Metal Vs Plastic and General Considerations

Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by Chinesebob, Jul 8, 2010.

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    While I am going to attempt to share some information here I hope that others will chime in for some of the questions I have.

    I have had the CB6ks for about 2 months now. I have had varying success in wearing it, similar to the success of the 3k. What I have learned is the following:

    1. You have to make sure all of the ridges from the molds are are gone. Sanding(thank you Mistress Watchful for this tip on the other site)
    2. You should be plenty hydrated. If you drink a lot of caffeine that doesn't count. Flexibility of the skin is generally improved when there's plenty of water in the system.
    3. That pulling sensation from the rings can be managed. Everyone has a favorite ointment. A&D ointment for me has done wonders. One trick is to slowly pull skin through the ring back to the body so the balls are tighter. if you are in the middle of the day and get that drowsy afternoon erection(am i the only one?) then pull the skin back through. goes both ways.
    4. The proper pants and underwear do wonders. Some people like snug undies, some not so much. Personal preference.
    5. The twisting of the ring and cage happen with all of the CB devices I've tried. Stop, readjust, and go on. If there wasn't some twisting it was because the ring was so tight that there were other complications.
    6. The scrotal sac skin is meant to be flexible to accommodate erections, hot, cold, etc. Keep that in mind when you're walking around.
    7. A little tube of vasoline lip balm in your pocket for lubricating issues during the day can do wonders to provide relief.

    What I am considering is two things.
    1. A PA to attach to a CB device.
    2. A metal cage, preferably a mature metal one. He seems to have a great attitude, knows his craft, and realizes that success of his business is directly related to his customers. I've considered the Lori tube but wow she seems like a real piece of work. If I shell out 700.00 I want to make sure it's going to fit right and if it takes 3 to 4 months to produce then there is a really good chance something in my sizing may change. Remember for every 35lb lost a man gains up to an inch back on his penis length.

    My concerns about the metal cages are similar to the ones with the plastic cages. How far do they stick out under your clothing? I wear suits or suit pants most days. I don't want my co-workers to know. I like the sloped design of the 6ks but it still sticks out some.

    How is chafing with the stainless steel and in particular the mature metal. I have to say the cb series has caused serious chafing for me. I am currently healing from my latest 3 day stint. This time it has completely encircled my testicles. I check it every day but for some reason yesterday it decided to rub a thin line until the line is now just a bloody scab. I partly blame myself for not drinking enough water. I could tell the elasticity was different. Should have consumed more.

    Thoughts? Insights? Considerations?
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    Zero chafing with Mature Metal, and the pet trap we have is very VERY discrete.
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    Don't know about piercings, but what comes out of the sticking...
    I think it's pretty much what you wear, if you're jeans type, any belt go. With a suit trousers it could cause troubles.
    Haven't used mature metal's devices, but overall with metal devices. I recommend, chafing went away after I start using my belt. I suppose that main reason was the ~0.8cm width of the rings, which caused it to a ) stick very well in place if not moist enough B ) irritation.
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