Melissa's Halloween

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    Melissa was setting at her desk at work, though her mind wasn’t on work that day. She was a fifth grade school teacher for a few years now and even though the kids were all excited that it was Halloween today, she could only imagine what her Husband had cooked up this year. It wasn’t helping that early that morning he had joined her in the shower and surprised her. Mel, as he calls her was just about to finish and rinsing the conditioner from her flowing red raven hair. He had slowly opened the shower door and was just taking in Mel’s beauty. The water was cascading down her 38–26–36 womanly body. She was standing there naked as the day she came into this world, well naked other than his shinny stainless steel collar he had wrapped around her neck three years earlier and the stainless steel chastity belt one year later. You see, Mel is her husband’s personal slave and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

    It all started in the fourth year of their marriage. That was the year that the book, Fifty Shades of Gray came out. Melissa had always fascinated about idea of bondage and since the book was making such a stir she bought a copy telling her Husband Jack that one of her friends had given it to her after Jack caught her reading it. She had bought it herself a few weeks early till it had engrossed her so and she found herself not being able to put it down. She even ordering an online copy so she could read it anytime on her tablet.

    Their marriage was great as marriages go. They truly loved each other, good jobs, and nice home in an upscale community. Melissa was well like around the educational field and it didn’t hurt one bit that she was drop dead gorges and dressed to impress. To her that was just how all women should dress, professionally.

    Her mother was an executive sectary her entire career. Her mother had sat in on some of the biggest meetings for a very well know company and had to dress “very becoming of a lady” each and every day. Melissa grew up watch her mother dress every morning and would sit next to her watching every move. Melissa thought that’s how all women prepare for their day. She never did just throwing something on and running out the door. Each and every day she would arise early to have enough time to prepare herself for that day’s presentation of herself to the world.

    That is one of the things that Jack fell for the first time he seen Melissa out with the girls after a work day at the local watering hole. She was standing there at the bar ordering another round when he walked in. He all most bumped right into her as he was tripping over his tongue. Her silk blouse with a lace collar, pencil skirt showing her assist, 4” heels at the bottom of her stocking legs, nicely accessorized with jewelry, and a heavenly scent that enveloped and captured Jacks attention the second he remember to breathe again.

    She didn’t notice him at first, but back at her table with the other ladies she kept seeing him eyeing over at them, turning his head each time she caught him looking their way. It would have creep her out most times, but Jack didn’t have that creepy look about him, in fact the more she watched him the more she was finding him attractive with his good looks. Jack had on his work suit, but had removed the tie soon as he left the office. He had stopped at the bar just to calm down a bit before going home to an empty apartment after a somewhat bad day at the office. Little did they both know that this chanced meeting tonight would change their lives forever.

    Jack realizing he had been caught one too many times when Melissa would smile every time she would see him look their way. Jack thought the one way to offer an apology was to order the table another round of drinks. When the waitress deliver the drinks to the table and told them the gentleman at the end of the bar had bought them for them, Melissa held her glass up and tipped it towards Jack in an acknowledgment of Thanks. Bringing the drink back to her silky red lips and taking a somewhat longer sip, never taking her lovely green eyes off of him the entire time.

    As the afternoon soon turned into evening most of the ladies had to get home to the family and such. But not Melissa, no one was waiting for her at home, only her cold and lonely home. As the girls one by one made there departures, Melissa got up to make her way to the little girls room. She made sure to give a little more wiggle in her strut as she walked across the room, just to impress Jack. By now she was all Jack cared about and was noticing every sway of her sexy womanly hips, the slight bounce of her breast, and the click of her heels with each step as she pranced across the room. Once Melissa was gone from sight he turned back to the bar and thought, you dump ass, get off your lazy butt and try to get that fine woman in your bed tonight.

    Jack then realized all the drinks he had consumed and his need to use the restroom too. Walking across the room and into the men’s room he went about his business. Next door in the Lady’s room Melissa was just finishing up. She couldn’t believe how wet she was down there as she was pulling her lacy black panties down she could smell her own arousal. She couldn’t help herself from feeling herself and giving her pussy a few strokes. Down, down my pussy cat, later “Bob” her Battery operated Boyfriend would that care of her needs. She bought her wet fingers up to her nose for a quick smell then kissing her wet fingers with her lips.

