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Metal Pin in an Evotion Device

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by pokekey, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Last spring I bought an evotion device. I liked the device but it caused irritation of my piercing so eventually I gave up on it. Through the fall I've been in a Lori device but that caused some edema and needs to be enlarged.

    What to do about the evotion? The device I have does not fit quite right. They will re-print devices for a reasonable cost but I didn't want to do that if I didn't know if the nylon pin would work for me. I never resolved if it was the material or if my piercing was just too new.

    Well, one solution was to replace the nylon pin with a SS pin. If could do that then if the pin of a replacement didn't work I could replace that pin.

    The pin itself is a 4G 1 7/8" curved barbell ordered from painful pleasures. I cut off one end to remove the screw hole and then filed it to give it a little taper. The other end I filed flat on one side to give the epoxy something to grab to resist twisting.

    I cut out the nylon pin and where it was drilled a through hole for the metal pin. The material was about 1/4" thick there. I used Gorilla epoxy and let it set up for several days.

    The bond is good. The pin is held firmly in position. I'm wearing it how and it feels mostly comfortable.

    There are a couple things I would do differently.

    First, I didn't bend the barbell but rather drilled the hole at an angle such that the tip would be centered at the end of the device. The result is a fairly steep angle going into the device. This is the natural angle of the barbell jewerly that I wear so compatible with my piercing. On one hand it gives the pin a low profile which means that erectile tissue has more room so this device is more comfortable during an erection. But the pin to device angle is pincy. I have to be careful that I'm not pulling my tissue down into that angle.

    Next time I would bend the barbell so it was closer to 70deg from the device then curved in my urethra. I think that will be a more comfortable pin.

    When I drilled the hole I put the device in a vice and drilled straight down. The result is that in the lateral plane the pin is not normal to the device surface. You can see this in the front on picture. If it was normal the pin would curve toward centerline sooner. My piercing is offset to the left but my urethra is centerline so it would be better for the pin to reach centerline sooner. In wearing I don't notice that my penis is pulled off center. Still, I would drill the hole differently.

    As I said, i'm in the device now. If it works I'll order a resized device from evotion. If it turns out the nylon pin does not work for me I know I can replace it


    evotion-metal-109 copy.JPG
    evotion-metal-104 copy.JPG
  2. @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet did the same exact thing to his Evotions device. We took it off a few days later to check the bond and the epoxy had disintegrated into a weird gel. We used metal epoxy around the stainless steel pin, then regular epoxy around that, waited two days for it to cure and dremmeled it smooth. Just check it after a couple of days to make sure the epoxy is okay.
  3. I remember that post! I don't understand what would cause the epoxy to fail. Maybe the combination of two types. Yes, I'll check for this.
  4. The weird thing is, both epoxies were completely hardened and cured, so not quite sure what happened.
  5. It has been 5 days of wear and the pin is still solid. In only get to check it briefly after teasing before putting it back on. No sign that the epoxy is getting soft. The pin remains solidly fixed.

    One thing I did different than you guys is made the pin not extend out of the device. The only force on the pin comes from the tissue of my penis and that can't be very much force. That wouldn't explain why your epoxy dissolved though.
  6. Very interesting but quite important very unlikely that a PA is in the center.

    Thus now every manufacturer is going drat how do we sort that problem!

    Set against that is willy is only flesh and as such can move and accommodate being pushed around a bit.

    As for the epoxy thing have no idea as once cured it should be just that and not melt again. Was it an old tube ?

    Xx Wendy
  7. I modified the pin a little. I bent it into a tighter curve where it goes through my piercing and mounted the shaft closer to vertical. There's more clearance under it and less pinching action. It is a better fit.

    It was fairly easy to pull the old pin out with pliers. The epoxy (gorilla epoxy) may not be the best option for SS and plastic. If I mount another I'll research more appropriate epoxy options.

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  8. We did the same thing because we had the same concern regarding the nylon material. It was just so irritating to the piercing. We also did it because we had a second whole base section so it was a pretty much risk free experiment. I've no idea what happened, but seeing globs of booger consistency goop making it out my penis more or less ended that. Still not sure why it turned mush.

    That all said, I can tell you that eventually the PA didn't find the nylon irritating any more. One day it was unbearable, the next time we tried I was able to wear, remove and repeat without any discomfort.
  9. Just curious, did you use any lube on the cage while you had that pin epoxied in? (before it liquefied).

    I had made spacer for one of my cages out of polymorph plastic only to find out that baby oil will dissolve it. The plastic the epoxy is made of might have met a similar demise.
  10. I did order a new base with larger pin. I did follow you experience and that encouraged me to try nylon again. That said, my metal pin works great. Right now it is this device or a ball trap cage with PA lock. I much prefer the freedom of a tube.
  11. How long was that process for you? I have the same issue .. where after 24 hours or so ... the irritation starts .. and the goop shows up .. kinda like the "Crusties" from when PA was healing from original punch or even stretching too much.

    Thought about trying the metal pin .. but am hesitant as it sure would be great to get this to work out.

    The first couple of hours ... it is so freekin comfortable .. like don't even know it's there comfortable... would be awesome to just get it to feel that way all the time.