock inside her, enjoying the sensation.

    Bob then told me to slowly withdraw. I did as he told me and watched as I emerged, his come all over my cock, my erection strong and frustrated. He then told me to clean K up.

    I had no problem licking up his cum. I'd enjoyed sucking cock for a long time before meeting K and the taste is one I enjoy. I was immediately struck by the taste of the two of them together between her legs. It was hot, syrupy and delicious. I also gave K an orgasm for which Bob congratulated me. It was a lovely moment of sharing and I remember feeling grateful and impossibly close to them both.

    While I was never allowed inside her again, I would be required to clean up every time I was there with them.

    To be continued...
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  4. Great story look forward to more.
  5. Part 3

    Something else Bob taught me were the delights of going down on K while he fucked her from behind. It not only felt like I was now part of the 'action' it also brought me closer to both of them. I even had the opportunity of replacing his cock inside her when he ocassionally fell out. It felt like we were truly one during these times and I will be forever grateful for him for this.

    Alas, like all good things, it had to end. Bob was transferred to another office where he took up a more senior position. The office was located in another state so we had to end our relationship with him. Our final night together was bittersweet and K held onto him longer than usual before he left our lives for good.

    After Bob, there were a succession of lovers for K. Some were very good, some not so much. I would only get to be included sometimes and relished those times. One memorable night was in an alley. The lover took K up against a wall while I stood guard.

    Of these new lovers, some of them would ignore me while others treated me with a derision which I very much enjoyed. It seems weird but I quite liked the humiliation of meeting these men, knowing they were going to have sex with my wife, especially if they treated me badly.

    And so, that's my story. My relationship with K was wonderful and stopped for reasons other than sex (we're still great friends as well). It taught me how there can be three people in a marriage as long as one man is for sex and the other for emotional support and love.
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  6. Postscript

    I would just like to add something that has always interested me. Something that I found strangely exciting was when our friends found out about our relationship. It wasn't like we just announced it but sometimes it just happened.

    One couple who were very good friends, would often come over for dinner and sometimes, Bob would be there. At first, we just said he was another friend but, eventually, K confessed that he was her lover. The couple, to put it mildly, were surprised. There were a lot of questions. The male half of the couple confessed he could never let anyone else have sex with his wife.

    K even told them that I wasn't allowed to have sex with her. They found this extraordinary. The man started treating me differently after that, which I found interesting. It was like he needed to respect me to be my friend and he just couldn't understand how I could live the way I was.

    This also happened with another couple of friends with the male half even starting to bully and order me around. To be honest, I found this very exciting but never let him know...in case he stopped!

    It's odd how our friend's reactions turned me on. Looking back, I rather wish they'd gone further.

    Anyway, I'll end it there. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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  7. Great story and thanks for making the effort to share.

    Are you and K divorced now, and if so do you feel this lifestyle could have been a contributory factor in any way?

    Apologies for the very direct question. I'm struggling with the decision of whether or not to go along with something like this or not. Of course its exciting in the moment, but long term it seems that even "happy" cuckold couples seem to end up divorced :-(
  8. Yes, we are divorced though are still very good friends. The cuckolding had nothing to do with the split. The reasons are quite personal and had nothing to do with our choice of lifestyle...so we'll leave it at that.

    It's not something to enter into lightly. There has to be real love between a couple and, oddly, trust. The most important thing, I think, is that it's something you both want.

    I don't mind questions, particularly If it can help.
  9. Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. If and when my wife exercises her option to cuckold me -- and I certainly hope she does -- I would like it to be just that way. I want to have that kind of intimacy with her bull.
  10. Nice fantasy;)
  11. Thank you for sharing. The part that I really love about your experience is that cuckolding doesn't have to be as extreme as it appears on most theme based adult websites. You describe a truly loving relationship with extras that both partners enjoyed. When I reflect on the experiences, I find it hard to distinguish which parts were the result of the difference in power or the ones that were "topped from the bottom". It doesn't really matter, what matters is the way you've experienced them.

    In parallel: when she shared this with a very select group of people, I found it exciting as well. I was even more surprised by the way others reacted.
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  12. There are numerous paths to a successful and fulfilling cuckold marriage for both parties, particularly if it is approached with candor and respect for one another's needs and desires. Please keep us informed and best wishes.
  13. @demale@demale Absolutely true and I admit that the word "extreme" could imply some way of judgement. That was not the intention, it's just nice to read experiences that are close to home.
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  14. Many of us identify with you and admire your courage and candor.