    Quickly she finished and pulled up her panties and skirt, brushing all the wrinkles out. Walking over to the sink and washed her hands. Pulled out her tube of fuck me red lipstick and giving her pouty lips an extra special coat. She found herself grinding her pussy into the counter top edge as she did. God damn your one horny girl tonight Melissa she was thinking to herself. A fluff of her hair, a spritz of perfume and she was ready to walk out of the restroom and finish the last of her drink and hurry home to “Bob”. At the same exact moment Jack was just leaving the Men’s room when they bumped right into each other. Excuse me was leaving both of their lips at the same time, when they looked up and noticed it was each other.

    Melissa spoke first, well it’s my man in shining armor, Thanks for the drinks, but I do think us girls already had one to many and yours has put most of us over the limit, but Thanks all the same.

    Jack stood there dump founded, her voice was just as mesmerizing as her beauty, and at that moment as most of the night, he wasn’t thinking with his correct head, if you know what I’m talking about.

    Jack realized he needed to respond and he blurted out, you ladies are very welcome. Well thank you, too.

    With that Melissa spun around on one heel and was walking back to her table, possibly out of Jack’s life for good.

    Jack soon realizing this asked, excuse me, but would you be so kind and care to join a lonely gentleman for dinner.

    Melissa spun back around just as quick, cocked her head to one side, gave Jack that wiry smile and said that sounds like a great idea, I would love to join you to dinner.

    Lucky for them right next door was one of the nicer restaurants in the city. Jack escorted Melissa back to her table for she could gather her things. Only two of the girl’s still remained and Melissa told them she had a dinner date and gave them both a wink. They just smiled, thinking she always get the good looking men.

    Melissa jumped as the ringing of the bell announcing school is over for the day, this cause a little squeal from her lips. As this morning when she noticed Jack standing there watching her in the shower, she was startled at first, then noticed his smile and then the large stainless steel balls in his hand. Mel knew that even if she like having the balls buried inside her pussy, wearing them to work would be a first. The balls were a little larger than the size golf balls. They warmed up to her body temperature fairly fast, but each sudden movement would cause them to move inside Mel reminding her they where there, and slowly brings her to an aroused state that she so loves, and hates that she can’t do anything about.

    Slowly Mel stepped out of the shower and stood at attention in front of Jack. He pulled the key to Mel’s chastity belt from his pocket. Unlocking Mel’s belt and dropping the front shield, then looking into Mel’s eyes as he slowly push the first of the large balls inside his wife. Mel stood there with her eyes close knowing she would have to wear them till Jack unlock her belt to remove them. She had worn them for a day before, but that was a weekend and just about drove her insane with lust by the time they got home and Jack kindly removed them.

    As all the kids were hurrying out of the class room as fast as they could. Melissa awoke from her dreams to wish them all a great time out Trick or Treating. And don’t eat too much candy; I don’t want a room full of sugar high students tomorrow. But they weren’t listening to her, she was back to her dreams and was excited and a little scared to find what her Husband/Master had in store for her when she got home.

    The darn steel balls buried deep in her pussy had been doing their own special dance since he put them deep inside her pussy. They would bump and clang together with any sudden movement she made. Causing a pressure/vibration against her G-Spot making her wet with desire the entire time they are insider her. Driving her mad and wanting the pleasure she couldn’t archive on her own while locking in her chastity belt. During her drive home she felt them with every pothole. She could fell her wetness soaking her panties.

    She pulled into the garage and closing the garage door behind her car. Walked into the back door she stops just like every other day to remove her daytime clothing and carefully folds each item and lays them carefully on the sturdy wooden chair right next to the door. She pulls the slave tunic gown hang on its hook and slips it over her naked body tying the tie around her waist. Her womanly curves were open to be seen by anyone and the steel chastity belt as well. Melissa quietly walks bare footed into the family room and once she sees her Master stops and wait at attention with her head caste down, just far enough that she could make out any jester that he might make in acknowledgment of her presents.

    He nods his head and she quickly moves to his side and drops to her knees. Hands laying open on her thighs. When it seems she has been waiting too long he speaks.

    Mel are you ready for Halloween?

    Yes Master, Melissa says.

    How did my steel balls do today, did they keep you company?

    Oh yes Master, they did their job, keeping me thinking of you all day.

    That’s great, I’m glad you liked them, maybe I should have you wear them daily.

    No, not that please Master. I have a hard time concentrating on my job duties when all I’m thinking all day is about you.

