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Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by Mistress Watchful, May 14, 2008.

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    Id like to introduce you to one of my favourite shopping sites

    We have bought a few items from them and received excellent service. They are in Germany, and I am in the UK, but I have friends in USA who have also received top quality service from them.

    The Spandex Body Bag

    One of my pets favourite items! So much so, Im reluctant to put him in it too often. It is very secure, but also comfortable enough to sleep in. It features inside sleeves to restrain the arms, and has a fantastic access hole! The quality of this item is superb, the stitching is firm and it is generous in size.

    Double Layer Spandex Hood

    This is a great accompaniment for the body bag, and happens to be one of MY favourite items! If you are new to being a Domme and a little shy in taking control, this hood placed firmly over your pets head will give you freedom and confidence! I know Ive manoeuvred myself into positions that I wouldnt do if pet could see me!
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