Mentoring from the bottom: Surprising turn and unexpected twist

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    every now and then I'm sort of a training bottom for a friend Lady, just let me quote from a passage from my profile:

    Being training object and “mentor from the bottom” to a Novice Lady who just started to experience her own journey in femdom trying out some of the aspects and using me as servant […] As well as I'm giving advice I'm encouraging her to let her own fantasy flow and do whatever she wants, especially what comes impulsively to her mind.

    Let me add some information and explain further from the start; so I'd like to state that we don't have a sexual or intimate relationship, we even haven't seen each other partly or full naked. Her curiosity got sparked starting with kinky and fetish clothing and she later got into a romantic relationship with a guy who revealed being submissive and masochistic. Being unexperienced but curious she asked me for advice regarding methods of domination, in terms of session play as well as everyday femdom. With regard to that I developed also a little brainstorming sketchbook of generic or typical, even cliché roleplay femdom situations (hey, if it floats your boat, it's ok) which could serve as starting points for getting into a play mood or more generic thoughts that would enable some kind of everyday supremacy mindset. Since chastity devices represent more of jewellery to me than a control tool, that topic never came to mind. Unfortunately they broke up some months later (in fact I felt really sorry for them and hadn't been jealous beforehand, since I'm polyamourous), but we kept discussing the topic.

    Having started with this theoretical basis, one day we talked and came across faceslaps and her pondering “Hmmm, I'm a bit curious about that.” Without thinking and whithout hesitation I took off my glasses and responded “Want to try out?” After being surprised and some basic advice (aim for cheek, avoid the ear, hand not too rigid, holding neck or chin with other hand) she agreed and gave some careful blows. Woohoo! At that moment, we left it at that, but of course continued discussing. Nevertheless, later on I took heart and offered her to go into bottom role when she would like to resume practising being a Domme and, to my delight, again she accepted and, later that day we just did a little bootlacing exercise with me kneeling before her seat and carefully threading through the eyes and hooks, taking care for a proper and symmetric alignment of the edges. After doing the final loop I couldn't resist and placed a little kiss on each boot tip, then staying kneeled and looking up eagerly. She looked down the shafts and then just remarked “There's a dust fuzz left!” I checked and in fact there was. I licked it up, apologized and she went “OK, well done”. We left roles and that day was our very starting point in practising D/s exercises.

    It followed some other occasions with her trying out more and more details and being spontaneous - like when one day I prepared her bed for an overnight stay and she glanced upon it and like out of nowhere she commented “My, my! How does that look? A bit sloppy, huh? Can't you do better?” with raised eyebrows. Surprised, I hurried to adjust the sheets and blankets with her giving me a critical look, arms crossed, and, after completing she commented “Well, well, well, there we go. Don't let this happen again!” and while she reproved me, she gently patted my right cheek with every syllable and continued “..., because, you know, I - can - do - this - harder.”

    I have to admit, I was a bit overwhelmed and the vibes of the situation, combined with these cute soon-to-be-faceslaps, instantly gave me a hard-on, barely concealed by my baggy pants, which embarrased me a bit. She noticed, but left that uncommented. I went on my knees, although there were no boots to worship, thanked her and confirmed to her that this had been a remarkable impromptu performance. She's learning fast, no doubt!

    [I'll turn the corner to the topic, promise :)]

    So, just recently we met again, did some leisure stuff, all just everyday recreation activity, went shopping into the city and she headed for MÄC for some cosmetics shopping, so I decided to spend that time at a nearby Media-Markt (a German consumer electronics store) and went “Ok, I'll be at MM while you are doing your girl stuff.”. Uh-oh, she gave me The Look (to put it this way ...) and replied “That was a bit sexist, don't you think?”. Well, she caught me on this one and I apologized. She continued The Look and I added a reluctant suggestion “… maybe I deserve a correction for that.” which she acknowledged nodding and “Mhm, we'll get to that later.” Continued vanilla afternoon and went home.

    Back there no action took place until evening, but then she raised the subject. “So, finally, we have to clarify that incident. What do you have to say for yourself?”. I stammered a kind of excuse and promise this not to happen again, but she resumed my suggestion of a correction and asked if there's any more to say. And at that moment, I felt like it, so I asked to be collared and leashed, which we also never did before. Slightly surprised, she wanted an explanation and I sketched my fantasy and mindset of (being overweight and stronger and larger then her) being controlled by someone seemingly weaker with adequate means, which were here a really strong, thick dog collar from a regular pet shop and a heavy chain leash, both absolutely adequate for even keeping a raging rottweiler unter control. And she agreed, so I fetched the gear. She also demanded her boots fetched, which I did as well. “On your knees!”, she snapped, the collar went into place and the leash clicked onto the ring. Again, I got to lace her boots carefully, but this time she placed the sole not on the floor, but right on my chest quite roughly. Having it all completed, of course I kissed the tips and was then ordered to lick the street dust off them. So, Im tring to get this not too lengthy, we continued this play a bit, I got lead around crawling, had to sit up and beg, she obviously tried out a bit pet play and in the end I received also one or another kick in the butt.

    She concluded with dragging me in front of her and initiated the disciplining, saying “We don't want to forget what's the reason for this altogether. So, in future, you might consider keeping sexist remarks for yourself. Is? That? Clear?” - and with these three last words three serious full-scale resounding slaps hit my face.


    I nodded in silence and then whispered “I'm sorry.”, whereafter she started to smile. “Fine. Now tidy up!”

    [I promised, I would get to it ...:]

    During the play and in the aftermath again it got obvious that I got seriously aroused (hey, I got to enjoy a couple of my preferred triggers :)) and this time it didn't go unmentioned. Since we still don't have (sexually) intimate components in playing, discussion came up how my arousal could become less obvious. One could suggest tight briefs, but in that moment (and to you all already a bit earlier, I bet) it sprang to my mind and after short hesitation I brought up the idea of a cock cage. She had seen them on pics but never in real and already being at that point, I admitted owning one (at that time, just the CB standard design, short version, Amazon cheap) and offered a short show-and-tell introduction - see, it's mostly self-explanatory, that's the base ring, here's the segment to close it, front part, back part, this is a spacer, here goes the, well, dick, and when it's in, these pins go there, and this is the hole for the padlock, voilà. She came up with some more questions but in the end it entered the future toybox with the announcement, “Well, then, for future sessions, this will then be where it belongs, won't it?”

    I acknowledged - and that's how a cock cage got a big step further in my play universe. ;):rolleyes::D

    I hope all this didn't get too lengthy but I wanted to draw the bigger picture and show a little example in which unpredictable and surprising manner new aspects and interests suddenly show up in otherwise planned settings and how this particular little toy named cock cage started to enrich my experiences. I'm SO looking forward to our next experiments, although that'll be quite far in the future for several reasons.

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