    Jack lets out a little laugh thinking what would the kids parents think if they knew that their beloved teacher was wearing under her clothing and the other life she lives at home.

    Well we just will keep that as a possibility for now. For now we need to get you ready for the Trick or Treaters.

    Jack rises from his chair and holds his hand to side of Mel’s body. She takes it in hers and rises to his side. Jack takes a hold of her steel collar wrapped around her neck and gently pulls her behind him into the living room. Mel can see he’s has been busy and has dragged their bondage table to where the coffee table uses to be. Jack pulls her to one side of the table and tells her to sit. Mel knows not to question him as she jumps up onto the table.

    Lay down, Jack said. Mel rotates and lays her head onto the soft black latex on of the table top. Jack starts by pulling the leather straps around Mel’s ankles, wrists, forearms, thighs and one just under her chest below her breast, the other just above her waist completely immobilizing her to the table. Jack places a ring gag just behind her teeth so she would not be closing her mouth even if she wanted to. Pulling the straps behind her head, he buckles it sung causing a whimper from Mel’s throat. For a finishing touch he locks her collar to the table telling her he wouldn’t want her run off, like she could even if she wanted to. Next a pair of strong nipple clamps are placed right behind her pierced nipple rings.

    Mel watched as Jack moved from her limited sight view. She can feel him him removing her chastity belt, he then ask her to push the steel balls out of her pussy. Mel strains and a fulfilling plop as each warm, wet steel balls falls into Jacks hand. Jack wipes her soaking wet pussy clean with a warm washcloth. Mel is starting to enjoy it too much as Jack notice this. He flicks his finger over the newly exposed clit bringing another whimper from Mel’s wide open mouth.

    Jack stands back to admire his handy work. Mel had 6 stainless steel rings, 3 on each labia. Two more, one in her clit hood, the other right under it, causing her to be in a contestant state of aroused at all times.

    Mel could only lie there looking up at the ceiling and wonder what Jack had in his plans today. To tease her endlessly, or maybe it was her Trick or Treat. She could tell he was adjusting something near her clit. Then she could feel it resting right against it, whatever it was, all she wanted was it to push against it a little harder.

    Jack left her side and walked over to the stereo and pushed record, then started a Halloween spooky sound loop on the mp3 player. He told Mel that they were going to use the new recording next year and just let herself go if she needs to scream, it would just sound like something coming from the mp3 player.

    Jack took a seat in the corner chair having full view of Mel’s pussy and the surprises he had been working on. Taking a cigar from its holder he lights it and sits back waiting for the show to start.

    It didn’t take long for the first Trick or Treaters to ring the doorbell. Mel jumped as much as her restraints would allow. The object pushing against her clit came to life. It was her Hitachi wand and was set on high vibrating against her expose clit and making her piercing rings start playing music of their own. Next the two electrical pads glued to her butt cheeks came alive, making her buck her hips, causing the vibrator to bounce away a few inches and swing back bouncing harder against her clit rings causing them to ring like bells.

    Jack sat back watching his slave pull at the bonds that held her tight trying to pull away or maybe trying to grind her pussy into the vibrations starting to drive her insane.

    Jack almost forgot the kids and the door, he gets up and walk over and open the door, even more powerful electrical shock attached her butt making Mel clinch even harder, causing the vibrator to swing even farther away from her and come crashing back against her swelling clit. At the same time louder and louder squeals escaping her throat while she couldn’t close her lips to hide the elude sounds she was making.

    Then it hit her hard, what if one of the Trick or Treaters walked in and saw their teacher naked, strapped down, and almost screaming as orgasm after orgasm over took her each and every time the doorbell would ring. The sweet torture she was enduring wouldn’t stop till the front door closed again. Trying her best to keep her composure, Mel could almost feel the doorbell before evening hearing it. As the evening turned later more and more kids came up and rang the bell. Then the older, bigger kids started coming around. Some looking past Jack as he handed them candy, wondering were all the noise was coming from.

    Many of the kids telling Jack they love the spooky music he had playing and where did it get it from? He would thank them and tell them it was something special him and his wife had worked on and was still being added to tonight.

    Mel was strapped down, not being able to move an inch for over 5 long hours. Beads of sweat covered her body from head to toes pudding under her on the latex covering of the table. She had no idea of the number of orgasm she must have had. At the end it seems to be just one long draw out one. Her toes ache from being in a curled arch.

