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MM Jailbird advice

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Vanillaish, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    I'd appreciated some advice on purchasing a MMJailbird.

    My wife and I have been using a few Chinese devices bought off Amazon and have enjoyed how it has enhanced our relationship. We now want to get something that allows genuine 24/7 wear - so that I am only let out when she wants a ride.

    In buying the Jailbird there are a few options that I need help with:

    1. Ring size - I am a big lad and have been using the 50cm/2" rings. They seem to fit OK but don't get snug enough to my body and occasionally pull at my balls. When I measure using a piece of string for comfort the measurement always comes out at 52.5cm. What size should I go for?

    2. Number of rings - MM offer a double ring. What difference to the function of the cage does this make? What are pros and cons?

    3. Delivery - I live in U.K. What were the import costs for other U.K. purchasers?

    4. What other advice would you offer based on your experience of buying one?

    I am keen to get one, just worried I'll make an expensive mistake.

    Thanks all!
  2. As far as the double rings go, don't order them until you know you have the size correct. They can't be adjusted where a single base ring can be. I also use the 2" ring. I tried going down a size and it was just a bit too snug.

    Not sure about your import costs as I'm in the us. I will say that @maturemetal@maturemetal does a great job any they will happily answer any questions or fix your issue if you have one after ordering.
  3. You should be able to get the ring size from what fits best with you're plastic device. IDE go single ring to start with. Go as snug as possible with cage length and diameter. I started of at 2 1/4 in length and have had it adjusted down to 13/8. The snug fit is far better
  4. I ordered with the optional double base ring and an extra cage ring (2-3/4" cage length) - my Wife liked the look of the extra cage ring, more intimidating... :D

    I experimented with a mid-price stainless spiral from Uber-Kinky to work out the 'kinks' (sorry...) regarding sizing - correct, the double base ring cannot be adjusted.
    I also experienced the problem of the cage sliding down especially during warm / active days and if not wearing supportive underwear - I feel like the double base ring helps the 'grip'.

    My ring is 1-3/4" diameter, cage 1-3/8" diameter and have a 1/4' gap - the entire setup is very comfortable and secure - even though this is a ball trap device only I do not see anyway I could escape from this - I absolutely LOVE this cage and MM was awesome to work with.

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  5. And go with the oval base ring.
  6. Thanks for the advice. A few more questions if that's ok?

    How comfortable are they to wear?
    What are they like to go running in and is it restrictive at all?
  7. I have been wearing mine for 4 years and often I forget I have it on. MM offers a set of plastic rings that you should order. I went with the ring size I used in 4 other devices and ended up sending it back to make the ring smaller. The oval ring is more comfortable for most because your testicles are wider than longer when bunched up. I am actually a licensed Customs Broker among my many other licenses and the duty rate and VAT are different for every country. Even though I lived and worked in London for two seasons, the duty rates and VAT change over time plus I have yet to see chastity devices have a specific classification. They will probably fall under sexual novelty items or health items not otherwise specified. Kind of embarrassing to ask but MM may know but cannot guarantee the duty rate. You should already know the VAT since you live there and pay it every time you buy something.

    I ended up sending my ring back twice for changes. You may also want to consider the security screw since it makes the cage so much lighter. If so, ask them to countersink the screw hole to allow the screw head to make more contact with the rounded metal bar. Without it, it just touches the bar in two small places and the screw can back out over time.
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