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Mood swings during chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by tomsen, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. I am curious, what changes in your mood do you observe while being in chastity? How do you deal with it?

    Starting to keep a journal made me aware that - when I am not in that sweet spot where everything feels like a breeze and perfect and everything:

    a) there are periods where I am over the top and want to be really kinky and submissive, wanting more than I would be willing to do for real, and things which would burden my partner so I have to channel my sexual energy somehow.

    b) and also, there are periods where I am not enthusiastic about it at all, where I am not that sexual, where chastity feels a bit strange, where I am not in such a good mood overall and where it would just make sense to jerk off just to feel a bit better.

    How about you?
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  2. My hardest mood swings come from work. I own my own construction business so it's a very male dominated, alpha power struggle world. To complicate matters my wife/KH is my office manager and it's just the two of us in the office. It is very difficult switching back and forth from fetching her coffee and snacks on command to telling her what I need done for work that day. It gets really confusing when she makes a mistake and I catch her in it. I've had days where I feel like Doctor Submissive and Mister Alpha, but I change back and forth dozens of times.

    I also have the swings you mention in a and b. I would also add c and d. C being when I feel very submissive. Doing my chores or rubbing Mistresses feet is a pleasure in and of itself. I actually get tight in my cage making the bed. D would be the opposite. I don't feel at all submissive and I get resentful that I'm expected to do all these things. Usually this is more a sense of frustration over what I perceive as a lack of attention from my Mistress.
  3. Despite that fact that I can't get hard due to the years of hormones, the psychological effect of being locked up puts me in a much more submissive headspace, especially after a few months in the device. I'm not normally submissive, but this purely mental effect is one that my wife likes. Since our plastic surgeon suggested I get to my goal weight (another 50 lbs lost) before a corrective BA and tummy tuck, my wife decided that I should be locked up at least until I get to that goal.
  4. This has been a big struggle for me and a prime motivator for me and my wife to take her fantasy of having me castrated closer to reality.

    Our lifestyle is long term chastity, bordering on permanent. My wife would like for me to never have an erection or penetrate her again.

    I try hard to give her that. But we've noticed that I have periodic mood swings where I go from pretty docile and willing to submit to chastity, to angry and frustrated after months of being locked up. It's not very predictable, and she's pretty sick of it.

    She loves the version of me that seems like he could go forever without erections and just please her in the ways she wants, and she believes that if I were castrated I would be much closer to the man she wants.
  5. The longer she denies my orgasm, the more submissive and loving I am with my wife. My mood changes when she allows an orgasm, and not for the better. After our daily tease session, that's why I always thank her for not allowing me to cum.
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  6. I've got a mood disorder, BPD, so my moods can change fast and hard from the peak of submissiveness to anger and despair. This used to be a nightmare in a FLR. I've been on meds for it for the last few years that have it a bit better but at the cost of some of my libido. We just started chastity play again about 3 months ago after a major breakdown, hospitalisation and a few years out of work. I'm slowly getting better after a lot of psychology and my moods have stabilised to the point at which I can be consistent. As part of my condition I have a fear oif abandonment, submission and FLR actually help in this because I KNOW what my Wife wants and I like to keep her happy.
  7. For me, it's an emotional roller coaster. Since I am only locked when She is at work, during that time I am really focused and feel very submissive. When She is home and I am uncaged, there's a lot more personal interaction and I get more bold until put in my place. It always works out the same, though, in the end. She is in control and I submit to Her desires.
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  8. we haven't done the lock up thing but she is trying the denial stuff without a cage. I find I am getting more and more angry and have to go for longgggg runs or the heavy bag at the gym. I have told her she is really pushing the edge. Having real communication problems. Donnasue describes a roller coaster, I just find increasing anger and frustration. May have to put her over my knee to add weight to my side of the conversation.
  9. I think anyone that wakes up every day knows that feelings change like the weather. I wear a collar when I get home. Some days I feel the way you do. When
    I feel that way I talk to my K/H and tell her how I feel. She takes my collar and pulls me close to her and I get lost in her. Sometimes you need to focus on
    someone other than your self.. Remember where you are and where you belong, That sweet spot is where you focus that energy on.
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  10. I get mood swings too and I've had to learn to control it. Seems like they started the longer mistress and I practiced chastity. Mistress calls it my period and it usually is like once a month for me lol.