    When the candy ran out, Jack turned out the porch light and locked the door. He didn’t release Mel right away. Instead he sat back down and puff on his cigar, taking some sips of brandy from the sniffer just taking in Mel’s beauty. As he watched the beads of sweat roll off the curvature of her breast, he was planning his next move to make this the best Halloween they had ever had together.

    When he was done enjoying his smoke he slowly walked between Mel out stretched legs pulling the vibrator away for the first time in over 5 hours. Mel’s love juices had been flowing for hours and the sight, and smell was taking over Jacks senses. In a flash he dropped his pants and underwear letting his cock spring to attention. It had been hard most of the night listen to his wife scream in the raps of orgasm, after orgasm. Slowly he enters his wife’s soaking wet pussy, pushing the rings apart with his girth. Mel started whimpering as she realized he was going to fuck her pussy for the first time in 3 months.

    Most of the time he likes her to just blow him till he either shoots deep in her waiting mouth or pulls out at the last moment squirting all over her lovely face. Other times covering her with his cum from her lips down onto her breast. Most of the time penetration was anal as he found he could delay Mel’s orgasm longer, and knowing she would wanted him inside her pussy would just make her mad with desire.

    Jack loved knowing that she couldn’t play with herself while locked in chastity, but he could still fuck her. He loved thinking of her holding his cum till morning deep inside her ass made him shoot even larger loads of hot cum inside her.

    Jack reached over and turned back on the PES box starting a slow progress series of electrical shocks to her butt cheeks. With every shock she would contract her anal muscles. As Jack picked up his pace, ramming his large cock deeper with each stroke, Mel was wishing she could bite her lower lip, but the ring gag still holding her mouth open, drool running from each corner of her mouth. Then the words Mel seems to never hear,

    Mel I want you to cum, and squirt to show me how much you appreciated your Master and the life you live for him. Now on the count of 10, I want you to cum or I’m pulling out and finishing myself off all over your body and I will leave you here all night. Just think how you will have to dress tomorrow to hide the strap marks.

    One, two, three, four, slowly he counts pounding her pussy hard with each count. By 7 Mel orgasm is building and ready to explode. Eight Mississippi, Nine. Mel is clinching every muscle of her body. Ten now Slave Now! Show me just how much you love being my Slave. Squirt your love juices all over your Master.

    They start orgasm together for the first time since their last Wedding Anniversary, but that’s another chapter for another time. As the first pluses of Jacks cum hits the back of Mel’s pussy she can feel the building pressure and knows she’s about to squirt like she hasn’t in ages.

    Jack is taken aback at the power of her orgasm and amount of love juice she just covered both of them with. Wishing he would have remembered just how much she squirts when she has been holding back for some time. He should have laid some plastic out on the rug before hand.

    Jack slowly pulls out of Mel’s drenched pussy and walks up beside her head.

    You’ve made your Master very happy tonight, now let us clean up and you can sleep unlocked next to me tonight, with that Jack lays his dripping cock into Mel’s gagged mouth and she does her best to lick his last drops of cum from his cock.

    It takes the better part of an hour for Jack to release Mel from her bonds, and then they took a hot shower together. Mel, still randy from tonight’s events couldn’t help herself and dropped to her knees in the shower to give her Master a quickie blow job. Jack watching his lovely wife soaking wet was at his feet sucking him like her life depended on it soon squirted his second load of cum down her throat.

    They both were tired from the nights actives and sleep came easy for each of them. The next morning as Mel is awaking she see’s her Master watching her curled up against him. Jack reaches over to the night stand and hands Mel an envelope. She smiles as she opens it. Inside she finds a hand written note and two airline tickets.

    The note tells her that since she has been such a wonderful slave as of late, Jack had booked a trip to the Caribbean for her Christmas Break from school.

    Jack goes on to tell her that the Resort booked is on a remote island with private huts with their own private beach. We will be spending many hours laying around on the beach naked. Well other than your collar and chastity belt Mel. If your specially good between now and then I may just bring your chastity key along on the trip.

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    That was a fun story :) What made you decide to write about maledom? Do you think about it much, or are you a switch? Would your mistress approve of you thinking about things like this?
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    I've wrote many many stories about all kind of kinks. I just thought this story up years ago and finally got around to finishing it.
    My Wife/Mistress helped me finalize this one. To bad for me I was locked in my Neosteel for the final draft. She was very pleased in many ways while I just dribbled endlessly.
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