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Morning visit from one of her lovers

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by SlaveBridget, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. I wanted to share a great experience I had this week. Mistress has been seeing this one man who is a law enforcement official. Not a cop but higher up the food chain type. He is married and they met online I think about a year ago. He works weird hours so he often would come by in the middle of the night or early in the morning. At first he was just into her sucking his cock and he loved to finish by cumming on her face. She would share pictures with me of her face covered in his cum. It was always so intense to see my wife look like such a cock hungry slut for this man. She was never into anything like that with me before she cuckolded me.

    Recently she said something about one of is visits and said something about fucking him and loving his cock. I said that I didnt realize that they had started fucking and she said they had for the first time the last time she saw him. I asked her how it was and she said "his cock is perfect and he is amazing in bed" and then she added "he is everything you are not sissy". One look in the mirror and a ruler tells me that but it is still so erotic too hear her talk that way to me.

    So she tells me one morning this past week that if I planned on working at home, that I would have to go to Starbucks because he was coming over for a visit and would be there for an hour or so. So I packed up my stiff and went to Starbucks arriving at 6:30. His visit was planned for 7am. She texted me telling me that she would reward me by sending some pictures and maybe even calling me while they were doing it so not to answer my phone and let it go to voicemail.

    7am arrived and I started wondering what they were doing. About 20 minutes later I get a text with a picture of her sucking his cock. She looked so into it and his cock looked amazing. My little cock started twitching in it's locked cage. Then another text and this time it is him eating her. A few minutes later another pic taken by her of him entering her with her legs spread. The last one I got was him in her from behind taken from his perspective. By now I was fully hard straining my cage. Then came the phone call. I waited for it to go to VM and it seemed too be taking forever to notify me that a message had been left. Finally about 5 minutes later I see a VM on my phone and I immediately start listening. At first she obviously had the phone to her face and she said "OH GOD HE IS FUCKING ME SO HARD FROM BEHIND AND HOS COCK FEELS SO GOOD followed by more "oh god's" but then she obviously put the phone on the bed and the sounds became more distant but still I could hear everything.

    I heard him say "hey you sissy faggot I am fucking your wife like you never did or could". Now I am about to break my cage I am so hard. Then all I could hear was her moaning, grunting, and saying his name over and over mixed in with more oh god and fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I then heard her cumming for the last couple of minutes like one long orgasm and then heard him say he was going to cum with her screaming and then him letting out a very loud and long grunt/moan. I hung up looked around me and thought how everyone else in the coffee shop was doing such mundane things and I just listened to my wife getting fucked by a man I have never met. And knowing that I dont even get that pleasure any longer. Not that I could please her that way anyway but I felt so completely cuckolded and perfect as a sissy. She texted me a few minutes later telling me to get her a latte and to get my ass home. She had a treat for me. OMG yes!

    She normally always uses protection and does so until she gets to know someone but this made me think she had not this time.

    So I go into our bedroom and can smell the sex in the air. She is wearing the lingerie she wore for him and her teddy was undone at the crotch and she had on a pair of red panties. She says "get over here and get your treat now so I can have my latte." As I approach the bed she flips over onto her hands and knees and says "dont eat my pussy. He came in my ass"...holy shit. She so rarely has let any man fuck her there and only once let me and she said she hated it when we did it. Now not only did she let him fuck her ass but she starts telling me how much she loved it. How his cock felt like it consumed her whole body and she is telling me this as I look down at her panties and see this soaking wet spot right where her little rosebud was.

    Well it usually is a little rosebud but as I pulled off her panties it looked like it had been fucked hard by a big cock. I plunged into her ass with my mouth and the aromas were so good. I could smell her pussy because he had been inside of her there before fucking her ass. I could smell the sex, his cum, her juices, and her beautiful ass too. I sucked on it and suddenly felt a warm rush of his cum go into my mouth. I wanted more and got it. I swirled his cum around in my mouth and knowing that he had violated her ass only made me more crazy. I was like an animal eating for the first time in weeks. She finally pushed me away and told me to get her latte. I did and bowed to her and went back to my home office. For the next hour or so I could smell all of it on my face.

    And I have to admit that later I got her soiled panties out of the hamper and licked his cum stains off of them. How pathetic is that? I would admit that no other place but know that so many of you would do the same thing. I am attaching the last picture they sent me. I can tell that he was going back and forth between her pussy and ass because in this pic he is in her pussy but clearly her ass had already been fucked. Hope you all like it. Thanks for letting me share. What a wonderful website this is.

    is there anything better than being a pathetic chastised sissy cuckold? I think not.

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  2. Well that just made my cage shrink, gulp!
  3. Beautiful and well done ass.