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Milking Sensations?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by CumboylovesSlut, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Question : is milking supposed to produce thick drops of cum? I usually got only a drop or two of precum and then cum comes in a flow. Maybe I should stay more time without cumming, I m at 10 days?
    I think what I thought was milking was just a ruined prostate orgasm instead.
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  2. Another question (can't edit previous post) : when do you know you're done with milking? Can it end up with a prostate orgasm or not?
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  3. Porn addiction
  4. After much practice I can now get a prostate orgasm - unexpected, didn't know what it was when it happened. I cannot cum while milking though - only precum.
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  5. Very important that the difference between milking and using the Aneros or similar toy. At least in my world of definitions, milking means using fingers or a toy too massage your prostrate. I have been made to do it many years ago by one of Mistresses' lovers and it was kind of humiliating doing it in front of them. But milking is simply using a toy (I use a curved small plastic dildo) and rubbing it against your prostrate. Be careful not to do it too hard. It does feel like you might pee but you will not. Depending on how full of cum you are, you will start to leak immediately or after a few minutes. If you get it just right you will leak a lot. When I used to do it more, I would be told to put a dinner plate below me and capture all the juices. Then I would have to lick it all up.

    Anyone who has done this knows that this nectar is so sweet compared to regular cum. I think it is because it is all the liquid and not so much of the sperm. GOD it tastes so good!

    As for the Aneros I saw some people mentioning that they could not achieve an orgasm using it. I had the same problem when I bought it and tried numerous times to have an orgasm but could not. Then I went on their website and it was talking about how you have to find a quiet place and get in tune with your body as you use it. Focus on what you are feeling inside and let your hands roam your body on the outside. So one night when Mistress was laying in bed sexting with her lover, I asked if I could lay next to her and use it. I started doing what the website said to do and could feel the exact spot inside where it was pressing. I changed up the squeezing of the toy from light to firm and then halfway and started feeling some things that I had not felt before. Soon I was rubbing my hands over my satin clad body and my one hand started pressing at the base of my locked up clit, rubbing it in the same way that a woman rubs her clit. My body started moving up and down and I felt this warmth rush over my whole body. I knew then that I was going to cum.

    Mistress left and returned with a bowl and placed it between my legs "just in case you cum" she said. Towards the end of this 20+ minute journey I started grunting lightly without trying and suddenly I felt this feeling that made me know that I was going to cum. When I did it felt like I came in buckets but when I did look at the bowl there was a decent amount but nothing huge like it felt like. When I tasted it, it tasted just like when I milked myself. So apparently you only cum liquid and not the sperm so much.

    Mistress looked at me and said two things that were game changing. She said "you looked like how a woman looks when cumming" which I loved hearing of course, and "well I guess if you can cum that way, you dont need to ever touch your cock again do you?"

    And with rare exceptions from that point forward I didnt and for the last 3+ years this is the only way I am allowed to cum now. I urge anyone who owns this to give it another chance. Nothing makes me feel more feminine and pathetically perfect as a sissy.
  6. My favorite toy for anal play is a ceramic dildo with a bent knob (head) on the end. Its so smooth it barely needs any lube.

    I have never been able to product much liquid while caged, but self manipulation can help relieve the pressure a bit.

