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Milking Sensations?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by CumboylovesSlut, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Question : is milking supposed to produce thick drops of cum? I usually got only a drop or two of precum and then cum comes in a flow. Maybe I should stay more time without cumming, I m at 10 days?
    I think what I thought was milking was just a ruined prostate orgasm instead.
  2. Another question (can't edit previous post) : when do you know you're done with milking? Can it end up with a prostate orgasm or not?
  3. Porn addiction
  4. After much practice I can now get a prostate orgasm - unexpected, didn't know what it was when it happened. I cannot cum while milking though - only precum.
  5. Very important that the difference between milking and using the Aneros or similar toy. At least in my world of definitions, milking means using fingers or a toy too massage your prostrate. I have been made to do it many years ago by one of Mistresses' lovers and it was kind of humiliating doing it in front of them. But milking is simply using a toy (I use a curved small plastic dildo) and rubbing it against your prostrate. Be careful not to do it too hard. It does feel like you might pee but you will not. Depending on how full of cum you are, you will start to leak immediately or after a few minutes. If you get it just right you will leak a lot. When I used to do it more, I would be told to put a dinner plate below me and capture all the juices. Then I would have to lick it all up.

    Anyone who has done this knows that this nectar is so sweet compared to regular cum. I think it is because it is all the liquid and not so much of the sperm. GOD it tastes so good!

    As for the Aneros I saw some people mentioning that they could not achieve an orgasm using it. I had the same problem when I bought it and tried numerous times to have an orgasm but could not. Then I went on their website and it was talking about how you have to find a quiet place and get in tune with your body as you use it. Focus on what you are feeling inside and let your hands roam your body on the outside. So one night when Mistress was laying in bed sexting with her lover, I asked if I could lay next to her and use it. I started doing what the website said to do and could feel the exact spot inside where it was pressing. I changed up the squeezing of the toy from light to firm and then halfway and started feeling some things that I had not felt before. Soon I was rubbing my hands over my satin clad body and my one hand started pressing at the base of my locked up clit, rubbing it in the same way that a woman rubs her clit. My body started moving up and down and I felt this warmth rush over my whole body. I knew then that I was going to cum.

    Mistress left and returned with a bowl and placed it between my legs "just in case you cum" she said. Towards the end of this 20+ minute journey I started grunting lightly without trying and suddenly I felt this feeling that made me know that I was going to cum. When I did it felt like I came in buckets but when I did look at the bowl there was a decent amount but nothing huge like it felt like. When I tasted it, it tasted just like when I milked myself. So apparently you only cum liquid and not the sperm so much.

    Mistress looked at me and said two things that were game changing. She said "you looked like how a woman looks when cumming" which I loved hearing of course, and "well I guess if you can cum that way, you dont need to ever touch your cock again do you?"

    And with rare exceptions from that point forward I didnt and for the last 3+ years this is the only way I am allowed to cum now. I urge anyone who owns this to give it another chance. Nothing makes me feel more feminine and pathetically perfect as a sissy.
  6. My favorite toy for anal play is a ceramic dildo with a bent knob (head) on the end. Its so smooth it barely needs any lube.

    I have never been able to product much liquid while caged, but self manipulation can help relieve the pressure a bit.

    Mistress has milked me with me on my knees with this device, and a large spurt of cum came out..but it was with me being uncaged and stoking myself light trying NOT to cum. It was more like a reflex contraction/and ejaculation without the orgasm. Yes the feeling to pee was intense, and prostate massage feels intense but orgasm I did not and it was a big fat wad of cum...proof of this was I did not go soft after...and nor did I want to..Mistress eventually ordered me to cum which i did, as I was told you wont always be so lucky!!
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