Modifications to cheap cage to achieve custom fit

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    I purchased Chinese A218 and A223 cages, but was not very happy with them from the hygiene point of view as they had a lot of crevices in and needed frequent removal for cleaning. I therefore decided to do some work to them as I have a small home workshop with model making lathe, pillar drill, milling machine and can silver solder. I cut most of the the cage off the first ring, leaving the pins and lock intact. I cut another ring off the cage and cleaned these up. I then drilled 8 x 3mm holes through the rings, the rings being 35mm ID and 5mm thick. I then bent up some 3mm stainless steel rod, passed it though the holes in the rings and then silver soldered the assembly together. I have not yet properly polished the cage up. The revised cage is much better for hygiene and also much lighter and is now being worn to make sure I have the correct dimensions before ordering a Rigid Chastity beast muzzle. I cut the cage off a second device and have left this as a locking cock ring.

    DSC06377 (Large).jpeg DSC07178 (Large).jpeg DSC07183 (Large).jpeg DSC07189 (Large).jpeg DSC07185 (Large).jpeg
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