    Mistress has milked me with me on my knees with this device, and a large spurt of cum came out..but it was with me being uncaged and stoking myself light trying NOT to cum. It was more like a reflex contraction/and ejaculation without the orgasm. Yes the feeling to pee was intense, and prostate massage feels intense but orgasm I did not and it was a big fat wad of cum...proof of this was I did not go soft after...and nor did I want to..Mistress eventually ordered me to cum which i did, as I was told you wont always be so lucky!!
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  7. For me milking gives huge prostate orgasms (non-ejaculatory) that are as intense as full orgasms. I really prefer them, so stimulating for the rest of the day!
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  8. Sounds interesting and fun
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  9. i like being milk i do . It only dribble out and is not like a spurty but it is very nice feeling and it last longer than a spurty as well.
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  10. Wow, you described just what I feel when pegged. Wonderful sensations of cumming like a girl.
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  11. We recently purchased a prostate massager from Amazon. Picture attached. $25. Rechargeable. When I used to milk him it would take 20-30 minutes sometimes. Now, I don't need to do much myself. Just a little humiliation. Plenty of lube, a full charge, a pair of my soiled panties over his face, and he's done in about 30 minutes, while I paint my nails. I used to lock him up in his room, but now it's more fun to watch him squirm on the living room floor, and I can make sure his condom for capturing his secretions doesn't fall off (again). It's become so effective that we've gone from weekly to every 2 weeks. Output is increased, leaking has subsided (clean sheets are good) and he's still as horny as ever.

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  12. I get the peeing sensations and then by the end of 20 minuites I have but 2 drops to show for it. Does this mean I need to hold off on cumming and milking for more than the 5 days or so I have been doing?
  13. OMG What a lovely discussion about the creativity of any Mistresses' ability to milk a submissive artificially so all the sub gets is a clear liquid dripping out of an unused orifice which in turn needs cleaning up! LOL Love that feeling! Here are a couple of sites that may generate some other creative milking ideas? Have you ever heard your Mistress say “You need milking discipline under my strict control and supervision so you will be soft, empty and won’t be playing with yourself anymore. I want your emotions to be focused on me your feminine leader at all times?”




    Keyholding and Milking
    Submitted by: reddragonflower
    I own my mans cock. Point blank. He is locked in a CB3000 currently, but soon to be in a steel cage and eventually a belt. But for now, this will do. I release him only when I wish. If he begs, there will be punishment. This can be from being locked longer, to being milked less often. Now having control of this gives us both a great deal of pleasure and its fun.
    While being locked up for a week or more at a time, I milk my husband on certain schedules. I alone chose when he is totally unlocked for milking or orgasm, otherwise we roll the dice to see when he just gets milked. I have now learned from experience that milking should not be done more than every 4 days or more. The best milking comes usually on a once a week basis. This gives more release on the prostate and therefore, more milk.
    Recently this happened:
    He was locked up for a week, and I milked him a little the first night he was locked back up, and again a little 2 days later. Just enough for a tease. Then during the week I noticed he was becoming more affectionate than before. Back rubs, neck kisses and so on. I would tease him with kisses and grabbing his locked cocked and push and pull in out to tease and frustrate him. The day of the week came to unlock, and I started with more teasing and playing then I gave him the time to be ready for his unlocking for the day. I like him to be nice and clean for his inspection and milking.
    I made the room comfortable and a little pleasing for both of us. I always cover the bed with a clean sheet so if there are any small spills, clean up is easy.
    He came to the room ready for inspection and prepared for a much needed orgasm I could see. I unlocked him from his cage and he sat in front of me. I say this because I too was getting a treat at the same time. I have a Sybian that I enjoy riding from time to time. This time I could please both of us.
    I was on the Sybian kneeling in front of him. Exchanging deep wet kisses, licking and sucking on his hard nipples, (yes I love to do this), then making my way to his hard cock.
    I began licking and deep throating his cock. Enjoying it every bit as much as ever. Taking my time sucking and licking, till he burst with a super orgasm. This was not the end for him my friends. I had a new surprise waiting for him.
    While he lay there on his back, I continued to stroke and lick his cock, then I added a twist to the fun. I pulled out a g spot vibrator I had bought and used it to massage his perineum and his cock for a bit. Then with a little lube, I inserted this in his anus as he lay on his back. Turning the vibrator on slowly, I gently slid it in and almost out, and as I continued doing this I kept sucking and licking, and hand massaging his cock. I turned up the vibrator and began to suck his hot milk from his cock. It flowed like a creamy warm dessert. As I sucked and licked he got harder and I turned up the vibrator on him. He flowed more, then like a hot volcano, he came hard for me again. I turned the vibrator down and continued to massage his prostate till little seemed left.
    I had him clean his body up and relocked him as soon as possible. After showering we both relaxed and enjoyed each other till we fell asleep.
    Oh, and girls, that Sybian is great too. It works magic on our g spots and gives an awesome orgasm. It can be done alone, but take my word for it, use it when you milk your man, or have him come with you. Its magic.
    This is a bit warning for those who have not used a g spot massager before. Like fingers, or regular g spot devices, be careful and take it slow. It all comes natural after awhile. Do not be to rough, as the prostate is delicate and can be damaged easily. When you do use your fingers, latex gloves and a little lube works great. The vibrators are a great idea for a nice treat every once in a while.
    I have found that having him on his knees is great for milking, but having him on his back works even better. Try different positions and techniques till you find your favorite.
    If your just milking, use a glass bowl or large cup to catch the milk. Waste not, want not.
    Just remember to add a little something different every time and the pleasure will be all yours, and a little his.
    Till next time,
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  14. I think everyone is different. My husband could ejaculate (and was before we were married) 4-5 times a day. He noted that if he held just a day he'd ejaculate much more. After he became locked up (just after we were married) he went from that to once a week, maybe less, sometimes more. To begin with his ejaculate was incredible, huge amounts that could fill a condom. But, over time and reverting to almost only milking, his output has lessened. 5 days for him wouldn't be long enough now for a good milking. When I used the glass dildo on him, once a week was just enough time. Now we have gone to every 2 weeks, changed technique and it works well.

