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MRI in permanent chastity?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by ChastityPhD, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. So it's been my dream to go into permanent chastity since I was about 10 years old (yes, really) but I have to face the fact that at almost 19, I'm probably not going to go my whole life without needing an MRI. how would that work in permanent chastity? Would the cage have to be sawn off or could it just be tied down securely? Has anyone gotten an MRI while locked?
  2. 19? Oh my, I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, but you might need actually have some sex to know what you're missing. Yes at 19 you may have jerked off plenty, but it's no substitution for the real thing, and quite frankly you probably haven't had much of it yet.

    As far as permanent and worrying about removing it for a mri? I got news for ya, even the most hard core chaste guy is going to need to take the device off occasionally, even to see if your skin is ok. Permanent and forever scream of fantasy and unrealistic goals.

    Before welding that thing on, try going a month or year, it's tougher than it looks, and you have your whole life to get more serious about it.
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  3. Only in fantasyland are people locked so that they cannot get out. As a chastity Ph.D you should know this and know that the risk for not being able to escape from your device can cost you your life. I was picked up by EMS from work and had to get a MRI before surgery and of course, no metal is allowed or you will get your penis burned off. Hospitals do not necessarily have tools to remove chastity devices. Even if they do, only qualified personnel can use them and they may not be on duty when you need them. I was in a situation where time was of the essence. One lung collapsed and the other was about to. Only an ill informed person would lock themselves up so that they cannot easily get out. Learn to separate reality from fantasy or you can get hurt. I made that mistake when I was 23 and ended up need surgery to fix the problem. I was young and foolish and believed what I saw in porn.

    If you are real into this and not one of the men living your sex life online, you would have read about how your scrotum skin can start burning like heck in a minute and other problems that cause intense pain and the only relief is to remove the cage. Do you really expect that you can lock your penis up for good and not have medical emergencies and other problems? What do you do when a ball pops out as often happens to many of us? Do you not know that you can easily masturbate when locked up, so why bother. Either change your alias or search this forum to learn more about chastity and chastity devices before you do something dangerous. :) If you want to risk your well being for a sex fetish, go ahead and do so. You are the one to suffer the consequences. Keep in mind that in a world with ever increasing security, metal detectors are going to be everywhere. Also note that in many surgeries they need to insert a Catheter but a chastity Ph.d would know this. :) I suggest that you learn more about chastity and real life before you proceed because you do not seem grounded in reality or understand the risks.
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  4. It is common for young sexually inexperienced men to post their fantasy sex lives online. Hard to tell sometimes if they are really that clueless or just yanking our chains. I figure that the ignore feature is there for such cases and Darwinism will take care of the rest. Maybe some people need to learn from experience as that is the only way they can.
  5. I guess I would have done better to not include my back story. Live and learn.

    I know the though of an MRI puts everyone on high alert but I'm trying to actually research and learn about the thing.

    It seems that in an MRI only unrestrained metal poses and actual threat, so it seems to me that if they tied it down or let you wear a tight pair or underwear or jock it shouldn't be unmanageable.

    I've also found very little evidence that the MRI significantly heats metal placed in it. There are small if any changes in temperature registered, depending on material.

    Let's also keep in mind that anyone could be caught in an emergency without a key even if the cage wasn't sealed, so we should all be prepared and informed to deal with this.
  6. A few points (I have a degree in MRI physics):
    1) You will almost definitely need an MRI (or many) in your lifetime.
    2) If the cage is ferro magnetic, then it turn into a projectile in the scanner, ripping your balls off or worse.
    3) If the shape acts as a RF receiver (quite likely), it could heat up and could cause burns.
    4) It will degrade image quality around that part of the body - too bad if you have prostate cancer or hip pain that needs imaging.
    5) Permanent (non removeable) chastity is not the best of life decisions in most cases, especially if you are very young.
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  7. Thanks for your reply, I was hoping to have someone with your credentials pop up!

    Are you aware of any custom cage makers that use non magnetic metals/alloys?

    What happens if you need one and don't have your key?

    If a person is unconscious, are they thoroughly checked for metal before they're put in the machine? (I would hope so!)

    Of course if something like cancer happens, chastity must take the back seat. However, that could be 30, 40, 50+ years down the line and I'm not sure I don't want to seal the cage for a long time before those events enter my life (if ever).

    Generally, if they have time to schedule an MRI you're not in such life or death danger that they don't have time to cut the cage (heart attack, stroke, etc...) and those events aren't really changed by the presence of a cage- unless a defibrillator would fry your balls, i don't know.

    I'd like to add that it's obviously not smart from a medical stand point- neither is chastity or the piercings we get for it. I'm just trying to settle wether or not a cage could cost me my life. And maybe it could and it's not worth it. But I want to know for sure either way.
  8. The name is more of a goal than a current reality haha. I'm always trying to learn more about chastity and how it interacts with the real world so I can weight the risks and make informed decisions about my body.
  9. Doesn't have to be a metal cage. I'm sitting here in a custom surgical nylon device from Custom Chastity. (Various blog entries here). It has a brass magic locker, but you could easily replace that with a piece of perspex tubing from a craft shop, glued in, or get them to make one for you. It's one-woman operation, so Lady Fox's email response times can be slow. However, if you have the budget it might be worth contacting her.

    As regards your ambition to be permanently chaste.

    I think we're all curious as to how you found out about chastity at such a tender age (if you can do so without being icky... you know what I mean).

