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    Hello everyone.

    4 years ago is when I bought my first belt the cb3k. Since then I have not had a key holder or anyone remotely interested :(. However I was talking to a female friend of mine who has been close to me for many years and we got to talking on the subject. At first she was hesitant about the whole idea but last month out of the blue she said that she wanted to hold the keys.

    Well after not getting to see her in a month, (work schedules) this morning at 12:45am eastern She put the lock in the pin but did not lock it. She began to make out with me and during the course of that she snapped the lock shut and put the keys on her dresser.

    I had been in self chastity 2 days prior to this morning and with her on "the week" it will be at least a week before I will even see the keys. This is a big deal for me consider that the longest I have been self locked before is 32 hours. :( Wish me luck I will update everyone who reads this on Wednesday.
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