    So, I'd say Ccage4567, wait 2 weeks. At least. Let me know how that works for you. I'm planning on extending the time for my captain, but I do hate it when he leaks on my bed. Maybe I shouldn't tease him so much.
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  15. please i am only done evry 4 week and then not a lot come out me. i don't think i make a lot. To fill a condum wud be lots and lots and lots of mess.
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  16. I love the sensations of milking, 100 times more intense than a normal orgasm. Makes it feel like my ass is an erogenous zone the longer i do it for. Ive found that dildos with big heads work for me, on all fours angled slightly down can get me to start dripping in about 10 minutes.

    The way it comes out when i do finally prostate orgasm makes it look almost like im pushing it out with every thrust. I usually feel exausted afterwards though, but have a general feeling of contentment, with none of that post orgasm regret that you get with normal orgasms.
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  17. I'm sorry to hear that Jemima - but it's ok. By poor hubby doesn't cum anywhere near as much as he used to, which is just fine with me. I do enjoy teasing the poor guy, that always looms to increase output.
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  18. thank You very much Mistress, curtsy. but i has never had a lot and so it don't matter really.
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  19. I have to urge to pee but all that ever comes out is pre cum never a full orgasm.. it flows out slowly for a minute then stops then it takes a lot of teasing for me to recover for another round of milking
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    As I understand it @mch2323@mch2323 , that sums up milking to a T. I have been told that it also brings a kind of contentment and a sense of well being. It's entirely different from a male orgasm.
  21. It is definitely not like a normal orgasm. It totally takes your mind somewhere else. My wife said when she does it to me that I drift off and start saying things and moaning things begging for more. When it's over I kinda don't remember any of it, just the sensation of being milked. A endless stream of pleasure tears dripping from my cage is the proof of what happened.
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  22. I still haven't perfected this yet after many failed attempts, once I produced a little liquid but it took so long and I was really quite tied and my arm,wrist ached. One thing I did notice was the taste...not bitter but really quite pleasant.
  23. a lot of times when its done nothing comes out. but it does other times.
  24. Am thinking of buying an Aneros Vice? Anyone used one?
  25. It's like anything else you do practice makes perfect. It takes time to find your right G spot. The Aneros products work great. The thing is if your Mistress will give you the opportunity and time to be properly milked. Being milked can be very enjoyable, it's very different than having an orgasm the best way to explain it is. You have to experience It
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