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Milking Sensations?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by CumboylovesSlut, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. In the thread PEGGED we developed a side topic about how being milked feels for a man. I think many would agree it feels a bit like peeing but, though it is much more intense and pleasurable for myself than simply peeing. Would you be so kind as to share how being milked feels to you? What sensations do you experience or how can you expand on the peeing sensation so our ladies and those who have not been milked can get a better understanding of the physical pleasure/torture we experience during these necessary sessions.
  2. I've tried to milk myself without success, so interested to hear repsonses.
  3. You can accomplish prostate massage with Aneros products. They are professionally produced with medical-quality materials. It is worth a try.
  4. As stated before, like an urgency to pee that radiates from the tip of the penis. Also with vigorous manipulation of the prostate feels like your on the edge of cumming but just can't orgasm. Of course at that point I'm trying to orgasm but can't, and when I relax after giving up trying to cum, it will seep out. Give another contraction and more will flow.

    The most frustrating act I've ever done, almost cumming until you get tired and just give up.
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  5. I tried the Aneros without success. I like the feeling of being 'used', so think a 3rd party would succeed !
  6. Aneros worked fine for me to stimulate it, but a partners fingers do so much better. Plus it's hard to really concentrate and relax when you are working a toy that much, hands get tired, arms get weak, and have to stop many times to change positions messes with any rhythm
  7. I'm submissive as well, so a lot of self manipulation is not as satisfying, I really prefer to try to pleasure others.
  8. Same here. She has enjoyed the T&D so much more than trying to milk. And ruined orgasms, She loves those!!!
  9. Yep, she I think has gotten to the point where she is fine with only ruined...she likes how it just drains out without spurting and I am still horny lol
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  10. Been milked where I just drip and don't even realize it, or hardly can tell that it its actually happening. This will happen sometimes all by itself, especially having had a vasectomy, or with moderate prostate stimulation. Then on other occasions, I can milk where you just get worked over as if and your trying to cum real hard for a period of time, but of course you just can't due to your caged up restriction, and this has a slight peeing sensation to it. However, when you give up trying, if its been a genuine attempt for at least a period of time, then there is generally a little gush of dripping which occurs within a few minutes of your giving up. And then there's the good old edging, where sometimes I might be allowed one convulsion of my muscle, to allow that one little spurt of relief, or a really good drip. She has such good control of me that she actually can clamp me off after the first little convulsion. In the past, she couldn't do that. What an ass kicker that is for me. Overall, they all offer different sensations and different amounts of milking, and/or relief, without actually having an "orgasm."
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  11. For us, my milkings have many purposes. First, when She tells me to "assume the position" (requiring me to kneel naked, with only my cage and a bra on) it is pretty humiliating for me since I know that She will exercise her dominance with just a flick of Her finger. While She has her gloved finger in me, She always steadies herself by grabbing the back of my bra. While I know that She knows my anatomy pretty well and can easily locate my "walnut" and get me flowing rather quickly, She sometimes toys around for a minute or two just to further control me. Then, when She actually begins to massage my prostate and the juices begin to flow, for a few seconds, it feel like I am going to orgasm, but that quickly gives way to that "peeing" feeling of fluids moving through my ducts. I never even get an attempt at an erection in my cage any more. Afterward, I always feel drained, very submissive and pretty docile for a few days. There is no real pleasure as in an orgasm or even the buildup to an orgasm, ala edging, but for some reason, I keep thinking about being milked and look forward to the next time that She wants to do me.
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  12. As for physical sensations you can slightly feel her moving inside, some pressure building up inside, the need to pee setting in. Then after some time should you be able to relax you can feel the pressure slowly decreasing and see the liquid slowly leaking.