    I suspect a proportion of us have a mild body dysphoria relating to our dicks. I'm certainly in that category. I'm generally happiest locked, and as long as I'm getting kink, can go months and months without an orgasm. Not all chaste guys are like that, which is why you will get a mix of horror and incomprehension whenever you post stuff like hat.

    So I actually get your urge. Whether it's wise or not I can't say. However, I think the critical thing is: how do you envisage having an emotional/sex life while chaste?
  10. Start with locking for a day, then two, then four, then eight. Before you know it you are locked for a month, then two, then four. You will then have the chance to go locked for 8 months, surpassing my longest lock up of five months with ease.

    After five months of denial I was a horny, easily aroused mess. It was ridiculous how easy my Wife could turn me on. She nearly made me cum just stroking my ear and my side. I am doing this whilst rapidly approaching fifty. The me of 20 would have exploded had I tried to do the same thing.
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  11. Nothing is permeant but some things are harder to get out of than others. There are people wearing steel devices where the lock has been epoxied shut. One was asked about it and he said: nothing is permanent, I'll have to cut it off some day.

    Some day you will have to take it off. Probably for a medical procedure. Maybe to get through security on some international travel. Maybe you decide you are done with chastity. Who knows, but that day will come.

    Does not mean that you should not live your fantasy between now and then. I'm all for people living the experience that they want to have. Sure there is some risk in locking something on your body but there is risk in most things we do. What is important is to be aware of the risk and choose well for your self.

    But you should have a plan to get the device off when you need to. I've been thinking about this myself because I don't have easy access to an emergency key. I do have various plans to get the device off depending on urgency and resources available.

    The most practical way is to give the keys to someone who will only ever give them back for certified need - and then make sure you are locked back into the device. Safety is improved if you can get the keys short notice. Safety is further improved if you carry a tamper evident key that gets checked regularly. You have to choose your balance of safety vs. feeling of unescapable.

    If you don't a key holder you can epoxy the locking mechanism and then plan to cut the device off. How hard that is depends on the device and your tools at hand.

    The safest will be a plastic device. I'm currently in an eVotion #7. M has the only key to this, I don't have one. If I need to remove it while I'm home several tools in my shop will cut through the straps in a few seconds. A sharp knife and some care will get it off me in a few minutes. Lots of stores through the world sell tools for under $10 that will take it off. And any emergency room ought have the tools to cut the plastic.

    Now, potentially, the evotion could be all plastic and that would eliminate the problems with metal. The hinge traps urine. If you also epoxied that, well, then you would have a long term non-metal device. However, I think it would only last you a couple years before seeming worn and dirty. You would want to replace it at that point.

    Metal is far better for durability. I can imagine a well made SS device lasting decades. Of course, they are more difficult to remove. I also have a Lori tube. For this I have a spare key encapsulated in plastic which sits on M's desk. I just cut that out and remove the security screw. If I travel I either ask for a tamper evident key or accept some risk.

    if you epoxy the screw in - as several people have done - you'll have to cut the device off. For my device, a tube with PA pin, that would involve cutting about 6 1/8" SS bars. Each would be a delicate operation that must be done slowly. I figure that would take me several hours, maybe over a couple days. I recognize that an emergency room may choose to cut the skin on my penis rather than attack the device. That is the risk that I run. I'm sure the doctors would be right through that skin like butter.

    Since no device is permanent, there is no permanent chastity. This is most true if you are enforcing your own chastity. When you no longer want to enforce it you will remove your device and you are done. Making the device difficult to remove just ensures that you won't remove it until you have a strong, persistent wish to do so but does not make it permanent.

    How can we make chastity more, um, difficult to escape? My conclusion is that you have to raise the cost of getting out of chastity. Being free individual we can always get out of chastity but we can arrange for some cost to be paid. If you epoxy your device shut the cost is destruction of the device. Long term, that is not a very high cost. It is difficult to enforce any higher cost on one's self.

    How can we make the cost higher? My conclusion is to have someone else enforce it. Those who are least able to escape chastity are those in a relationship with a partner who is enforcing chastity. Your partner can then set some kind of cost for getting out of chastity. There are some here who report that their key holder would break up with them if they insisted on getting out. For them, the cost of getting out is ending their relationship. Now, some of these may be exaggerating their situation. More likely, they are stuck in chastity as long as it excites them and it benefits the key holder. Since it excites them they don't really want to get out and maybe they don't have much say as to how chastity is done so they are stuck. My guess is there are quite a few people in this situation. And there are probably some key holders out there who would break up with their partner if the partner wanted out of chastity. Less common but a believable scenario.

    I think this is the most realistic long term situation. Chastity will last as long as you enjoy it enough that you don't want to pay the cost of getting out. When you dis-like it enough that you will pay the cost of escape you will. Cutting yourself out of a device is not all that hard or expensive. Making a major change in your romantic relationship can be much harder.
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    Why on earth would you want to cause medical staff any more problems than they have. If you need an MRI scan it normally means there is a problem they are trying to get to the bottom of. The last thing they need is someone asking for special treatment because he is fulfilling some sexual kink.

    Behave and stop even thinking about messing about with the valuable time of medical professionals.
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  13. What happens if you need surgery? The doctors are going to insist that you be completely naked except for garments provided by the hospital. That is just the way it is. What if you need a catheter inserted? These are all issues that must be considered.