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Mommy Keyholder

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by ChasteBr, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Ideas for mothers day for a Mommy Key Holder. She already gets all the time off from the kids that she could possibly want. She already gets anything she ask for (As long as we can afford it).. so what should I get my sexy keyholder / mother of my children?
  2. thats always the tough question for the person who has been given all.....but we need to sometimes think outside the box and just find something simple that they wil appreciate the time and effort given...although jewelry does seem to always work in a pinch
  3. Dont just throw money at it. If she drives anywhere and enjoys music, spend some time making a compilation CD of music that she loves so that she can listen to it when away from you and think of you.
  4. A lover larger than you? LOL
  5. Last time I checked, girls still like flowers and breakfast in bed!
  6. She already sleeps in most weekends, and gets flowers once a week.. I gotta get out of this thing SOMEHOW.. ;)
  7. Dinner out at a romantic restaraunt, plus gold jewelry.
  8. Dinner out definetly has its merits... that was under consideration, I guess I was trying to make the point, that when you try to treat her special every day.. it makes it much harder to treat her extra special on special days..

    Of course a domme would probably say that all days are special days.. LOL
  9. Good luck with that. If you find a way, let us all know! LOL
  10. Along with the dinner, don't forget the GOLD Jewelry. Of course diamonds are good too.

  11. Have you ever read the RoMANtic's Guide by Michael Webb? He is very much the same as most submissives. EVERY day is a day to treat your SO in a special way.

    Yes, it does make things more difficult....

    Gold, flowers, dinner, breakfast in bed can be done by anyone. I personally hate flowers (I always forget to put them in a vase and they die!), I'm not a jewellery person, breakfast in bed and dinner out are regular occurrences, so I understand where you're coming from.

    We also don't do Valentine's day (but having said that, pet did this year for some odd reason!) because, like you, he makes every day feel like Valentine's. I always joke that's the day I give him off!

    pet has written songs for me (and recorded them) they were very personal. I like the CD idea, because you can find songs with special meanings, get the children to design the cover.

    Oh - I just thought of one thing if you want to go the jewellery route... Mother's Jewellery. The idea is to have one birthstone per child, that's quite unique.

    Other than that I'm lost. pet is the same with me. I want for nothing, what can you do?! LOL.
  12. Just my .02 about things I DON'T want....

    Flowers are lame. Too expensive and ANYONE can get them. To me, they're a cop out. Jewelry is a bit too common as well. The mothers ring is an OK idea but can get pretty pricey. If you truly want to give your wife and the mother of your children something special it has to come from your heart. Think about it. Anyone can spend money and get whatever money will buy. The best gifts are the ones that don't cost a fortune but loved because you have to really KNOW your wife. Does that make sense??

    Having her not have to lift a finger is a given. So make sure the kiddos are taken care of for the day. (Unless, of course she wants to spend time with them). If you don't have someone come and clean your house on a regular basis, what about hiring a house cleaning service for the year. I'm sure it won't be as expensive as that diamond bracelet, and it's something she will ADORE you for!!! What about treating her and her fav gal pal to a weekend retreat somewhere? Does she like to gamble? Vegas is great this time of year. Does she love to read?? Find out when her favorite author will be doing book signings and take her to meet him/her. Does she despise having to do yardwork? Hire a landscaper for the season so she doesn't have to be bothered with it. Does she like to golf? Get her some lessons from your local pro to help her with her swing. Think about her hobbies and what makes her most happy. Go from there.

    Trust me...the options are endless! Use your imagination and I'm sure you can come up with something she'll love.

    (btw...I hope John reads this :D )

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