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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Missy Tanya, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Hello All
    I see that I haven't taken the time to introduce myself. I am a very middle age I guess male, person just enjoying life. After one failed marriage, I was introduced to my sole mate. We fell in love and got married, even after she found out about my love of smooth, sexy, soft, sweet, feminine clothing. All started with her finding a pair of panties, that I thought was hers that she left one night, that she could tell were worn. After many heated hours of confessing of my wearing them, and love of feminine clothing thing got much better for me. We started to shop for clothes for me, and dress up at times. For Christmas one early year she bought me a new pink, lacy teddies and panties. Then for my next birthday she arranged a trip to the ocean, only then I found out that Tanya was going with her. We spent the day bathing, shaving and dressing Tanya, took many pictures, most not turning out, days before digital photo's. She had me step out on the balcony and took the best pictures with the ocean for a backdrop. Then tied me to the bed for hours of teasing. I then was sure she was the one for me.
    All and all Tanya stayes behind closed doors for our enjoyment only. Till one year I took this class out of town one night at a large motel. They were having a Halloween Party. I mentioned that it might be fun to get a room and spend the night. My Wife said lets have Tanya go to the party. Some more shopping and next thing I knew Tanya and her lesbian lover were walking down the hall to the Party. Must say after getting over the first part of nerves, and many cocktails. I started to have a ball. We sat at big round tables, most of the people didn't give me a second look, that was till I walked into the men's room. Thought I was going to get escorted out till I spoke and that gave me away. Went to the bar to order drinks and the cocktail server about died when I asked for the drinks, a man's voice coming out of a woman. She grabbed her coworker and said to come check me out. They convince me to enter the Costume Contest. I walked back to the table and told my wife what had happen at the bathroom and then the bar. The couple next to us, we didn't know, was listening and both told us to enter, they thought we were just a pair of lesbians out on the town for the night. We walked up to the Contest tables and was standing there, two women were taking info and asked why we were entering. We toll them we were lesbian lovers. They said ok, what are you entering for. Why would that win in a costume contest. We had to explain that I wasn't a woman, they started to laugh out loud, got the rest of the judges to come over and explained to them what I was really. We won a prize and I had the best time as Tanya out on the town.
    That was the last time Tanya has been out. We have been very busy getting our life put into place, now things are setting down, Tanya has been coming over much more. Then Tanya found out about Chastity on the web. I have always loved bondage, and the fear of getting caught, while dressing in something feminine, or locked on the body. Chastity fulfills this, I can be locked up at anytime, and only I know for sure. Then in my Neosteel She-Male belt, I feel soo feminine, looks like I have no penis. As soon as the lock clicks my mind starts to spin in overtime. I think of dressing more, pleasing the Mistress/Wife. and fantasize about the next new venture in Tanya's life. I spend way to many hours visiting Chastity Mansion and shopping for Tanya on the Web. Then my mind is full of stories and ideas and the next thing I am up in the middle of the night writing a story. We love to have Tanya over and do a pictures shoots, now with digital it is so easy to take the right shot, edited, and share with you. Makes me feel like I am out on the town again.
    I love to be able to read what other are thinking, and doing with something that is a big part of my life for now. I lurk way to much, I just don't set down and give my opnion much. But think about what you write and share with us all. I thank you for giving me and others a place to read, talk, share our love for Chastity, and for the next steps that our lifes might travel.
    Missy Tanya
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    What a great introduction... you are very lucky to have such a wonderful partner and be able to integrate this aspect into your life.

    Enjoy shopping! :bigsmile:

    I love your photos by the way, let us know when you add some more. :wink:
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