    So much for the pysical sensation as I can describe them, but the main part of the sensations take place in your mind anyway.
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  13. I'm going to tell her we should try this....we never have although I'm pegged from time to time which both she and I love. I've been denied and kicked increasingly of late so those seems like it would fit perfectly with that :)
  14. I milk myself with the middle finger, my prostate isn't far to reach and can do it confortably putting my body on the side.
    I massage it slowly, sometimes faster once I feel that my penis is making some spasms like before ejaculation I slow down.
    Once I feel the semen is going out, reaching the non return point I stop any stimulation. There are no cum shots like an ejaculation, only a continuous flow, now if I re-stimulated the prostate it ends up in a kind of ruined orgasm.

    I do it every 7 days and it relieves pressure.
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  15. being milk is nice and i like it when its done, it don't hurt and it is a bit like peeing. it does make you sleepy a bit and makes you not angry and upset. i don't like it when its not done on my milking day cos i been a bit bad and then i sometime mess my knickers.
  16. I Iove it
    It does feel like a need to pee then a need to cum. But instead of an explosion followed by a drop I start feeling the cum dribbling out. It's a helpless feeling of not having control. I love it and when totally drained I feel like a total out of control horny slut that just wants to cum but can't.

    That's a total mind fuck that I love it's better than any orgasm I've ever had.
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  18. I usually have no problem milking myself.. The key is to go at least 2 weeks (some people need less time) for build up time. Within 5 minutes of starting I start having really thick white cum streaming out slowly. Its no orgasm by any means, but its a nice sensation and gets better the more you do it IMO. Also relives some pressure on my balls being able to leak a little!
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  19. I self milk when I am locked and need to relive myself of desperation for an orgasm. I've got a couple of aneros massagers. Kneeling in the bathtub I use the smallest first, using the come hither motion. Using the same motion I move it around abit, swap hands. Keep going and after about 15-20 mins my desire to go faster just takes hold and my hand is banging away trying to rub my prostate as fast as possible. I'm cyring out by this point and it is then that I leak. I usually feel the peeing sensation a few minutes before what I can only describe as an anal orgasm.

    There you go, that's my experience. I think it helps to have been denied for a couple of weeks.
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  20. Like everyone else, I get a dull, "needing to pee" sensation almost immediately. After about 30 minutes or so (and especially if I use vibration), I'll have prostate orgasms (non-ejaculatory) that aren't as intense as a full orgasm.

    For me, those orgasms feel like they arise higher up, more from my core than my crotch. They have a long duration at a consistent (low to moderate) level of intensity. My anus contracts slowly and I'll dribble a large volume of pre-cum that temporarily relieves some of the need to urinate. However, the "need" becomes more urgent with each anal orgasm.

    Eventually, the urge is only relieved by strong, fast, direct prostate stimulation . If I've cum recently, I'll have a few more anal orgasms then give up in frustration. Or if I haven’t cum in a several days (or if I’m particularly lucky), the urgency merges with a desire to cum. When I do, the feeling of relief is overwhelming. I spurt about 2x what I normally would from sex or jerking off. My abs, PC muscle, and asshole contract more rapidly and forcefully than normal. I’ll also keep “playing” a bit more vs. stopping almost immediately from typical orgasms.
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  21. I milk myself with an N-Joy wand. It is pleasurable in the beginning but yet incredibly frustrating because it does not end with a bang. My wife and key holder has yet to milk me even though I have asked her. I can only imagine how submissive that would make me feel. Hopefully soon she will decide she wants to try. She is an awesome key holder but I am a selfish little slut who always wants more, at least that is what she says.
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  22. I've been told that I'm not allowed to milk from now on. Another little pleasure denied.
  23. The after effect of milking on me is that I feel completely drained (which I am) and also very docile. It seems to take away my sex drive for a couple of days while my body restores my semen tank. I have had 2 heart attacks and therefore Mistress does not like to leave me alone & locked when She is out of town, so She always milks me before leaving to effectively neuter me for a couple of days. I find myself looking at Her calendar to learn Her travel schedule!!!!
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  24. oooh. i very sorry that you wont be milk no more. Have you been naughty then.
  25. Likewise: only limited success even whenunder to guidance of Mistress.