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Milking Suggestions

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by CZSteve, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Looking for any and all suggestions for being milked.
    Both @n2toys@n2toys and I want to succeed at being milked - for me it seems it would be incredibly frustrating and submissive; I'm sure my Wife would having an incredible sense of control.

    Yesterday during a teasing text the prospects of not being allowed to cum until I'm successfully milked was brought up.
    I'm currently at 2 weeks & 3 days since a partial orgasm.
    My longest denial has been 4-1/2 weeks and have been told going into this period I'll be pushed longer this time; so just half-way thru and already quite hungry with desire...

    My Wife enjoys pegging me, has tried milking with Her fingers, and we have an Aneros modified with conductible copper tape for use with a standard TENS unit.
    Last Saturday Night I briefly had the sensation of needing to pee while being pegged with our new Tantus Acute dildo; I'm tried to relax and let it flow but no success - I have a feeling the biggest obstacle is in my head and I need to relax more.

    Asides from longer denial and assume trying to relax and let 'things' flow... any input for success would be appreciated; not necessarily so I can cum but we both very much want to succeed at being milked.

  2. Sorry, meant to post in The Tower - re-posting, please delete here.