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Meeting People off the Mansion.

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Burger_01, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Long beach, ca but I travel a bunch for work...

    If anyone is around I'm always up for meeting new folks.

    m 35... drop me a line...
  2. Spike's Bitch and I are in Vancouver, Canada. We'd be interested in meeting other Mansioners!
  3. Well it's only 2 months to the Fall Gathering! ;)
  4. me and the Mistress are in southern VA USA.
  5. new to the scene, but in Vancouver as well
  6. Thanks for reviving this thread, @alter_ego@alter_ego! Southern Idaho here.
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  7. Wow some of you must be archaeological people ! ☺
    Obviously in the uk it's a lot closer and several of us have met . We also have a thriving bdsm club network which alow folk to get together.

    Xx Wendy
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  8. Are you near the Dragoon Tail want to ride that one day
  9. Any where near Erie PA I'm east of Buffalo NY
  10. maid_carrie

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  11. This is difficult to do with such a worldwide membership. Plus you never really know who you are meeting. There are lots of phonies on internet sex related websites. I know this from experience. I think meeting anyone from internet sex sites is as dangerous as meeting someone from Craig's list. My wife and I have had a few bad experiences, so we swore off the internet as a way to meet people. Does not matter how nice they are online or over the phone. You really do not know who you are dealing with until you meet face to face.

    We have met people into what we do without looking for them. Friends, and strangers we met on vacation, were into many of our sexual fetishes. Of course many online are real and nice people. The problem is trying to figure out who they are in real life. You are better off going to Fetlife.com which is free to join. They advertise munches which are lunches or dinners. for people into a particular fetish. That is the safest and easiest way to go. All major cities have fetish groups where you can meet others socially in a safe environment. Even then, you occasionally run across creepy people. :)
  12. Long Beach, CA

    I wonder if there could be a way to put an "Available" or a "open to meet" kind of check box on our profiles? Sure, we can type it in .. but if it were an option ..... possibly good for sorting locations? Just a thought :)
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  13. Southern California, Glendale area. Same screen name on Fetlife.
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  14. Hello I live in Las Vegas would be great to find a way to chat some
  15. Live in Mississauga Ont if any others are near by
  16. Central ohio here.
  17. I guess I am a lonely pin in northwest Missouri
  18. That would also be a cool picture to put on here. Nothing personal just a bunch of random push pins. A few of us may recognise hey that must be me. Or wonder who the other pin is next door to me
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  19. I use to go to Mississauga regally up by Dixie Rd.
  20. Hi, i live in the Las Vegas area.:)
  21. What is the Fall Gathering pray tell?

    We are in Oregon, but travel quite a bit to CA, Vegas, New York, Paris...so would love to hear from folks to meet up for drinks
  22. Would love to meet people off of here for a coffee and chat in real life , maybe even a meal somewhere .
    The only problem I guess is that ,apart from people having real lives outside of here , they live too far away .
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  23. Am I right that there is no annual chastity festival gathering? Misstress Watchful hinted that there was a 'Fall Gathering'...anyone know about that? It would be amazing to have an annual event for sure!
  24. The "Fall Gathering" was a private event held twice by Mistress Michelle. It was held in a cabin in Virginia. A few of the members here attended, including Mistress Watchful, who was the site owner at the time! Most of those that attended are no longer active here.
    I do however try to keep in touch with both Mistresses on Fetlife! They are both very special Ladies!
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  25. I'm in Sydney Australia, travel a little within Australia though. Would be excited to meet in real life. Am so private about this lifestyle, would be a breath of fresh air to actually meet someone else interested :)