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Meme for Wife

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by WEC, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Very true :D. So did you show this to your wife or something?
  2. I created it after seeing something similar and not yet but I plan to. She's been playing with my O's a bit and I am trying to find ways to encourage that will make sense to her.
  3. I also took a screen grab of your avatar to show her at some point!
  4. I want to do one that has a heart and a device key so that she can ask..."what does the key represent?"
  5. Great! but yeah don't throw it all down on her at once. Too bad you couldn't just leave a printed version laying around where she might find it or something. Ya know, subtle like. Maybe your phone open with the pic for her to see. Dunno, just throwing ideas out. I think subtle works better though but i'm not expert.
  6. Yes taking VERY slow. I love the idea of some accidental deniable way for her to see these !!!
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