Modern Slavery

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    A good Chastity Belt writer:

    Excerpt from Modern Slaver 6 by Carenica Diaz,

    Deanna abruptly stood up and her hand fumbled
    behind her waist. The sound of a zipper and my heart pounded
    with exciting anticipation! My cock ached as she causally
    stepped out of the skirt.
    She sat down on the sofa, legs brazenly spread and
    my heart almost stood still as I saw her naked pussy for the first
    The conditioning kicked in and my entire body
    hummed with the dull sexual pleasure I felt whenever I saw
    It was my only sexual pleasure!
    My tongue was immediately air dancing begging,
    pleading - as I took in as much detail of her sex as I could from a
    metre away. I hoped I would be soon face deep in that glistening
    Deanna's inner thighs were milky white and flushed
    with her obvious arousal. Small whorls of pink skin, of soft,
    succulent hot flesh! Her pubic hair was a mane of wild sandy
    coloured locks with a hint of red, her rose pink sex lips peeking
    through the tight curls.
    Perhaps it was the drink that gave her courage or
    even the feminine gossiping of other women about slaves and
    their abilities. Even the power that she must have felt as my
    tongue danced, trying to entice her to command me to suckle on
    her sex made her more confident!
    'I can't click my fingers,' she said petulantly, like a
    small girl, 'I've tried but I can't! Not everyone can do it! So I'll just
    tell you what to do!'
    I watched, spellbound as she moved a forefinger to
    her sex and simply pointed.
    My body took over and I crawled between those milky
    white thighs, eyes transfixed by the tight curls that covered her
    rounded, plump sex.
    A thing of beauty!
    How could anyone describe an aroused vulva and its
    beauty? The crinkled smiling labia, the plump flesh of the pubis!
    Mere words do not give justice to a triumph of

    My tongue scrolled over her labia and I felt them
    unfurl with my delicate, jabbing strokes, her musky scent
    teasing my flared nostrils.
    'Hmm, I like that!'
    Deanna visibly relaxed and I inhaled a deeper whiff of
    her excitement, the scent of an aroused woman. Such a
    delectable and powerful aphrodisiac.
    'Keep doing that!'
    I continued to lick as commanded and took the meaty
    wings into my mouth, suckled and then flicked them loose to
    unfurl back. A small sigh escaped her and I was lost in my
    velvety world.
    So close to the object of my obsession, the vulva that
    enthralled and entranced me, the one small but powerful orifice
    that controlled me and made me what I am!
    My cock ached with unrequited need and it was so
    diabolical that I should ache to serve the very thing that could
    relieve my sexual pressure! A pussy could give me one brief
    moment of ecstasy simply by allowing my poor cock entry to that
    velvet paradise.
    But, that was not to be!
    Banded and denied!
    Perhaps, I knew, forever.
    Even if I was freed, what woman would want my
    small cock inside her now? Would she even feel me?
    The sense of loss surfaced temporarily and then my
    need to lick and probe the honey crevices of Deanna's sex
    overtook me once again.
    This was my calling, my life!
    My reason for existence!
    A pleasure slave!
    Moisture suddenly invaded my mouth as Deanna
    surrendered to my ministrations. All embarrassment had left her
    and only sexual tension remained as she braced herself in her
    quest to seek orgasmic pleasure.
    A pleasure I am denied!
    I can give it, even see the pleasure erupt but I cannot
    taste my own!
    I moved upward but her hand pushed my head back
    down as Deanna wasn't ready to seek the ultimate pleasure just
    at that moment. Her clitoris was still shrouded but her juices
    were running freely, coating my tongue, inside my mouth and, of
    course, my face.

    'Inside,' she commanded in a breathy, husky voice.
    It was strange receiving vocal commands but it was
    also a minor pleasure as it was evidence of some sort of
    connection. It was recognition on Deanna's part that I was at
    least human and not just a pleasure machine!
    As I probed and tongued, Deanna suddenly pulled
    my nose up and rubbed against it, using my gold nose ring to get
    It was suddenly an urgent need that overtook her and
    she guided my mouth to her swollen clit, forcing me against her
    hungry sex.
    What would it be like to use my fingers?
    It was an absurd thought as I had been schooled to
    use my tongue alone. Fingers were not required, just my tongue
    and lips and, sometimes, my nose and chin.
    Deanna emitted small animalistic grunts when she
    came. Her entire body was coiled tightly like a spring and when
    the orgasm washed over her and was gone, her body relaxed
    liked a lifeless doll.
    Of course, I remained between her thighs, gently
    lapping her wet sex, mouth curled around her clitoris, tasting and
    calming, swallowing juices, drinking from the ultimate font.

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